West Roxbury Woman Pretending To Be Friends With Ana Walshe Is Being Sued For Getting “Mentor” With Dementia To Sign Over $3 Million Worth Of Property


Last week we published a blog on a woman named Pamela Bardhi, who was seeking out media attention by pretending to be a close friend of missing Cohasset woman Ana Walshe.

After people began to question whether or not Bardhi was actually friends with Ana Walshe (there were no pictures of them and they weren’t even friends on social media) Pamela made a Facebook post clarifying that she wasn’t actually friends with Ana, before going on TV the next day and saying she was.  But in that post she included a paragraph that made it all about her, claiming that she lost her “mentor” in 2020, who was like a second mother to her. She claimed that the woman died under mysterious circumstances, and accused police of not thoroughly investigating.


The woman she’s referring to is Judith Benmosche, who died in 2020. The name of Bardhi’s company is coincidentally called Mosche Group. Pamela is currently being sued by Judith’s son Daniel Benmosche in Norfolk Superior Court, alleging that Pamela used Judith’s dementia and Daniel’s alcoholism, in order to get them to sign over properties in Brookline and West Roxbury to Pamela.

Daniel is a deadbeat with a large collection of Google trophies like this one for stealing a bottle of whiskey from a liquor store in West Roxbury where he was already banned from. He collects SSI and SSDI and has a history of mental illness, but was Judith’s only son. In 2016 Judith signed the deed to her property at 179 Babcock Street in Brookline, over to her son Daniel.

Judith and Daniel also owned property at 111-117 Park Street in West Roxbury. But according to the lawsuit Pamela began to get close to Judith intentionally while she deteriorated and was suffering from dementia. In July of 2020, which was coincidentally just 4 months before Judith died, Pam got her to sign over the deeds to both properties for $100 each.

Daniel had to sign too, and according to the lawsuit he only did so because Pamela lied and told him that if he didn’t sign then he would no longer receive his SSDI benefits. By signing he was handing over $3 million worth of property to Pam, which no rational thinking person would do. The property, which Bardhi is having trouble renovating because it’s in a historic district, is valued at $2.5 million.

In April of 2021 Pam conveyed the Brookline property to an LLC she created called Lady B, LLC – one of at least 9 LLC’s created by Bardhi. The lawsuit also alleges that Pam took control of all of Judith’s bank accounts, stock accounts, and valuable antiques. Daniel has received almost nothing and believes he and his mother were taken advantage of.

The lawsuit further alleges that Pamela referred to herself as the trustee or executor of Judith’s assets, but nothing to that nature was ever filed in probate court. Daniel is suing because he wants his dead mother’s property back, and his attorney has filed a lawsuit alleging 8 counts against her.

In Pamela’s January 15 Facebook post she alleged that Judith died mysteriously and hinted that she may have been killed. That is her suggesting that Daniel Benmosche may have killed his mother, which is thoroughly unsupported by any evidence. However, this lawsuit would be a lot easier for her if he was in jail.

The problem was that Pamela Bardhi was hard to find in order to serve. They tried at properties in Newton, Boston, and Brookline where she was known to live, but couldn’t find her. Eventually they found her living with her new husband in Dedham.

Judith’s obituary sounds like it was written by Pam, considering the shoutout she got:

Judith is survived by her brother Michael and her sister Jayne Benmosche along with her son, Daniel Benmosche and the daughter she never had, Pamela Bardhi.

This is far from the only time Pamela Bardhi has had a lawsuit filed against her though. MacFarlane Energy took her to small claims court in 2019 to recover $4,371.20 for doing a heating install in West Roxbury that Bardhi was delinquent on.

More recently a ma named Robert Nieves sued her for $3,200 in unpaid services for trash removal at the Brookline property she acquired from Judith Benmosche.

In 2016 she was sued by a man named Franddy Aguavsvivas in Suffolk Superior Court. She met Aguavsvivas at a real estate investment seminar in 2015.

Bardhi and Aguavsvivas formed a joint LLC called B.I.G. ACREB LLC for the purpose of buying, renovating, and selling properties. They agreed to split the profits 50/50.

Aguavsvivas alleges that he used his “expertise” to suggest that they buy a property at 179 Lincoln Street in Stoughton, and the LLC did in December 2015. The house was sold a few months later in 2016.

Aguavsvivas also alleges that he advised her that they should purchase and renovate a property at 31 Geneva Road in Melrose for $560K.

But Aguavsvivas alleges that she cut him out of the process of selling the property after it was renovated. He wasn’t notified of the closing, but when he found out when it was he showed up anyway, much to her chagrin. There he found out that the money was all going to her. Asked why she hadn’t returned his calls she told Aguavsvivas that something was wrong with her phone.

Aguavsvivas alleges that Bardhi never showed him an accounting of how much the renovations cost to both the Stoughton and Melrose properties, and thus it is impossible for him to know how much money was made off their sale.

Bardhi then changed the name of their LLC to B.I.G. LLC and removed Aguavsvivas completely as manager. She sold the Melrose home without telling him and had all the money sent to the new LLC, according to court filings.

In her response Bardhi admitted that they formed B.I.G. ACREB LLC together and agreed to share the profits of the property sales.

She said that she met Aguavsvivas, and made it sound like it was a Ponzi scheme. She says she paid him $7K to be her mentor.

Ironically this is now what Pamela appears to do with her coaching “business.” She presents herself as some sort of multi-millionaire real estate executive girl boss, who has been featured in Time Magazine and Forbes, and has a podcast that ranks in the top 1.5% in the world.

If you watch this video on her website it looks like she is some sort of inspirational business mogul who gives Ted Talks to screaming crowds of fans, but the video makes so many cuts that it’s not even clear if the crowd in the video is at the same place she was allegedly speaking at. If you listen to her speech it’s just a bunch of meaningless cliches that only a complete sucker would pay to listen to.

“You are the underdog. You’re gonna break through. And you are gonna live the life of your dreams. If I can, you can, no excuses. No excuses. You don’t have to know how, you just have to say yes!”

Only a very stupid and naive person would ever be inspired by that. The crowd appeared to be a bunch of teenage girls and was shot at two separate settings.

Sounds legit.

Pamela has registered at least 9 LLC’s with the Secretary of State’s Office.

Aether Alchemy Congregation was listed as a nonprofit and registered to an address at Newbury Street in Boston. Their stated purpose is to “create a united world by business conscious leaders to fund humanitarian efforts globally,” and is a “private ministerial association and faith based organization.”

This is interesting because in one interview on Fox News where she name dropped her real estate company, Pamela Bardhi was dressed as some sort of religious cleric.

It’s unclear what exactly Aether Alchemy Congregation does, other than “connecting the business and spiritual realms with awakening of body, mind, and spirit through exclusive transformational experiences.” And the best way to experience that is by paying to join Pam’s seminar in Tulum.


Pamela Bardhi is a manipulative and opportunistic woman who seems to prey on stupid and/or vulnerable people. Her podcast is not in the top 1.5% in the world, she doesn’t sell hundreds of millions of dollars worth of real estate, she is not a religious cleric, she’s not friends with Ana Walshe, no one in their right mind would ever give her money for coaching advice, she has a history of not paying her bills and/or screwing over business partners, and she got Judith Benmosche to sign over millions of dollars worth of property to her while she had dementia just months before she died. I’d reach out to her for comment but she blocked me after the first blog. However, she is free to undo that and reach out if she would like to share her side of the story. But what she did with Ana Walshe, and allegedly with Judith Benmosche, is revolting to all decent people.


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