Westborough Police Department Attacked By “Doctor” For Not Giving Into Demands To Remove Facebook Post Showing Cops Helping Woman In Distress


Yesterday the Westborough Police Department posted a picture on Facebook showing textbook community policing, where two officers were assisting what appeared to be a homeless person “in crisis.”

Normal people look at something like this, nod approvingly, and move on with their lives. Other normal people may even like the post or comment with something positive about this clearly positive interaction.

But unfortunately the communists are not normal, and they had a huge problem with this because they assumed the woman didn’t consent to having her picture taken in public.

Imagine just how easy and privileged your life is if a police Facebook post showing cops helping a woman is the most upsetting thing to happen to you today. I must’ve missed the part where the woman in the picture objected to this being posted, but luckily there were many who upper middle classplained for her.

Meet Allie Baranovsky.

She went to Harvard and got her PhD, so she’s obviously way smarter than you, and therefore a better person.

And you WILL call her doctor, especially if you’re some “dude with a BA.”


If you don’t call her doctor it’s only because you are a fragile white dude who didn’t go to Harvard.

Some people defending the police chose to point out that WPD probably knows what they’re doing. Alla Squawkbar said this sort of defense of the police is dangerous.

And since she is much smarter than everyone else in town she alerted the defenders that the cops were violating the “rule” by not blurring out the woman’s face, which you can’t really see anyway.

Race baiting and attacking businesses online when they don’t bow to her demands is kind of her thing.

Alla Squawkbar is well known around town for taking up the causes of people who never asked for her help to begin with. For example, she is leading the charge to unseat three selectmen for the crime of not renaming Columbus Day.

Because prior to Columbus showing up on the Nina, the Pinta, and SSS White Supremacy, indigenous people lived in peace and harmony and only obtained land by respectfully negotiating treaties.

She claims to be standing up for this person in crisis (who never asked for her to do that) because she’s an advocate for mental health. She just doesn’t like it when mental health awareness month upstages other marginalized people ahead of them on the oppression ladder.

Yes, somehow that white woman is in distress because of homophobia, racism, white supremacy, the patriarchy, and the police who are assisting her. That is the root cause of her issues. Were it not for those things she’d be an astronaut and doing cartwheels on Jupiter by now.

Alla cries when she reads fictional communist propaganda designed to brainwash children into thinking that the police are racist, bloodthirsty killers.


She also shares “emergency needs funds” for “black marginalized genders.”

Whatever that means. Just shut up and give her your money so you can convince yourself that you’re not bad for being white.

Alla is a math teacher at an expensive boarding school for girls in Wellesley that prices out many people of color and is complicit in systemic racism. She also chooses to live in a fairly expensive town where only 3% of the population is black, largely because people like her have driven up home values that price out marginalized communities. Nevertheless, she really cares about black people she seems to avoid like the plague because she found a black woman on Etsy who sells BLM signs and she got all her white friends to buy one.

Patrice Cullors thanks you from her third mansion.

Her friend Dianne McPherson wanted a BLM sign to add to her virtue signaling yard collection so she could show people who drive by her house that although she chooses to live in a community with almost no black people, she still loves black people.

Of course she already has a “hate has no home here” sign in her yard despite hating anyone who voted for the orange guy. Because, of course she does.

Dianne also had an issue with the police posting a picture of a woman they were helping on Facebook.

“I personally would be mortified to be the poster person in crisis just for the point of a Facebook post highlighting police work.”

Yea, I’m sure the biggest concern in this woman’s life right now is a Facebook post.

Instead of thanking the WPD Dianne wanted to thank the woman in distress, who more than likely was suffering from mental illness or substance abuse.

She admires and thanks a woman who is probably addicted to drugs for her courage in accepting help from the police. This is new level wokeness we’ve never seen before. Then again, this is the same woman who single handedly made Vladimir Putin shit his pants when she announced to the world that she stands with Ukraine.

Because nothing says progressive quite like writing blank checks to weapons manufacturers in order to put guns in the hands of a nation that is currently ranked second most corrupt in Europe.

All the Ukraine flag profile picture agreed.

A woman named Shazia Ali was also upset and felt uneasy after the police didn’t respond to her first world Karen problems in a timely manner.

It would be a lot easier if these people just said they hate the police and moved on with their lives, which are stressful and difficult enough if this is the biggest issue they’re dealing with.

Alla Squawkbar and Dan Dewey were also troubled by the fact that some people got blocked on the WPD page.

This is obviously a HUGE civil rights issue because elected officials can’t block constituents on social media, and police officers are elected by the public.


The Westborough Police didn’t have to respond to these morons, but they chose to anyway in order to highlight how dumb they were.

The post was signed by a Lt. Daniels, and to the surprise of nobody Alla Squawkbar and others were disappointed in his response.

LOL. Posting this picture was “violence. Amazing.

This is why you should stop trying to win over or even converse with communists. They don’t want to get along with you, they don’t want to hear your side of the story, and they certainly don’t care about facts or logic. They want you to bow to their demands without defending yourself, and they use words like “disappointed” when they really mean, “I f***ing hate you.”


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