Westford Woman Brags About Interfering In Police Stop To Save Life Of Black Man And Protect Her Own Black Son, Upset Cop Rolled His Eyes

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This is Kathleen Crosby from Westford.

As you can see, she is a quadruple boosted ally, which makes her a better person than you.

She’s also a better person than you because she adopted a black child.

And as we will see, she likes to use him as a prop for online virtue signaling. Also, I can’t stop laughing at this picture.

No comment.

Kathleen was driving around town this morning when she saw a Westford cop pulling over a car. Seems normal, right?


She noticed that the driver of the car was a black man! And since her DEI training taught her that cops kill black people for fun during at least 60% of traffic stops, she did what she was trained to do – got out of her car, interfere with the stop, and most importantly post about it on a community Facebook group. She had no choice, because she has a black son.


I’ve seen a lot of posts like this over the years, but I can’t remember ever seeing anything quite this pathetic. She even capitalized every race except for white people, because she knows that self-deprecation is a form of reparations that she’s down for. This might be worse than the Weston Snatch Rooster who filmed herself harassing a cop who pulled over a car with brown people in it,

“Turtleboy Magazine.”

Imagine how stupid you have to be to view the world the way these people do. Wokeback Mountain really, truly believes that cops kill black people at traffic stops for the hell of it, and that without her white savior complex driving by at that time the man’s life was in grave danger. She thought that what she did was normal, and that posting about it would make her look good. She truly has no idea how embarrassing and cringe she is.

The best part is she’s upset with the cop because he rolled his eyes at her, which is exactly the type of reaction any normal human being would have if a cheesehog like this interrupted them while they were doing their job at work.

I guarantee that her son has also never been called the n word by an adult in Westford. That 100% NEVER happened, and I’d bet my first born son on it. I swear to God, 95% of white people who adopt black children do so just so they can make posts like this and pretend to be victims by proxy. She knows she’ll never be black, and thus can’t claim victimhood status, but she can adopt a black kid and use his existence to get attention. It’s a lot easier than marrying and procreating with a black person.

What this is really all about is narcissism. It wasn’t enough for her just to interfere in the traffic stop and convince herself that she saved the life of a black man. She had to post about it on a Facebook group with 10K members because social media applause is the driving force behind her behavior.

One more thing – does she not have somewhere to be? Who has time to make an unplanned pit stop for anything while they’re out and about? Every time I get in my car to go somewhere I’m on a deadline. Usually I’m trying to beat the clock and figuring out how I can get to where I’m going by 9:02 instead of 9:04. Not Martin Luther Wings though. She has nothing but time on her hands,. and she says she does this all the time whenever she sees teenagers or marginalized individuals pulled over by the cops.

Luckily most people in the comments called her out on being ridiculous, but there were also a bunch of people who applauded her for her caucasian heroism. One man personally has seen two black people pulled over, and although it may be a coincidence it’s rather unsettling!


Others were bothered by the police officer’s “resistance.”

Courtney, the next time you’re at your work I’ll stop in and double check to make sure you’re not murdering black people. If you roll your eyes at me it’s probably because you’re a racist.

Yes Geniece, you saw some videos on the Internet of police killing black people during high tension arrests. These anecdotes alone were all you needed to see to reach the conclusion that a cop in Westford was planning on doing the same.

Celine Wang is Asian, and although she’s also a victim she wanted to make it clear that she ranks lower on the victimhood scale than black people.

As an Asian-American she has witnessed the surge of racism and hate crimes against her people during the pandemic. Hey Celine, since you like data so much, who is committing a disproportionate amount of those hate crimes against Asian people?

Anyway, these people should be ashamed and embarrassed of their racist, white savior behavior. It’s normal and healthy to laugh at them, and you are not alone if you do.


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