Weston Democratic Town Committee Secretary Harasses Police, Accuses Them Of Racism For Pulling Over Unregistered Car


Mary Ellen Sikes is the secretary for the Weston Democratic Town Committee

She’s your typical NIMBY white progressive woman, living in the wealthiest of the 351 towns and cities in Massachusetts. She pretends to champion the rights of minorities and women, despite isolating herself in a community that has systematically displaced black and brown people by being so expensive to live in. Of course Kirsten Gillibrand and Katherine Clark are the ideal politicians she chooses to rally behind. Both of them are wealthy white women, from overwhelmingly white towns, who are so disconnected from reality but still pretend to care about the poor and minorities. And that dress.

Good Lord, that dress. I have no words. Notice that all of the women on her dress happen to be democratic politicians. These people don’t really care about uplifting women, they care about uplifting women on their team.

Mary Ellen posts incessantly on Facebook about politics too. I don’t care if you’re a republican or a democrat – people who post about politics all day are the worst. The worst are days like today following a mass shooting. It’s just the worst.

But because she has this white savior complex she feels the need to go around filming the police when she sees them pulling over a person of color, like she did with this video from the other day in which a car was about to be towed. Luckily it was Becky to the rescue.

There’s something incredibly patriarchal and racist about assuming that black people need your help, even when they’ve broken the law. You’re assuming that they’re incompetent, juvenile, and unable to survive on their own. You believe that they need you to save them.

That whole video was a comedy of errors. She asks the people who were pulled over if they felt like it was for a good reason and shockingly the answer was no, even though the car was unregistered.

This line had me dying.

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“I’m a Weston resident and I’ve had many people of color pulled over in Weston because they’ve had less than luxury cars and stuff like that. I’m very upset because I’ve had friends of color pulled over. I think Weston Police racially profile on a regular basis.”

Mary Ellen, you don’t have a single person of color in any of your Facebook pics. Not one. You chose these social circles for a reason – because you’re a racist. You don’t have any close black or brown friends which is why you feel the need interject on behalf of strangers.

The police inform Mary Ellen that they ran the plates on these people which she didn’t like because she thought this was profiling. Little does Mary Ellen know that cops run your plates all the time, and as long as you’re not riding dirty you won’t get pulled over. Often time the kind of people who drive unregistered cars are actively doing something else nefarious, so one thing leads to another.

Loved this exchange.

Cop: “You see people who are African-American and you think they were stopped based on their color?”

Snatch Rooster: “Yes.”

Cop: “I’m sorry you live life that way.”

More perfect words were never spoken. What a terrible way to live.

The entitlement from this woman was off the charts too. To believe that you have the right to demand to know what the police are investigating during a traffic stop is mind boggling. What if they were investigating child trafficking? Drug dealing? Murder? Should they stop everything they’re doing and report that to Mary Ellen because she came along with an iPhone and demanded answers?

She also didn’t seem to understand that your car isn’t your house – cops can search it if they have probable cause. And in this case they were just doing inventory in case the owner of the car came back at them and said something was missing after the car was towed.

“Did you let them search your car?”

“If they didn’t give you permission to search your car then they shouldn’t be searching your car.”

“If he didn’t have permission then he shouldn’t be doing that. Come on!”

“If they didn’t give you permission to do it then I don’t understand why you’re doing it.”

Peak Bekyism.

People like this need to be called out for their behavior. Sure, it’s amusing to me to watch people like this, but the fact of the matter is that they have power and money, and politicians they rally behind think exactly like they do. This antagonist relationship they choose to have towards the police isn’t helping keep anyone safer, and only makes it harder for police to do their job.


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