Weston’s Mary Ellen Sikes Has Been Harassing The Cops For Years Any Time They Pull Over A Black Person, And Our Blog Reached Jesse Lee Peterson


The other day I published a blog about Mary Ellen Sikes, the Secretary of the Weston Democratic City Committee, after she filmed herself harassing the police while they were trying to tow an unregistered car. She saw that the occupants of the car were black, and as a white woman she felt the need to save them from what was clearly racial profiling to a simple minded, miserable person like her.

This is what actual racism looks like. If you believe that black people are so far beneath you that they require your help when they’re driving un unregistered vehicle, then you are a racist. Mary Ellen is the face of out of touch, wealthy, elitist white liberals, whose entire understanding of black people comes from following a white guy named Shuan King on Twitter.

As it turns out she’s actually been doing this for years. Here’s a post she made in  January 2018.

The only thing worse than interrupting a police stop where you blindly accuse the police of racial profiling, is virtue signaling about it on Facebook so you can get pats on the back from your wealthy woke friends. She literally interrupts every stop that involves a black person, because she evidently believes they are incapable of committing traffic violations. To make it worse she updated it the next day with an apology, but then did the exact same thing in the YouTube video this week.

Evidently our blog caught the attention of this black dude I’ve seen on YouTube before but never really had a chance to sit down and watch. His name is Jesse Lee Peterson, he’s a conservative with a quarter million subscribers, and he’s got some strong feelings about women like Mary Ellen who think that he needs her to save him.

“Turtleboy Magazine.”

That made my day right there. Wait until the swimsuit issue comes out folks. You’ll never look the bloggers the same way again. Jesse said he wanted the woman to come on his show, but if he’s reading this I’d be more than willing to collaborate as well.

The bottom line is that his reaction is exactly what I assumed many black people felt when watching that video. That wasn’t about helping black people out, it was about a white woman selfishly trying to promote herself as one of the “good ones” by attacking police officers for doing their job. It’s condescending, patriarchal, and an example of what actual racism looks like.


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