Weymouth Fire Department Receive Hingham FD’s Thin Blue Line Flag After White Women Complain That Hingham Police Are Infiltrated By White Nationalism


The Hingham Board of Selectmen ordered the fire department to remove a thin blue line flag from a fire truck at their meeting on Tuesday night, after a college student complained that this tribute to murdered neighbor Sgt. Michael Chesna was racist.

Max Giarrusso has since gone on to compare the flag to a swastika, and said he would not be apologizing to the police.

“You are very misinformed and misguided.”

Translation –  you haven’t been brainwashed with gender studies propaganda yet so you’re not as smart as Max here. What a smug, cocky, entitled little prick. He now dictates policy in Hingham.

The firefighter’s union put out a statement saying they were refusing to take it down, but ultimately the BOS was willing to get lawyers involved so the inevitable conclusion would end with the flag coming down. They did not want to hand the flag over to some town hack or the Chief of Police, so instead they collaborated with Weymouth Police who came to the fire station this morning and were given the flag. Over 100 police officers, firefighters, and residents were present, and WPD president Ken Murphy explained that they were there because they didn’t want the cowardly Hingham Police Chief to touch that flag. The Weymouth Fire Department will now proudly fly the flag for them, because unlike Hingham their elected leaders don’t disrespect murdered police officers.

This is what happens when rich white people who don’t have any connection to the black community decide what black people are offended by, and it’s humiliating for the Town of Hingham to do this to Weymouth. During the BOS meeting on Tuesday night BLM stacked the Zoom call and had over a dozen people call in to support taking the flag down. One person called in to support the flag staying up and was abruptly cut off.

These were the faces of the “flag is racist” crowd.

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A bunch of elitist white women sitting their beach town homes doing their part to fight racism by villainizing dead cops.

Lisa Shetty, who is trying very hard to pull of the Dr. Birx look, and Maddy Cooper, who couldn’t be whiter if she tried, both insinuated that Hingham Police have been infiltrated by white nationalists.

“On my own social media platforms I warned and railed and talked about the infiltration of white supremacy into police departments. The FBI has warned of this over the last 15 years. And I think Hingham might not think we have a problem with that, we don’t know. I think it’s something that we need to concern ourselves with, because it’s really hard for police departments to get qualified good police officers. And they start having to dip into pools that are maybe less savory. And we need to address this.”

“I think it’s important for the police to work with the community to show that we are not in line with the white supremacists that have taken over the blue line flag.”

This is complete and utter madness. These women have systematically kept black people from moving to their town by inflating home values. If any of these people wanted to put their money where their mouth was they’d sell their home to a black family for half of what it’s worth. Anything less than that is virtue signaling garbage.

As a result of their woke activism people who treat Cindy Chesna like this on her Facebook page get to win.

Check out Annemarie Grant’s Facebook page. It’s a woman who’s dedicated her life to hating cops.

This is who the Town of Hingham is catering to now. What a pathetic, gutless municipality.


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