Weymouth Politician Blames 15 Year Old Daughter He Neglected For Speaking With Turtleboy, Vows To Stay In Race 


Yesterday we published a blog about Ed Hancock, a retired Weymouth cop currently running for Town Council as a “family man,” despite refusing to have a relationship with his 15 year old love child daughter.

Last night we had 15 year old Cosette come on the Live Show to talk about it, and she was honestly one of the best guests I’ve ever had. She came on around the 28:50 mark.

Ed Hancock immediately blocked me on Facebook, then shut down his campaign page. However, he responded to the blog and the interview on Facebook today:

“My oldest child and her mother have chosen such a public forum to share such a one-sided story.”

Just when you thought Ed Hancock couldn’t get any worse, he goes and blames the 15 year old daughter he neglected and denied for having the audacity to speak out against him for what he’s done. She should just shut up and watch him parade himself around town as a “family man,” while denying him a relationship with her sisters.

And it’s not a one-sided story either, since he put it in his own words that he wanted no contact with Cosette.

“She enjoyed spending time with her sisters.”

Her younger sister doesn’t even know she has a sister, and the reason she can’t see them is because you and your wife are ashamed of a mistake you made 16 years ago. Mistakes happen dude, it doesn’t mean you’re a bad person. But what you’ve done to Cosette since she was born wasn’t a mistake, it was an intentional infliction of psychological and emotional harm on a child. It’s your loss really, because we’d all be lucky to have children like her.

“Numerous issues led to the deterioration of the relationship between all parties that could not be resolved, even with probate intervention.”

Translation – I refused to comply with a court order to spend a weekend with my daughter for the first time in 2019 by telling her the night before he wouldn’t be picking her up because I was too much of a coward to stand up to my wife who didn’t want her there. Receipts:

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“The child is devastated.”

Yet he still has supporters.



It takes a real dirt bag to post something like that after being exposed for what he’s done to this girl. It takes an even bigger douchebag to post something like this:

Ed Hancock was not well liked before quitting the police department, and I certainly hope people aren’t supporting him because of his background as a cop. The fact that he’s not dropping out of the race shows how selfish and conceited he is. If you live in District 6 in Weymouth then vote for my new favorite political candidate John Abbott, who unlike Ed Hancock doesn’t deny the existence of love children for political gain.


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