White Supremacist Drag Queen Dale Lepage Leads Bullying Campaign Against Worcester School Committee Candidate For Opposing Transgender Sex Ed Curriculum 


This is Shanel Soucy from Worcester.

She’s a single Mom, a woman of color, and an electrician who got pregnant when she was 14. She was homeless by the age of 15, worked her ass off, and is now in the union. In other words, she is the embodiment of everything liberals claim to support. However, she’s running for Worcester School Committee and has become the target of bullying campaigns from almost exclusively white West Side liberals, who see her as a threat for many reasons:

  • She supports Superintendent Maureen Binienda, whose contract was not renewed by the current School Committee because activists targeted her for not being woke enough on racial issues (despite working as Principal at one of the most diverse high schools in the country prior to becoming superintendent)
  • She opposes critical race theory in schools
  • She supports having school resource officers in schools
  • She opposes a bizarre sex ed curriculum being instituted in the schools that was rejected 2 years ago, which includes telling 11 year olds how to “act sexy while putting on a condom,” how to hide condoms on their body as part of foreplay, and how to cup each other’s scrotums for maximum pleasure

She is not alone either. In Worcester there was so much push back to this sex ed curriculum, which 5 of the 7 members voted for (including incumbents Tracy Novick, Joe Petty, Molly McCullough, and Laura Clancey), that the district had to offer an opt out. When you drive through Worcester you can see the signs everywhere on people’s lawns. At the meetings where this was discussed it was mostly white parents arguing for the curriculum, while mostly Latino parents spoke out against it.

This sex ed curriculum (called RRR: Rights, Respect, and Responsibility) comes from a non-profit called Advocates For Youth, which is run by two former Planned Parenthood employees. When you go to their website this is one of the first things you see:

“I think I might be transgender.”

No one opposes sex ed, including Shanel Soucy. What they oppose is a politically biased nonprofit getting paid by the taxpayers to brainwash kids with transgender propaganda. And that stuff is everywhere in this curriculum.

In Kindergarten they learn about the clitoris, and by 6th grade they’re talking about having multiple sexual partners and watching porn together.

A Grade 8 lesson plan includes “Step 1 – Walk into the room, hold up a wooden penis model or banana and condom you will be using in a moment and announce – ‘Today’s the day!'”

Early on kids learn about “gender identity” with a Gender Unicorn.

Then they get into the Genderbread Person, who is on the gender spectrum identity between woman, man, and genderqueer.

By first grade they are learning about “gender roles,” and how boys can be princesses.

They teach children as young as kindergarten about sexual abuse.

They teach kids as young as first grade how they may see that they have a vulva or penis and think it defines them as a boy or a girl, but that this is not true.

They do a lesson on bodily anatomy for young kids that comes with this disclaimer, explaining why the lesson refers to boys and girls when identifying body parts.

“Being a boy or a girl doesn’t have to mean you have those parts.”

Yes, it does. Why are the Worcester Public Schools pushing this communist agenda to 6 year olds? Why are they teaching them that biological reality no longer exists? Why are we teaching them that the concept of men and women aren’t even real things, since anyone can decide what their gender is later on?

The handout features a boy with what appears to be an erection.

It comes with a worksheet identifying where the vulva and nipples are, followed by a blank page in which they have to write vulva and nipple in the blank spaces.

By high school they’re teaching kids about the importance of abortion access.

Regardless of your feelings on abortion, the fact of the matter is that some people support it while others oppose it. In the public schools they should not be pushing one side or the other. If you support abortion access then give your kid directions to Planned Parenthood at home.

In fifth grade students are taught that poor people can’t access abortions or birth control, and that they can develop their own identities. Also in fifth grade they learn about puberty blockers, and how they can stop naturally occurring hormones for transgender youth.

Of course the curriculum is filled with communist influenced social justice nonsense, which teaches kids that racism only affects people of color, and that our society is filled with systemic racism that oppresses communities of color.

Keep in mind, this was a curriculum that 5 white people on the School Committee voted for, which was largely supported by white people, and opposed by people of color.

In one 10th grade lesson a student is taught how to keep it a secret that he likes to make out with dudes.

“Terence”: “You date girls you like, but haven’t done much sexually with them; you’ve kissed a couple of them, but didn’t find it very exciting. Now you feel very attracted to Morgan. When you kissed him last week, it felt wonderful, but also confusing… You think you want to have sex with him, but you don’t want your family or friends to find out, because they would disapprove.”

Kids are also taught how to hide it from their parents if they disapprove of them being sexually active.

Situation: A female student wants to start birth control but is “afraid of parents/caregivers finding out.” Recommended solution: “Look at methods that are not visible, such as the IUD, shot, ring and condoms, so there would not be anything for parents to find.” (Grade 10)

Shanel and I both grew up as 90’s children. We had sex ed then, but guess what? Kids had sex anyway. Shanel knows that better than anyone since she got pregnant when she was 14. You can tell kids to wear a rubber all you want, but once they discover the sweet sensation of raw dog there is no going back. This curriculum is deranged and inappropriate, and it’s a disgrace that the current School Committee supports it.

But the establishment does support it, which is why they’re so threatened by Shanel. So they’ve begun digging through her social media looking for something offensive she posted that would scare people, and they dug up this gem:

No context for this was provided, but the fact that she says she doesn’t support homosexual behavior was all people needed to see. I obviously don’t have a problem with homosexuality, and I don’t know if she does either, which is why I’m inviting her on the Live Show tonight to talk about it. But this quote was interesting:

“I do not support it anymore than I support sex outside of marriage, which I’ve had plenty of.”

What she appears to be saying there is that she doesn’t support sex before marriage or homosexuality, but she’s had plenty of sex outside of marriage, and just like homosexuality she knows it’s a part of life. I’m interested in hearing from her directly, but the cancel mob was not. They were led by this man:

Dale Lepage is a “singer” who believes he is some sort of Worcester celebrity because he asks people to vote for him as best entertainer in the prestigious Worcester Magazine Best Of awards.

He basically tries to act like the gay Frank Sinatra by bringing back jazz crooning, but it’s just some of the worst stuff you will ever here. Don’t say I didn’t warn you.


He’s also a drag queen.

Here he is holding a dildo while dressed like Marilyn Monroe for absolutely no reason.

But because he’s part of the LGBT Mafia he is part of the untouchable ruling class, which is why he has access to people like Congressman Jim McGovern (Communist – Havana).

Dale used his white male privilege to shame and bully Shanel on Facebook the other day by posting her comment with no context on his page.

This immediately led to a parade of white supremacists who have grown up never experiencing the things that Shanel has, casting judgement on her.

A white woman making fun of a woman of color for “sounding like a hooker.” I expected nothing less from a white supremacist like Nadia Naco.

Maybe if Shanel had dressed up as a hooker and carried around a dildo, instead of becoming an electrician, Nadia would find her more acceptable.

Probably not though, because she’s not white.

There were many other bullies (including town drunk Diane Williamson) feigning outrage, while also supporting a curriculum that sexualizes 5 year olds.


These people are all disgusting perverts, and in a sane society they would be embarrassed to show their faces publicly by supporting this sex ed curriculum.

A white supremacist named Paula Harrity also wanted to get her fired from her job as an electrician.

A white woman trying to make a woman of color destitute for having opinions. These are the people lecturing you about black lives matter and institutional racism.

Molly Roach shared it too.

“Stay tuned for a Racism Free Worcester Public Schools voting guide.”

You’re a white woman spreading lies about a woman of color and telling people not to vote for her.

You are the embodiment of racism, and the last person on earth who should lecture anyone else about health. Molly is as white as white can get, and doesn’t appear to have any friends of color, which is probably why she wants to abolish the police, something black people overwhelmingly oppose.

Let’s just call it like it is – Molly Roach hates black people. She is a racist, and the fact that she doesn’t support Shanel Soucy is exactly why you should vote for Shanel Soucy.

Meanwhile incumbent white women Tracy Novick and Molly McCullough both chimed in on the post about why they support the bizarre and perverted sex ed curriculum.

We all know that everything Tracy Novick likes is awful, and you may recall the McCullough was the School Committee member last year who partied with the Teacher’s Union boss in a Facebook album called “COVID Summah 2020,” and then voted to close schools.

So if they support the curriculum then you know it’s just awful.

Shanel did respond to the posts on a Facebook Live on Tuesday, and it was pretty awesome:

I look forward to speaking with her, and would encourage all Worcester turtle riders to vote for her on November 2.


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Hello Turtle Riders. As you know if you follow Turtleboy we are constantly getting censored and banned by Facebook for what are clearly not violations of their terms of service. Twitter has done the same, and trolls mass reported our blog to Google AdSense thousands of times, leading to demonetization. We can get by and survive, but we could really use your help. Please consider donating by hitting the Donation button above if you'd like support free speech and what we do in the face of Silicon Valley censorship. Or just buy our award winning book about the dangers of censorship and rise of Turtleboy:  Qries