White Women Accuse Webster Police Of Police Brutality Towards Black Men Despite Police Chief Who Appeased BLM Last Year By Laying Face Down Protest


Last June Webster Police Chief Michael Shaw attempted to please protesters at a BLM rally by laying face down with his hands behind his back for 8 minutes while a mob told him “it’s not enough, but it’s a start,” in an attempt to appease them.

Apparently that good will has been forgotten though by this woman.

Her name is Addison Brown, and yesterday she posted in a local Facebook group that she witnessed the Webster Police beating the crap out of a black Muslim woman for no reason except to be racist!

The post didn’t last long because the owner of Webster House of Pizza chimed in to alert the mob that this was indeed fake news.

Wiktoria Mankowska was reminded that the cops in Webster were “pro BLM” because of the actions taken by Chief Shaw in order to make a BLM rally all about him, but she was not impressed because of what WPD allegedly did to her boyfriend.

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According to Krakow Cracker here, her boyfriend was arrested and slammed to the ground after being pulled over for no reason! He’s never broken the law before.

Ever. If you can’t trust a grown man in dog filter then who can you trust?

The lesson here is that kissing BLM’s ass is pointless, and any sign of good will the cops offer towards BLM will be forgotten by ratchets the moment a cop holds them accountable for doing something shitty. Maybe people like Chief Shaw should stop trying to please people who want his job abolished because they believe his officers are subhuman trash.


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