Who Is Aiden Blarney?


In late December a troll account using the name Aiden Blarney appeared on our Facebook page for the first time.

Thursday night on the Turtleboy Live show I unraveled one of the great mysteries of the world – who is Aidan Blarney?

It all began on December 21 when the fake Facebook account showed up on the Clarence Woods Emerson page bashing a fundraiser we organized and ended up postponing. Some of the accusations the account made included that I’m a jobless former teacher with brainwashed followers who pay for my extravagant vacations, and that I pretend to have other bloggers because I screwed over all the bloggers I used to have.

Blarney accused me of going to Disney World, urged people to look at my wife’s Facebook page, outed three of my bloggers by name, and said that I should get a job.

Mr. Blarney criticized the upcoming raffle we were going to have at the fundraiser that never happened, and criticized the event because only nonprofits should be allowed to raise money.

Blarney wasn’t like the other trolls we get. He knew a lot of inside information. My friend Attorney Richard N. Vulva contacted me and asked who was behind it. There was speculation everywhere and turtle riders were pointing fingers at one another, as the fundraiser had become a contentious issue. But I had no idea who could possibly know that much information. It had to be someone who knew ALL of the following things that I hadn’t told anyone else:

  1. The names of three bloggers – Fiesty, SSTG, and NSTB. There was only one person who knew all three of those names.
  2. The fact that I went to Disney World. I didn’t tell anyone this either. I purposely avoided being in a single picture (except for the Tower of Terror one) because I thought it would be bad optics.(If I could do it again today I’d proudly jump in.) I told exactly one person outside of my family that I was going to Disney – the same person who knew the bloggers.
  3. Blarney purported to know a lot about raffles, nonprofits and the law surrounding them.
  4. Blarney said that I should get a job, even though I own and operate a business.

Does this look like a man who had a good time at Disney?

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Blarney reappeared yesterday on Facebook to talk smack, which got me thinking who could this person could be. The timing was interesting. Then it clicked and I realized there was only one person who knew all of those things. It had to be someone who blogged for me (or else they wouldn’t know the names), someone I trusted with personal information (Disney), someone who knew about my wife’s Facebook picture, someone who had been vocally opposed to the fundraiser and had warned us that raffles were illegal except for nonprofits, and someone who had previously told me to get a job. Who could that be? Who has told me to get a job in the last week or so?


She also had the same exact issues with the fundraiser that Blarney did, particularly about nonprofits and raffles, and expressed them privately at almost the exact same time Blarney did on my Facebook page.

Bristol was the only person on earth who knew the names of those 3 bloggers, and only those 3 bloggers.

Bristol was the only person I told about Disney.

Of course I didn’t initially suspect her because, why would I? She was my most trusted confidant.

Bristol was the only person I told about a generous donation from a Napa resident, yet her friend Michelle Olson seemed to know all about when she came to my Facebook page demanding vacation receipts. She also complained about the same things Bristol did.

Except Michelle isn’t from Napa, she doesn’t know the woman who donated, and the woman who donated ended up showing up in the comments and calling her out on it.

For good measure she also posted the Blarney account on a Turtleboy Facebook group and urged people to report it.

  1. She’s never, ever done that before to any of the hundreds of troll accounts that show up on our page.
  2. Why would she want to report a page that’s saying the exact same things she is in private conversation?

When I realized this yesterday afternoon my stomach sank. This was someone I considered a close friend. I was being played the entire time and missed all the warning signs. Like the show on October 6, where she rolls her eyes at me at the 36:40 and 1:18:45, after being asked to share the fundrazr link.

It was clear at this point that she forgot that “Bristol Crew” (which I came up with) is owned by Turtleboy. It’s hosted on the channel I created off of my brand. After the show she wasn’t happy with me for calling in and blamed me for not insuring the business 6 years ago when I had 1,000 followers and no idea what I was doing.

In December out of nowhere she told me she was incorporating.

And for all the talk of, “we don’t care about money,” money was her motivation for creating the show in the first place (and she was inspired by Josh Abrams).

She told me that she was trying to “brand away” from Turtleboy on YouTube.

I’m almost embarrassed that I didn’t realize I was being set up this entire time.

Last week she said that she was going to have SSTG come on her show and spill the beans or something. She ended up accidentally doxxing her in the Discord cult instead.


Turns out SSTG wasn’t happy about this, nor are the other bloggers who she outed using the alias Aiden Blarney.

The plan this entire time was to use Turtleboy, even though she apparently hated my business model, which she readily admits:

The plan was always to build trust with me and turtle riders, establish herself as the voice of domestic violence victims like Sam Cardin, and then lead them away from Turtleboy to the Discord group. It’s a literal cult in there. The motto – “Turtleboy has fans, we have friends.”

Totally NOT a cult.

Kate is the rugged, independent survivor, who overcame the odds to get where she is today. The narcissistic hero complex includes constant reminders that she’s not worried about her own safety (she’s tough), but rather the safety of her “friends.”

I figured after showing all of this undeniable evidence that she was behind the Blarney account that she’d have to come clean. Even people in the Discord left or questioned her:

But for the most part she’s doubling down, victimizing herself, and claiming that I was only “attacking” them because they got 1,000 YouTube subscribers.

She threatened to end her show in order to protect her “friends” from being dragged into it, just so people would beg her not to.

When you tell lies like this, and everyone with a functional brain knows you’re not telling the truth, what you’re left with is the dumbest of the dumb.

Some of her cult members who have an actual functioning brain and could clearly see that she was behind the account, and attempted to give her an out. This guy gave her a script to basically say, “Yes, I said it. I was angry and he’s a jerk and I was too scared to tell him that using my real name.” But she doesn’t have it in her to come clean.

She was up until 4 AM rambling on calling me a liar hoping people would believe it.

It’s really simple if she wants to prove she’s not Blarney – give me the name of someone else who knows the names of those 3 bloggers, knows I went to Disney, references state raffle laws, claims to know a lot about nonprofits, and thinks I should get a job. Turns out she had “more pressing matters” to investigate.

Ya know, like where did Joe Orga take a dump last weekend?

Last week on her show she said she wasn’t starting a blog. Then 3 days later she was dry begging for people to ask her to start a blog which she apparently has all planned out already.

“I’m not starting a blog.”

“I have a meeting with an insurance agent and an entire business plan for a blog ready to go.”

That seems to be a theme with her.

The reason I’m posting this is because this woman scammed me good. The Trojan Bristol earned my favor, pretended to be a good friend, used me for my platform, got me to trust her with stuff I’ve never told anyone else, actively tried to sabotage a fundraiser, made business deals with advertisers behind my back, was openly insubordinate and disrespectful, and developed one of the greatest ego trips of all time from that show.

It’s going to be hard to ever trust anyone again after this. I’ve never trusted any non-family member the way I trusted her.

As my girl Sara said last night when she called into the show – you can’t be on both teams anymore. A lot of people have told me, “I’m going to support your show and her’s too.” If you do that, you’re supporting someone who actively harmed this blog. She’s no different than any other ratchet we’ve blogged about. She’s just a better salesman.


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