Will Openly Racist, Holocaust Denying, Rape Apologist Nick Fuentes Debate Me, Or Just Whine About Other Conservatives Not Debating Him?


This is Nicholas Fuentes.

He’s a 21 year old Boston University dropout from the Chicago area who left the school in 2017 after attending the “Unite the right” white nationalist rally in Charlottesville. He posted this about it on Facebook afterwards.

“A tidal wave of white identity is coming.”

He’s an ardent Trump supporter, and one of the people who gives decent, normal conservatives like myself a bad name via association. Since Charlottesvile he’s built up a cult-like following on YouTube and Twitter (a platform I am personally banned from) by being as outrageous as possible. He’s got the blue checkmark verification and over 70,000 followers, so Twitter knows who he is, they hear what he’s saying, and they allow him to stay on anyway.

This isn’t to say I want to see him deplatformed. I believe that platform access is a civil right and that all people have a right to speak freely in the privately owned public square which Twitter, YouTube, and Facebook have monopolized. It’s just interesting that someone who says the things that Fuentes says is allowed to stay on the platform while my house has been blacklisted, meaning my wife and kids cannot use Twitter either. When I create accounts using my wifi or my phone they are taken down within seconds.

Why is this? Simple really – the left wants to make people like Nick Fuentes the face of Trump supporting conservatives. It makes no sense that people with smaller followings than Fuentes, who say similar things to him, get banned, while he’s allowed to stay on. The media wants these people to be seen and heard so they can point at them and say, “that’s what conservatives look like.”

It’s similar to what Trump has done with “The Squad.” Why is the President giving four freshmen congresswomen so much attention? If you ask AOC it’s because he’s racist, but in reality he knows that their views are so radical and unpopular in middle America that he wants to make them the face of the Democratic party.

Fuentes recently launched what he refers to as “Groyper wars” against influential conservatives, who he doesn’t like due to their acceptance of homosexuality and support for Israel. His biggest target is Charlie Kirk, founder of Turning Point USA, an organization that builds a following of young conservatives on college campuses. Kirk has millions of followers on social media and is a highly influential Trump supporter.

Fuentes’ primary complaint with Kirk is that he is accepting of gays in the conservative movement. For that, and a variety of other reasons, Fuentes has launched a “Groyper war,” which basically involves him sending his army of trolls to TP USA events to harass their speakers about their acceptance of homosexuality. They line up to ask questions in an attempt to prove that Kirk and others are fake conservatives.

At a recent TP USA event at Ohio State featuring Rob Smith, a gay black veteran who I first met at CPAC, some Groypers showed up to call Kirk out for allowing a gay man to be on stage with him. Keep in mind, he has served his country, while all of the people questioning his right to be a conservative sit in their mother’s basement and tweet about their “white European ideals.”

They ask questions like, “How does homosexual sex help us win the culture war?” As if that’s what Rob Smith is promoting by being himself. They seem to naively believe that accepting gay people for who they are means that conservatives also have to accept drag queen story hour at public libraries.

At another event with Donald Trump Jr. the Groypers disrupted and shut the event down, ironically not seeing that they were acting exactly like the leftist cancel culture mobs they claim to despise.


They also don’t like the Daily Wire, primarily because the founder is a Jew (Ben Shapiro). They asked the same line of questioning to DW employee Michael Knowles at a recent event.

At another event they peppered Matt Walsh with similar questions about preserving “European” heritage in the United States by preventing immigration from non-European countries.


His mobs go to each and every conservative event on campus, mob the speakers, and in doing so give liberals a free lunch.

They even keep score of their alleged victories, which come when they get the speaker to stop taking their ridiculous questions.

Fuentes is attempting to use his mob to mainstream anti-semitism and racism into mainstream conservative values. They’ve seen conservatives rightfully come around on social issues like gay marriage and yearn for the old days when we used to lose elections because of a preoccupation with butt sex.

Here’s a collection of Nick Fuentes videos and quotes from his America First show, which involves him, a microphone, and a green screen. He doesn’t like Dave Rubin, who used to be a leftist but is basically a conservative now, because Rubin is both gay and Jewish. In this video he refers to Rubin as “Jew-y Jewstein,” and mockingly calls Rubin’s show The Rubin Report, “the gay Jewish show.”


Here he is talking about why we need to bring back segregation because all Jim Crow involved was making black people drink out of different water fountains.

This is just ignorance. Jim Crow was about so much more than water fountains. It was the systematic repression of civil rights. It enabled white minorities to oppress black people by preventing them from voting and serving on juries. It ensured that no white man could ever possibly be convicted of killing a black person, and that no black person could ever be elected to office in order to enact laws that could actually change that. It ensured that all white police departments looked the other way while black people who attempted to register to vote were hung from trees. But yea, it was “better for them” because a 21 year old white kid from the Chicago suburbs, passing as Latino like Beto O’Rourke, thinks it’s about “separate but equal” water fountains.

Here he is recently denying the Holocaust by comparing Jews being killed to baking cookies, and suggesting that it wouldn’t be mathematically possible to cook that many “cookies” in such a short amount of time.


YouTube allows this but will take your channel down if you have background noise of someone else’s music.

Here he is in a secretly recorded video saying that he is hurt in his daily existence by Jews, and that a white woman having sex with a black man would be degenerate.

In a podcast talking about digital rape of women he suggests that it’s not actually rape because the man didn’t ejaculate. His exact quote was, “It’s so not a big deal. If a woman jerked me off and I didn’t want her to jerk me off, would that keep me up at night? HAHAHHAAHAHA!”

In a recent episode of his show he reacted to Matt Walsh’s disavowal of white supremacists, calling him a “shabos goy race traitor,” who hates white people. He then calls him a “faggot race traitor pussy” who “works for Jews,” because Walsh’s boss is Ben Shapiro.

He mocked Rob Smith’s service to his country because he’s gay.

He’s been praised by the left’s favorite white nationalist and CNN contributor Richard Spencer.

He’s also friends with this guy.

Matthew Colligan was the stachebro from Southborough who SSTG exposed two years ago after appearing at the center of the Charlottesville rally. Here’s Fuentes admitting that “Millenial Matt” contributes to his show.


The conservative group Young Americans for Freedom recently disavowed Fuentes and his followers with a pretty common sense statement announcing a desire to distance themselves from white nationalists and holocaust deniers, because those have nothing to do with being conservative.

Sadly this upset Michelle Malkin, a well known somewhat mainstream conservative who I liked until she recently went to bat for Fuentes and company.

Either she has no idea who he is, or she’s completely lost her mind.

The most mind boggling aspect to these Groyper wars is the amount of support he gets. Any time a conservative calls him out they get ratioed. A Twitter ratio refers to the number of likes vs. number comments on a tweet. Usually a healthy tweet gets at least a 10 to 1 like to comment ratio. Fuentes’ tweets usually are around 50 to 1, whereas people who call him out are around 1 to 1. Twitter wants to keep white nationalists on their platform while getting rid of common sense voices like mine because they want to make conservatives look bad.

Fuentes is doing this because he’s attempting to expose that conservatives who rail against liberal cancel culture are in fact participating in it themselves by not engaging with racist trolls who ask ridiculous questions in bad faith. He’s demanded that Matt Walsh and Charlie Kirk debate him, and called them hypocrites when they turned him down.

So here’s my offer Nick. If you’re looking for a conservative along the lines of Walsh and Kirk to debate, I’ll take you up on the offer. We have millions of monthly viewers, and had we not been deplatformed we’d likely have 250,000 Facebook followers and 50,000 Twitter followers by now, at the rates we were going. I’m definitely more well known in Boston, a city you fled from two years ago. As it stands today we now have about 50,000 followers on Facebook and 10,000 on Twitter. It’s not Charlie Kirk, but it’s an audience. I’m not on Twitter personally, but we have our people running our de facto account, and the challenge has been issued.

If Fuentes ignores this, or refuses to debate me, it will prove that he is the hypocrite he seeks to expose. If blue checkmarks are required to debate randoms with smaller Twitter followings then he must debate me. I urge all Turtle Riders on Twitter to retweet the tweet above, and tweet this article out to him so he can’t deny seeing it. I’m not nearly as polite or composed as the people you’re going after Nick. I would rip you to shreds and expose you as the fraud that you are, which is exactly why I’m guessing you’ll likely pretend you didn’t see this. But we all now that you did. Ball’s in your court.


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Hello Turtle Riders. As you know if you follow Turtleboy we are constantly getting censored and banned by Facebook for what are clearly not violations of their terms of service. Twitter has done the same, and trolls mass reported our blog to Google AdSense thousands of times, leading to demonetization. We can get by and survive, but we could really use your help. Please consider donating by hitting the Donation button above if you'd like support free speech and what we do in the face of Silicon Valley censorship. Or just buy our award winning book about the dangers of censorship and rise of Turtleboy:  Qries


  1. You are way out of your element here. You have no idea how bad you woild get shit on in a debate against any of our ideals because you refuse ti view anything outside of your public school brainwash. If he doesn’t debate you, i wouldn’t blame him, you are obscure, and it would be a complete waste of time. Just another annoying cunt from Boston.

  2. tl; dr

    I will say that Nick Fuentes is not racist, “openly” or otherwise. He does not deny the Holocaust, and he is not a rape apologist. So if the lies in this headline are a preview of the sort of “debate” he could expect, there’s no reason to engage, as all you’d do is lie (kinda like when Charlie Kirk denied having asserted that someone of a different gender and “persuasion” took his spot at West Point while having worse test scores and qualifications, despite there being video of him saying exactly that).

    Presumably the reason you name-call and lie like this is that you can’t actually debate the ideas on their merits – deep down, you know you’d lose such a contest. Intellectual inertia prevents you from recognizing the failures of your ideological possession and moving over to the winning (honest and correct) side.

    Join the groypers, Uncle Turtleboy! It’s nice over here – we even have cookies. Not quite six million, of course (it’d take decades to bake that many with the limited amount of ovens we have!), but a few hundred thousand at least.

  3. What exactly would you debate him about? This whole article is just using the same Leftist “if we just label him a certain way, that’ll shut him up” tactics that the rest of Mainstream Conservatism has been doing.

  4. How do you ‘Gryopers’ get around the fact that Christianity is based on the crucification of a Jewish man?

    “I will bless those who bless you, and whoever curses you I will curse; and all peoples on earth will be blessed through you” ~ Genesis 12:3

    Your Blame-the-Jews-for-everything attitude isn’t new. The Egyptians, Persians, Czarist Russians had the same idea. You deny the holocaust for the same reason a socialist denies the history socialism. It’s not real until you’re the one to commit the genocide.

    You’re not patriots or care about liberty. You’re parasites hijacking Trump’s message to push your form of tyranny. Go join Antifa where you belong.

  5. Fuentes is an anti-Semitic piece of crap: “Jew-y Jewstein”? The only platform this guy deserves is one with a trap door below his feet after they tie the noose around his racist neck.

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