Woburn Middle School Teacher Defends Rapist In Explicative Filled Facebook Rant About How All Cops Are Bastards 


Tony Bartone is a 6th grade teacher at Kennedy Middle School in Woburn, and a yoga enthusiast who once published a blog about his least favorite yoga position – the half pigeon.

I can smell the vegan cookbook from here.

I don’t have better pictures because Tony took his Facebook page down in anticipation of this blog, likely due to the fact that he knows that his previous post in defense of a rapist was not a good look.

Here’s the entire text in a less blurry version:

ACAB – all cops are bad OR all cops are bastards

This is true and I’ll tell you why. Feel offended if you want, disagree, comment, unfriend, etc., but ACAB.
3 months after George Floyd was murdered 3 grown men, 3 police officers, THREE…shot an unarmed black man, Jacob Blake, in broad daylight, in front of his family INCLUDING his children as he walked away from them. 7 times in the fucking back.

I have not heard a massive out cry from the POLICE DEPARTMENT to weed out the so called bad apples, I have not heard a massive out cry to end qualified immunity, I have not heard a massive out cry for police to have less responsibility and fewer responsibilities that they are completely unqualified to handle, I have not heard a massive out cry for police reform, enhanced training, stricter punishments for unlawful acts, I have not heard a massive out cry to cut RIDICULOUS and UNNECESSARY overtime and detail duties that can earn a cop over 100K/year of TAXPAYERS money on top of their salary (Massachusetts specifically has a major cop detail problem). I have had 3 very specific experiences with white men in law enforcement that showed me EXPLICITLY that they are not lawful people. I am an educated white man (if this can happen to me with my privilege…) and I was unjustly arrested and the arresting officer flat out lied in the police report. I personally know people in law enforcement that drink and drive, because who’s gonna arrest them??? I know someone who was pulled over for drunk driving – flashed a badge and was told just to get the fuck home. Are you fucking kidding me??? All cops are not bad people, but all cops are bad cops. This is the DEMAND that needs to be met. Fucking police yourself. End qualified immunity fucking right now. You do something unlawful and get sued, YOU FUCKING PAY for it. Do you know who pays for that shit now??? TAXPAYERS. A cop unlawfully murders someone and gets sued and loses…the tax payers pay that money. FUCK THAT.

If you are a cop or know a cop, all you should be doing is apologizing and actively making changes or fucking quitting. That’s it. There is no defending your actions. You speak of the bonds of the job and being one and of brotherhood and sisterhood, well your family fucking sucks. If you don’t fix it, we will.


This man is clearly emotionally unstable and has no business being around kids. He’s also active in the union, and prior to his page being taken down there were posts he made about not wanting to return to school, and lots of teachers commented on it. Clearly this man isn’t some fringe member of the group. He’s a leader.

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Just to review his grievances with police:

1. He’s upset that rapist Jacob Blake was shot while “unarmed” in the back, in front of his kids while walking away. Except a) he’s a rapist who digitally raped the mother of his children before accusing her of “smelling” like she had been with other men, b) he had a warrant out for his arrest for this charge, c) he had a restraining order out against him by the vicim which he was violating, d) he was attempting to steal the victim’s car with her 3 kids in the back, e) he assaulted two police officers and tasing him did not work, f) he was reaching for a knife in the car, and g) if his intention wasn’t to stab the cops it was certainly to steal the car full of kids, which put their lives in danger and necessitated the use of deadly force. This is all easily accessible information.

Why is a 6th grade teacher advocating so hard for a rapist? Does he enjoy it when black women get raped? Should their rapists be allowed to steal their cars and kidnap their children without getting shot? Should cops have to accept the fact that they get stabbed in order to avoid defending themselves? Because that’s what he is advocating for in the name of social justice.

2. Teachers have qualified immunity too. If they didn’t no one would teach. If a teacher diddled a kid it would be the school district that ended up getting sued. The teacher would be tried criminally, as cops like Derek Chauvin are when they commit crimes. Getting rid of qualified immunity is a poorly thought out idea that does nothing to hold lawbreakers accountable and will deter qualified candidates from becoming public servants.

3. Tony Bartone is actively pushing for remote learning, meaning he doesn’t have to go to work and still gets paid the same amount. Yet he is whining that police make too much money, even though they don’t whine about showing up to work every day during a “pandemic.”

4. Plenty of teachers have been fired for and charged with raping students. Does this mean all teachers are bad? I think he made it pretty clear with his support of Jacob Blake that he’s indifferent to rape, but why hasn’t he apologized on behalf of the other teachers who actually got caught doing so? This is the standard he holds police to.

5. The fact that he claims he was “unjustly arrested” seems to indicate that he is nothing more than your run of the mill dindu nuffin ratchet.

He also responded to a comment on the post from a man named Aaron, who seems to be a police officer based on some of the context clues.

“If there was a teacher that was overtly racist and blatantly punished students of color at a drastically higher rate than white students and gave lower grades to students of color than to white students he or she would be terminated rather quickly.”

First of all, if a teacher was punishing “students of color” at higher rates and giving them lower grades on average, then it’s likely the result of students of color misbehaving at higher rates and not studying as hard. Teachers should not be disciplined for holding students accountable.

Secondly, his hypothetical is actually a reality because students of color are already suspended at much higher rates than white students in Massachusetts public schools. Asian students get suspended and fail less than everyone because they break the rules less often and earn better grades in school. This isn’t racist, just as it isn’t racist when a disproportionate amount of people of color are arrested by police.

“If legal action was taken against the teacher then he or she would be responsible for the outcome.”

No, they would not. Just ask Amber Jennings, or the plethora of teachers who have been busted having sex with students. They don’t get sued because they have qualified immunity. Or just Google, “parents sue teacher sex with student” and you’ll see that it’s the school district that gets sued when this happens, not the individual teacher. Teachers do get the benefit of the doubt when it comes to accusations from students, as they should. Everyone deserves due process, and until an allegation has been substantiated no one should go without a paycheck. Teachers, like cops, would be suspended with pay until the matter was investigated.

So many cringe lines too.

“You are a white man in position of power. Check your privilege.” 

All you can do is laugh at people who say stuff like this now. They are a joke. Don’t even attempt to take them seriously.

“I educate, care for and protect children of color every day.”

You teach in Woburn. Nuff said.

“When they are with me they are MY KIDS!”

Calling students “my kids” is a pet peeve of mine and was when I was a teacher too. Your students do not belong to you. They don’t love you, you don’t love them, and you certainly have no ownership of them. You are paid by the taxpayers to educate them, which ironically you are refusing to do right now because of commie cold, despite being at no risk from the virus. Calling students “my kids” is extremely creepy, especially for a male who teaches middle schoolers.

The most egregious thing he did was bringing up the other man’s daughter, as if by supporting the police he wants his daughter to get raped. If you can’t make your point without mentioning someone else’s kid getting raped then you don’t have a strong point to make.

I don’t know why teachers are beginning to turn against the police when they’re supposed to be on the same side. They’re both public servants and union members looking to protect and serve the public. They all deserve due process rights, and none of them are racist if they judge people based on what they do instead of the color of their skin. But this particular teacher’s constant defense of rapist Jacob Blake and his overall temperament and word choice in a public forum would make me hesitant to let my kids be anywhere near him.

Feel free to contact principal Carl Nelson or superintendent Matt Crowley if you think it’s inappropriate for a teacher to publicly defend a rapist and demean police officers like this.

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