Woman And Friends Who Wrongly Smeared Hull Police For Racially Profiling Booze Thieves At Nantasket Beach Vows Lawsuits Against Turtleboy


Yesterday we published a blog debunking a viral lie on Facebook, alleging that the Hull Police racially profiled three black teenagers at Nantasket Beach. As it turns out the kids had stolen a bottle of booze from the store across the street, they were confronted by the cops, and their parents offered to pay for the alcohol in order to avoid an arrest.

But it was still shared over 5K times and counting, which has led to violent threats against the police.

Dina Willis frequently pulls stunts like this anytime she can capitalize on it, or any time she’s inconvenienced at all. For instance, two weeks ago she was upset that the nurses and doctors at BMC were racist because they had the audacity to treat gunshot victims and heroin addicts who run wild around meth mile.

After seeing she had been called out as a liar she responded by posting this.

Thank God she clarified that it was the white KKK of Boston. For a moment there I thought it was the Latino chapter of the Klan.

She posed the age old question, why “wasn’t they” arrested? And the answer to that is simple – because the store owner chose not to press charges in exchange for being reimbursed. Thus proving that both he and the Hull Police are the exact opposite of racist.

The blog in question also highlighted other disturbing comments that were made by her friends on the post, including this one from realtor Regina Hunter, stating that we should teach kids that the police are not their friends.

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The opposite of a friend is an enemy, and I think that’s how most reasonable people would take that. Teaching kids that the police can’t be trusted is dangerous for both the police and the kids who are being force fed this propaganda.

Evidently Regina Hunter is planning on suing for slander because of that.

Pro tip – if you look into suing a website for slander, you’re gonna run into some problems. Particularly because slander is oral defamation and the word you’re looking for is libel. Unfortunately for you when a website screenshots a comment you made on Facebook, posts it on a blog, and offers opinions on that comment, it’s not libelous.

In fairness, this woman has a very interesting and recent history with the police that would make her suspicious of their intentions. Her son, Kevin Williams, was arrested for allegedly murdering a well liked clerk in Dorchester in October of 2018. She insisted he was innocent.

“My son is stating that they stopped him for walking while black because he didn’t do anything,” Hunter told WBZ-TV.

Luckily she’s resourceful, received help from the NAACP, knew that accusing the police of racial profiling would pressure on them, and her son had the charges dropped against him. But the BPD had a witness and video surveillance to have made the arrest.

Boston police say they have the strength of a strong witness identification and video surveillance from the scene. But Hunter says she has the strength of a mother’s conviction that her son was in their Dorchester apartment helping her pack for a move the next day.

I’m not saying he actually killed the clerk, because if there was strong enough evidence to convict him they’d have brought it to trial. But he was released a week or so after Rachael Rollins was elected District Attorney, and she’s notorious for being lenient and frequently used the race card in order to get elected. I have no idea if Regina knows Rollins, but the timing was interesting to say the least.

In April there was an arrest for the shooting, but the guy arrested is accused of being the look out, so they still don’t have the shooter. Again, I’m not saying it was Kevin Williams did it, but his uncle was the President of the NAACP, his mother is obviously resourceful and good at playing the race card, and according to her son,

“My mom’s an animal,” said Kevin. “She puts her heart into everything.”

And the killer’s never been found as far as I can tell. So take from that what you will.

She made an appearance on WBUR after an arrest was made in April, which again, was not for the shooter.

Look, I get why a mother would be distrustful of the police after an incident like this. But the fact of the matter is that her son wasn’t racially profiled, and neither were the kids on the beach in Hull. They were identified by witnesses as having broken the law. It’s the police’s job to investigate that. They had a witness and a surveillance tape suggesting it was Kevin Williams, which was the same evidence the kids at Nantasket Beach had against them. It’s just that getting someone on a murder and armed robbery charge is a lot harder than catching someone stealing a bottle of booze.

The bottom line is you shouldn’t believe everything you see on Facebook and it’s always better to cooperate with the police like the kids at Nantasket Beach did, rather than be confrontational with them.


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