Exposing Shannon O’Loughlin Labarre Part 3: Falsely Accusing Husband Of Rape, Scamming Medfield Residents, Threatening School Committee Candidates, Paying Her “Penance”


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My biggest weakness professionally is that I see the best in people. When people have offered help in the past I’ve been anxious to take it, but unfortunately some of these people don’t have good intentions. For the most part people just read the blogs on their way to work or while they’re on the can, but the blog also attracts crazy people who want to get involved because it gives them some sort of purpose. Shannon O’Loughlin LaBarre is one of those people.

I first began speaking to Shannon in 2017 when she would send story tips and claim to have informants in every police department in the state. She presented herself as some sort of law enforcement employee, and spoke for the “blue community.”

She said that her life goal was to never be featured on Turtleboy.

But that didn’t go as planned.

Shannon would tell people that she was close to me, but I didn’t even know her real name. She’d also tell people that she was good friends with Rayla Campbell (who she would later smear on her anti-TB pages), and she would refer to BPD Chief William Gross as “Willie” in an attempt to make it sound like they were friends.


Shannon would send me screenshots of her posting updates on social media about police investigations to prove that she was a big shot.

But she was really just making it up in order to impress me.

For years Shannon supported the blog and seemed like she wanted to help, so I looked past the fact that she pretended to be a blogger and messaged me a million times a day with mostly bad story ideas. I noticed that she was going around creating drama with other fans, and one of my other bloggers (Krusty Panties, who also turned out to be a psychopath) at the time (2019) couldn’t stand her for that.

We had a group chat (I’ll never do one of those again) that included this former blogger and others who contributed and helped out, and Shannon was a frequent topic of conversation because she was so attention seeking. One day Shannon used her Boston Broad account to announce she was giving away $50 to charity for whoever came the closest to thinking of the number in her head.

My former blogger Krusty Panties pointed out that this need for attention was a mental illness, and she doubted that Shannon was actually donating any money. (KP used an account at the time called Fred James, which is now deactivated and comes up in chat messages with no name.)


It’s ironic that Shannon would claim to be an advocate for mental health and suicide prevention, considering she later used the anti-TB accounts to mock me for the same thing.

We also figured out that Shannon created an account called A-Aron Michael, which she used to interact with herself on social media in order to make it look like she had friends.

Shannon married her husband AJ (Arthur) 10 years ago, and they moved to low income housing in Medfield. Shannon briefly worked for the Boston Police Department as a dispatcher but caused too many problems there by doing what she’s doing now – inserting herself into other people’s business and acting like a know-it-all. Since then she’s remained unemployed, which has given her plenty of time to look for purpose, self-validation, and friendship on the Internet.

But Shannon’s problem is that comes across as extremely arrogant and condescending, and acts like she knows everything. As a result she quickly became one of the most despised people in Medfield by constantly posting on a community Facebook group and asking for free things from people, and telling conflicting stories about her baby dying.

“I distinctly recall her posting on the local Medfield FB pages around the time she miscarried her baby. She was, of course, scamming this community of whole idiots to get free things. But, she also very clearly insinuated in one of her posts that the reason she lost the baby was due to domestic abuse, and not a congenital heart issue, that she mentioned to you. No doubt to garner more sympathy and money. She’s well known in this town, and nearly universally unliked.”

Literally any time a thought popped into her head she posted it in this Medfield group.


She got free glasses for her kid from the Lions Club, and a free van from a church.


She felt the need to post about her half brother’s death, even though she had no relationship with him at all.


And what do you do when you’re in labor? Tell strangers about it on the community Facebook group, of course!

Shannon started her anonymous social media accounts that helped rapists and attacked small children in late January. However, while she was smearing me she was still sending me story ideas to write about. She allegedly was so offended by the Turtleboy blog, but still wanted to weaponize it to smear people she didn’t like. In February Shannon she sent me a tip about a woman named Lauren Liljegren who was running for School Committee in Medfield. Liljegren came under fire when she suggested that masking children indefinitely could cause autism. Shannon took this personally since she’s autistic, and although both Liljegren and Shannon are conservative, Shannon wanted this woman to be destroyed.

This is basically what she tried doing to me too. Shannon and I are on the same page when it comes to COVID mandates, BLM, supporting police, etc. But once she couldn’t get what she wanted from me she immediately began helping people like Monica Cannon-Grant and Rian Waters.

Shannon also told me that Liljegren created a fake account called Marie Sullivan to defend herself, but I later found out that Marie was a different person altogether.


I never wrote about this topic, which must’ve fed into Shannon’s desire to “take down Tuirtleboy.” But it also prompted her to go to Lauren’s house and put this in her mailbox:



For years Shannon has been trying to win my approval by sending me story ideas multiple times a day. She tried out as a blogger and it didn’t work out, so she decided to try to start her own websites and nonprofits, none of which went anywhere. She then latched onto Live Boston by offering them the same thing she offered me – story ideas. This was her profile picture for Live Boston, which up until two days ago was on her @BostonShannon Twitter account and Shannon from Live Boston Facebook pages.

This is what Shannon really looks like:

Live Boston is no longer affiliated with her in any capacity after discovering that she is such a pscyho.

In 2018 Shannon found out that her husband had an affair with another woman. Instead of divorcing him Shannon went to the police department and falsely accused AJ of raping her. She mentioned it in this email she sent to me in February of 2020.

But AJ won’t leave her because he worries that she is a danger to their 3 kids, and he’s a bit of a cuck himself. According to AJ’s family members “there ain’t much left” of him due to the psychological abuse of living with Shannon.

One person we spoke with was falsely accused of being one of AJ’s mistresses, and Shannon made fake AJ accounts on Snapchat to stalk her.

She takes psycho on a whole different level. If I still have screen shots I’d love to show you how she claims her husband “beats & rapes” her (he wouldn’t hurt a fly). She thought he was cheating with me (absolutely NOT) so she made a Facebook page about how she’s a “battered” woman. I was close with her husband for YEARS and I cut him out of my life because she’s so insane. She’s referred to my son as a “worthless bastard”, she sought out my son’s dad on Facebook and tried to convince him that I cheated on him while I was pregnant(also not true)& I wasn’t Facebook friends with him either so I have no clue how she figured out who he was. 


After that Shannon texted the woman, claiming she needed closure because of her dead baby that never made it past 20 weeks in utero.


Shannon would try to win me over by feeding into drama and giving me information on people she knew I didn’t care for.

In particular she really seemed to hate Krusty Panties because she allegedly lied about having a dead baby, which took the limelight away from Shannon’s lie about having a dead baby.

She sent me DCF documents on Krusty Panties, and then later claimed that those same documents she sent were fake when she began posting as the anti-TB account.

The feeling was mutual too. Pretty much every person who has ever encountered Shannon on the Internet has ended up having a bad experience with her. In November of 2020 Shannon was supposed to come on the Live Show to hash it out with another ratchet, but she didn’t show up and it led to 8 minutes of extremely cringe mean girl drama that our audience got bored and confused with (1:41 mark).

I felt really bad about that segment afterwards and personally apologized to Shannon for giving that woman a platform to smear her. But as it turns out everything that was said was 100% accurate.

Shannon couldn’t stand the woman in that clip, and was aghast when she heard that same woman (who she later allied with on the anti-TB page) share her thoughts about black people during white supremacist happy hour:

Pretty much everyone I spoke to couldn’t stand Shannon, but I appreciated the fact that she seemed to be a passionate fan (despite pretending to be a Turtleboy blogger) so I refrained from publicly crapping on her like others did.

These are the same people she now seeks the approval of and tried to get me to remove blogs about.

It’s just so sad and pathetic.

For years I was the only person who saw anything good in Shannon. I felt bad for her because she clearly has no friends, wanted to feel like she was a part of something, and I knew that it was largely due to her autism. In exchange for that loyalty Shannon dedicated every waking minute of her day for several months to smearing my friends and family anonymously in order to seek the approval of the people who treated her the worst.

The anti-Turtleboy Facebook and Twitter accounts were a commitment that likely took hours every day to assemble old video clips, out of context screenshots, etc. It was all worth it to her though, because for once in her life other people found value in Shannon, even if she said horrible things about them and they said horrible things about her.

Last week when I told Shannon that I knew she was behind the account and she immediately ran to Krusty Panties and announced that she would be making her debut on YouTube, as if anyone cared. This post received exactly zero likes and interactions from her friends.

Shannon rented a hotel room for the show and sat awkwardly in the background on a bed for 2 hours, but for the first time in her life she felt valued.

Even if this is the person she sought the approval of:

On her anti-TB page Shannon posted that she was the “information coordinator for Team Storm,” and that her crusade to team up with and assist abusive parents, child rapists, and domestic abusers was “part of her penance for the role she played in” Turtleboy.

It’s obviously completely psychotic to call yourself an information coordinator for something called “Team Storm” that is really just you, and to announce to the world that you owe “penance” to child abusers. But what’s even more funny about this statement is that it indicates that Shannon really, truly believes she was a big part of Turtleboy Daily News. Newsflash Shannon – you didn’t play a “role” in the blog at all. You contributed nothing and you’re not the least bit important or relevant. No one doxxed or lied about you in the “turtle sphere,” your “late son” was never born, and nobody cares about anything you have to say.

Anyway, The Storm appears to have consisted of a bored and psychotic woman obsessing over screenshots from a group chat that had nothing to do with her. When it wasn’t going the way she planned Shannon sent emails to my family and tried to recruit friends of mine to come to her side to “expose” me. Shannon’s goal was to get me to give up the business I quit teaching for and spent almost 10 years building up, in order for her to stop posting about me. But she of all should know that I don’t back down to bullies, and I will never be silenced. She wanted me to tap out, but after the dust was settled it looks like Shannon is the one who will have to disappear from the Internet for a little while.



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