Woman Blasts TBDN For Exposing Vaping Store Owner Who Didn’t Pay Employees, Forgets That She Did The Same Thing In March


A blog published yesterday about a former vape shop owner, who was illegally selling marijuana without a license, and admittedly not paying his employees unless they agreed to stop criticizing him for not paying them, while spending money lavishly on his ex-girlfriend, has caused a little bit of a stir.

This is typically the kind of story we write about. We have always championed and given a voice for victims.

Well, apparently one woman, who some say could be mistaken for a used etch-a-sketch,  wasn’t happy about this.

In the least original move of all time she baselessly called me a sexual predator, and falsely claimed I was fired from teaching.

If your defense of a friend who was publicly shamed for doing something terrible is to make up allegations about me, then you don’t really have a defense.

But in the ultimate twist of fate it turned out that she had actually done the same exact thing that we did – taken to social media to bash Joshua Bottomi underneath the same post we used as a reference in the blog.

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In March she was urging the OP who had gotten bad checks and hadn’t been paid to make his post public for the purposes of calling out Joshua Bottomi. She wanted people to see it, we did, and we blogged about it. Now here in November she is defending his honor after we did exactly what she set out to do.

This might be the greatest self own of all time.

She had receipts though. Take a wild guess which links she started posting.

Turtleboy Sporks. If a free anonymous Wordpress blog that hasn’t been updated in four years and contains no links to any sort of references isn’t a valid source, then I don’t know what is.

She had more.

The Herald News article about Jennifer Panagakos and her overly litigious ex-con millionaire husband suing my company. A case that has been going on for almost two years and hasn’t gone anywhere. She even quoted the baseless allegation that I conspired with a competing yoga instructor I’ve never met or spoken to. Someone give this woman a job at the New York Times. She’ll fit in great there.

She also quoted a new one I’ve never seen – “Itsgoingdown.org.”

I guess two years ago some SJWs decorated the Turtleboy statue which proves I’m a racist or something? OK then.

For the record, we were too kind to the Joshua Bottomi, and he’s actually much worse than originally portrayed. Here’s a text message he sent an ex-girlfriend who was pregnant, bragging about how sexy he is, and how he only “f***s dimes,” while making fun of her for being fat (while pregnant).

Here he is blaming another ex-girlfriend for making his own behavior.

Because it’s a woman’s fault that he can’t control himself.

He likes to whine about how nobody understands him, and sends pictures of empty beer bottles so women will feel bad for the fact that he’s drinking away his self imposed depression.

He looked for more pity by vowing to drive drunk and crash into a tree.

And finally he started sending pictures of an arsenal of guns.

Associating with this individual and coming to our page to defend his honor was definitely a well thought out idea.


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