Woman Charged With Killing Her Baby By Rubbing Heroin On Gums Posts Vulgar Facebook Video Blasting The Haters, Declaring Innocence


SSTG has strong feelings about this story and uses foul language to share her opinions. Since we avoid such language on TB Daily News we would refer you to TBS by clicking here if you’d like to read her take on the story.

Last year a baby died in Bangor, and the cause of death was uncertain. However, after a year long investigation the police now know that the little girl died due to fentanyl exposure, because her mother, Kimberly Nelligan, put fentanyl on her gums in order for her to fall asleep.

Bangor Daily NewsThe Bangor woman who was arrested Tuesday in connection with her 1-year-old daughter’s death allegedly rubbed heroin residue on her daughter’s gums to help her sleep and had done the same thing to her two older children in the past, according to court documents. Kimberly Nelligan, 33, was arrested Tuesday morning, nearly a year after her daughter was found dead in her home from what later turned out to be fentanyl exposure. Nelligan pleaded not guilty Wednesday to a Class D charge of child endangerment and a Class E charge of possession of a Schedule Z drug.

Bangor police and fire officials responded to Nelligan’s home on Oct. 10, 2018, when she reported that her baby was not breathing. The 1-year-old was found dead in the home, and her body was transported to Northern Light Eastern Maine Medical Center. After denying that she used opioids during the initial investigation, Nelligan eventually confessed to using heroin once a week for two months before her daughter’s death, according to a police affidavit filed in court in Bangor. She told Bangor police officers that she snorted heroin that came in small baggies.

The baby’s father told Bangor police that during those two months, he had seen Nelligan rub the residue of the drug on her daughter’s gums about 15 times. The girl was having trouble sleeping, the father told police. Nelligan allegedly told the father that she had done this to her two older children when they were babies as well, and it was not intended to hurt their 1-year-old daughter.

“You know I didn’t hurt our daughter on purpose,” Nelligan allegedly said to the father, according to the affidavit.

The Maine medical examiner’s office told Bangor police that the cause of death was acute fentanyl intoxication, and that the amount of fentanyl in the 1-year-old’s system likely came from secondary exposure — for example, if a user with drug residue on her hands had then touched a baby bottle or the baby’s mouth directly. The baby had to have ingested the fentanyl in some fashion, the medical examiner’s office told Bangor police.

Here she is in court.

She couldn’t keep her mouth shut so her court appointed attorney finally had to tell her to stop.

Last year after the baby died and the cause was unknown Kim Nelligan had the audacity to blame the hospital in a Facebook post (her page was taken down last night before screenshots could be taken), and then suggested that it was from sudden infant death syndrome.

And part of the problem is that friends like Melissa go along with this obvious lie, because it’s easier to do that than it is to confront someone you know who has a problem. No, her baby didn’t die from SIDS, and she hasn’t been “working hard to keep her healthy.” She, like many mothers was annoyed by a crying baby who wouldn’t go to sleep. We’ve all been there before and it’s not fun to go through sleepless nights like that. But it’s a sacrifice we accept when we become parents. Not Kim Nelligan though. She wanted some peace and quiet so she drugged her kids.

Her own medical problems are all a direct result of drug use, and she posted a picture after her daughter died, showing a bowl lying on the ground in the background.

I don’t care if it’s used for weed. You don’t leave a pipe lying in the living room where your baby can grab it, and you don’t post a picture like that to Facebook when you’re under investigation for your daughter’s death.

She posted this over the summer.

Using a Facebook filter doesn’t mean you’re actually clean though. Imagine posting something like that knowing that your kid died because you put heroin on their gums?

More than anything it reveals the kind of person that she is, knowing that her child is dead, and knowing that she’s being investigated, and she still posts things like that and this.

The judge is letting her smoke weed while she’s out because it’s for “medical” reasons. I have nothing against weed, but “medical weed” is becoming more overused than “service animals” on airplanes.

Her Facebook page contained lots of pictures with her three kids, all of which were in the DCF visitor’s room, and actually said that she had two dead daughters.

Of course she’s a “stay at home” parent too, which means the taxpayers were funding her heroin use.

Yesterday after she made bail she took her Facebook page down, then put it back up to post a video, then took it down when the video made her look even more deplorable. Watch.

“If you guys think that that really happened and this happened a year ago and I now just go arrested for it…”

Oh OK. So because it took a year for them to gather enough evidence to arrest you it means you’re really innocent.

And the tone deafness of this quote was off the charts.

“I’m not even charged with her death, I’m charged with allowing somebody who was using drugs to be around her. Endangering the welfare of a child.”

Imagine how low you must be to brag that you’re being charged with “only” endangering the welfare of your dead baby by allowing her to be around drug use.

“Shane Smith was the one that was smoking fucking fentanyl. I’m the one that passed every drug test, and he hasn’t passed one. So fuck everyone you piece of shit bitches, and when it comes out that I did nothing at all, all you guys can rot in hell you fucking piece of shit.”

She literally admitted to the police that she was using:

“After denying that she used opioids during the initial investigation, Nelligan eventually confessed to using heroin once a week for two months before her daughter’s death.”

That video right there is all the evidence you need that she has no remorse, she’s not sorry at all, and she’s not a grieving mother. She’s just an addict that killed a human being because she’s a lazy and doesn’t want to go to jail for it.

Shane Smith should be arrested too. He said he witnessed it 15 times and did nothing to stop it.

“Miss our perfect family.”

I understand that you had no chance in life because your parents named you Shane and moved to Maine, so you probably have no idea how a real family is supposed to function. But your “family” was nothing more than two drug addicts who were too lazy and selfish to use condoms or birth control, brought a child into this world, and selfishly chose to keep her instead of giving her up for adoption like noble junkies would. That way she would’ve at least had a chance to see her second birthday.

And clearly he’s not clean either since he’s still in “recovery” and going to meetings.

According to him they were going “to the end of the earth together.”

Until he realized that he could save his own hide by ratting out his “fiance.”

It looks like he might be upset that she’s swimming in the lady’s pond now.

Not gonna lie, this comment confuses me. Laura Kimball Brown appears to be a completely normal grandmother by the looks of her Facebook page. No clue why she’d post about her fantasies with this baby killer.

Motherhood is a gift. A lot of women can’t conceive, and every time I see a story like this my heart breaks for them. There are so many women out there who would make great mothers but can’t, and they have to see these people who were blessed with the gift of fertility neglect and abuse children that other women would die to have as their own.


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  1. I agree with some of this article but the crack about recovery pisses me off. There are a lot of people in recovery that do what they need to do and before you go and judge medication assisted treatment, go home and look at the legal prescriptions you take and tell me its wrong you take them. An addict that doesn’t use is an addict in recovery and just because the people here failed to do their program right doesn’t make recovery a bad thing. I live in this area. I know the involved and I am happy to finally see an article that names Shane Smith too but before you run your mouth about recovery go do some real research on it. Without these programs, overdose numbers would be higher, people get their lives back with these recovery programs and abstaining from illegal and illicit drugs is what recovery is about and this comment comes from someone that obviously doesn’t know much about it and at one time I might have agreed with you but this is part of the reason a lot of people are reluctant to seek help and it’s partly because of careless comments like these. The name of this site is also TB daily news, not TB daily opinion and some of the facts in this article are not facts at all but simply allegations right now, made by someone trying to get a lesser amount of time behind bars and threw her to the wolves while he is just as responsible. The fentanyl was in the babies system and it could have just as well ended up in her system from the father who was actively using at the time and doesn’t bother to try sticking to a recovery program at all and that is why he isn’t clean. It’s frustrating when people state wrong info or baseless facts and the name of the article is TB Daily News, not TB Daily Opinions and this reads more like a blog than a news article and I hope this baby gets justice and the parents are no doubt to blame but until she is tried in court, we don’t know what the real story is and some of these are not facts, they are statements someone made that have not yet been proven. This baby deserves the truth to be told and in it’s entirety. There has to be a reason she is only facing 1 year and a $2000 fine for just that one charge. It makes no sense. I feel it should be manslaughter because if the drugs were indeed rubbed on her gums, both parents knew the risks and this would end up making the baby sicker if she ended up with a tolerance to it. I wonder if it’s too late to find out if she could have had evidence of a tolerance because that would support the alleged rubbing of drugs on the gums claim. Kids are a blessing and drugs and kids don’t mix. Parents should never have such things anywhere near their kids let alone in the same house. This was reckless and should have never happened. I have little faith the real truth will be told in court because both parents are liars and Kim Nelligan lied to my face about what happened to her baby and she did it more than once and she continues to blame everyone but herself and it’s time for her to admit her fault in this and even from her exclusive I am not buying her words because I know better and swearing on a Bible won’t make her honest so I am not sure how the truth will come out but Jordy deserves the truth to be told and also deserves justice to be served.

  2. Your reporting is just as trashy as this woman. Apparently hes not clean because hes still in recovery and goes to meetings? You know how many people go to meetings with years of clean time? Yall are as trash as this woman.

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