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Woman Who Invited Pat Mahomes’ Lying Girlfriend To Her Patriots Suite Claimed Her Son Was Innocent After Arrest For Child Sex Trafficking At Super Bowl Team Hotel


Brittany Matthews, the girlfriend of Kansas City Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes, drew some attention after claiming that she Gillette Stadium security moved her and Mahomes’ brother during Sunday’s game, allegedly because they were being harassed by Patriots fans.

The whole story turned out to be a lie, as video showed them instigating Patriots fans, and any blowback they received was a result of them going out of their way to antagonize fans as a visitor.

One of the people who fell for the lie and reached out to help Brittany was Trish Kennedy, who bragged that as a “#PatsTeamMom” (whatever that means) she often hosted family members of visiting team players in her company’s suite.

Patricia Kennedy wants you to know how important she is because she and her husband’s company Zudy has developed a partnership with the Patriots, and in turn has become extremely wealthy.

Consequently she gets a lot of privileges, including getting to play catch with the players and making draft picks for the Patriots.

Josh Boyce. Thanks Patricia.

Patricia’s family stayed at the Patriots hotel Super Bowl weekend, but her son Mitchell got into a little bit of trouble on the day of the big game.

She bailed him out the day of the Super Bowl and professed her son’s innocence.

A promise of an Uber ride to an Atlanta hotel by 24-year-old Mitchell Allen Kennedy as he spoke to an undercover policewoman posing as a 14-year-old is in contrast with his family’s version of what happened before Kennedy’s Feb. 3 arrest in Georgia on a charge of computer pornography. That scenario and other, more explicit details are alleged in a police report and in the warrant for Kennedy’s arrest.

Kennedy, a graduate of Nauset Regional High School in North Eastham and a resident of Brooklyn, New York, and Brewster, was one of 21 men arrested in the five-day “Operation Interception” sting by state and local police in Georgia that was conducted in part because Super Bowl LIII is the type of large event that encourages instances of child sex trafficking and prostitution, according to Georgia state police. Kennedy turned himself in the morning of Feb. 3 at the Brookhaven, Georgia, police station, accompanied by family members, according to police.

I for one am shocked that that man right there would be caught in a child sex trafficking sting. He doesn’t look the part at all.

“I believe in the end that those charges will actually be dismissed,” Patricia Kennedy said about the allegations against her son. “We believe that it was a very large operation that he got caught up in, that he wasn’t who they were looking for. It was circumstances beyond his control that he got brought into it.”

“Mitchell did nothing wrong,” she said in an interview with the Times in early March. “He never left the hotel.”

Newsflash Mom – he didn’t have to leave the hotel to digitally communicate with the cop who told him she was a 14 year old girl. Especially since he offered to pay for her Uber ride to his hotel.

Kennedy’s parents, Thomas and Patricia, and their software company Zudy are prominent sponsors of the New England Patriots, whose team members were staying at the Atlanta hotel where Kennedy is alleged to have communicated with the undercover policewoman via the Skout dating app. In the Atlanta incident, police allege that Kennedy made contact with the undercover police “chatter” at 5:11 p.m. Feb. 2 on Skout, according to the Brookhaven police report. During the Skout chat, the officer made it known to Kennedy that he was speaking to a 14-year-old, and Kennedy asked her to delete her messages so they would not get in trouble, the report states.

After the officer established rapport with Kennedy, he brought up a reference to sex and said he would be willing to meet and provide alcohol and marijuana, the report says. The report includes three explicit comments about sex that Kennedy is alleged to have made during the Skout chat. Kennedy then sent several photographs of himself to the female and called with his cellphone, the report states. During the phone conversation, it appeared that Kennedy was masturbating, the report says. After the “girl” suggested they could meet in Brookhaven, Kennedy said he was staying at the Hyatt Regency Hotel in Atlanta and would order an Uber ride to bring her to the hotel, according to the report.

Later that evening, police obtained an arrest warrant for Kennedy on a charge of computer pornography. The next day, the day of the Super Bowl, Kennedy arrived with family members at 10:45 a.m. at the Brookhaven police station to turn himself in and declined to speak to officers without an attorney, according to the report. He told police he did not have his cellphone with him at that time. Kennedy was booked at the Dekalb County Sheriff’s Office in Decatur, Georgia, and released on $11,500 bail, according to a sheriff’s office spokeswoman.

I’m sure it was all a big misunderstanding. Happens to lots of people who look like Mitchell.

This arrest was reported by the Atlanta media, but not the local media, which hadn’t caught wind of it. That changed a month later after Mitchell Allen Kennedy did what many people with that surname have done on Cape Cod in the past – crashed his car and abandoned it before the police arrived.

Locally, Kennedy is also implicated in an early morning car crash March 3 where his vehicle left the road at Route 137 and Villages Drive in Brewster and hit a tree. Police found an empty vehicle with multiple airbags deployed and significant front-end damage but no driver present. Officers searched the area but were not able to find the driver. Kennedy’s mother identified him to the Times as the driver.

But Mom had an excuse for that one too.

“He certainly shouldn’t have left the scene,” Patricia Kennedy said. “It was cold and there was no one there, and he left his phone at his brother’s apartment.”

Of course. He couldn’t wait a couple minutes for help to arrive, lest he freeze to death. Better to walk back alone in the dark. I’m sure drugs and/or alcohol played n part in the accident. We’ll never know because he left the scene of a crash, and his attorney got him off the hook with probation.

There are no updates on the child sex trafficking story out of Georgia though. I’m sure it will all be cleared up and his innocence will be proven in due time.


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