Women Defend UNH Student Who Submitted Fake Toxicology Report To Police To Get Frat Shut Down For Drugging Her


Union LeaderA Manchester woman has been arrested for filing a false report to law enforcement after she claimed she was drugged during an off-campus fraternity event at the University of New Hampshire. Olivia LeClerc, 20, was arrested at the Durham Police Department on Thursday. She is scheduled to be arraigned on May 13, according to an arrest log. LeClerc is accused of presenting police with a drug test which showed she had benzodiazepines (Xanax) in her system after a social at Kappa Sigma the last week of February. Later, she recanted her story, police said, admitting that she had forged the document.

Durham Deputy Police Chief Rene Kelley said police found no evidence that would suggest anyone at the Kappa Sigma social drank a common-source beverage spiked with Xanax. Kelley said on Monday police put valuable resources into investigating the claim. 

“We put a lot of time and effort into this case which took my officers and detectives away from other cases that they were working on. To put forth the effort we did only to find that this never happened is troubling,” Kelley said.

Kappa Sigma was placed on suspension by the chapter’s national organization and the Interfraternity Council pending an investigation at the beginning of March. UNH spokesperson Erika Mantz said on Monday that the university still has an active investigation underway to determine the facts of the case.

The cops probably realized this was bogus from the jump. It’s a date rape story except without the date rape. You’re telling me the frat boys drugged her but then forgot to have their way with her? Plus, who would waste a roofey on bootleg Winnie Cooper when Busch Light works perfectly fine?

I guess you could say that she learned from the best.

Not to go off on a tangent, but remember when people pretended that we were supposed to believe this woman despite any evidence simply because she was a woman? Remember when we almost denied a judge a spot on the Supreme Court because a woman who we have no evidence that he ever met made up a story that all of her friends denied, and couldn’t remember anything about the date or location that the incident took place, simply because she was a woman? Remember when people used the term “credibly accused” simply because she told her story with a straight face, despite being caught in several lies along the way? At least bootleg Winnie Cooper wrote up her own toxicology report so the police had something to work with.

I could respect the people who pretended to believe her a lot more if they just came out and admitted they were doing it because they didn’t want a Trump appointee on the court, or because they wanted revenge for Merrick Garland. I always respect a good revenge story. But instead we were told to #BelieveWomen, so we got this.

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Now Presidential nominee Joe Biden has been “credibly accused” by a former coworker named Tara Reade, and since Biden is running for an office with more power than one SCOTUS seat, we can assume he will get the Kavanaugh treatment right? Same newspaper:

Yea, there’s no pattern of sexual misconduct as long as you look past all the groping and unwanted touching that occurs literally every time he makes contact with a female and there’s a camera around.

No one ever “believed women.” That was all a lie. Deep down inside we know that women are just as capable of lying as men, and if you mess with the wrong one they will ruin your life and think nothing of it. Certain people believed Christine Ford because they wanted to own Trump, and these same people now call Tara Reade a Russian asset because they want to own Trump again. Everything they do revolves around owning Trump.

People who make up fake allegations should get double the punishment as what the perpetrator would’ve gotten. The burden of proof is no longer on the accuser now, which is why the frat was suspended until they could prove they were innocent. And somehow they’re still under investigation even though bootleg Winnie Cooper admitted she made it all up.

I learned a lot from the Bristol Blarney ordeal when she made up several allegations about me, and even went so far as to hack into my Facebook account in order to post a threatening comment towards herself in an attempt to have me arrested. Mostly what I learned is that if you mess with a crazy chick there is no level of crazy they can’t get to. It’s like finding that vine in Mario 1. That’s the kind of Bristol-esque dedication this woman had towards the frat. They did something to piss her off, and she was so dedicated to destroying them that she submitted a fake toxicology report to the police and thought nothing of it. Almost as crazy as writing a fraudulent federal copyright complaint and submitting it to YouTube.

Crazy women do stuff like this because they know there’s never a punishment for doing it. They also know there will be people like this defending them no matter what.


Miss, I stopped taking you seriously the moment I saw you use the term “cyber bullying.” Then I realized your name was Madison so I should’ve stopped taking you seriously before reading anything you wrote. If this were my daughter I would so ashamed and embarrassed that the last place I’d be is the comments section of Manchester Information Facebook page. She didn’t “make a mistake” and she absolutely deserves to be “bullied” for it. I think the part I miss the least about college was pretending to be interested in anything that dumb girls like this had to say because I thought there was a 1% chance she’d just broken up with her boyfriend and was willing to settle for a rebound.

Then there was this.

“This article is very one sided.”

Well, the thing about that is there’s only one side. She made it all up and has admitted it. The end. Now please go back to sitting on your thrown as Miss Mediocre Manchester.

And finally the dumbest of them all.

So many strong points being made:

  • We should forgive her because no one got hurt (except for the frat that got shut down)
  • She’s basically a teenager
  • Maybe it did happen, even though she’s confessed that it didn’t
  • She should be commended because she could’ve gotten away with it but came clean when the cops realized the toxicology report was fake
  • She was drunk days after the incident when she published a a fake toxicology report
  • Only God can judge (probably)

At the very least bootleg Winnie Cooper should be kicked out of school. That’s what would’ve happened to the frat boys if they drugged her. But realistically she should be charged and brought to court so that the message is sent that filing a false police report isn’t something you get to poo-poo as a “dumb mistake.”

P.S. If anyone in that frat wants to reach out to tell me what it was like after their chapter was suspended you can reach me at [email protected]


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