Worcester Attorney Looking To Hire Associate Who Hates Police Was Fired From Job At Boston Firm After Being Arrested For Running On Field Drunk During Red Sox Game


Yesterday we published a blog about a Worcester attorney named William Blackwood, who put an ad on Indeed looking to hire an associate attorney, with the caveat that they must “hate the police, no exceptions.” The Foster Street office for his firm WORDefense is covered in pigs and ACAB signage, as is his social media.

Obviously this guy is an idiot and you’d be a fool to hire him if you’ve been charged with a crime. And before this jackwagon tries suing me over that statement I would like to remind him, and anyone reading this, that opinions are protected speech and cannot be considered defamatory. In my opinion anyone this unprofessional would be awful in the courtroom because they would be adversarial with judges, ADA’s, and police witnesses. I’ve seen what happens when bad lawyers like Elyse Hershon antagonize judges, and it doesn’t work out well for their clients.

As it turns out William Blackwood had to work for himself because he was previously fired from his old job with Flynn Law Group PC in Boston. A Boston Police Officer contacted us shortly after the blog was written to let us know that Better Call Cueball was arrested for getting drunk and running across the field at Fenway Park in 2018. The best part is that he did this while at a company outing to a game between the Red Sox and Angels on June 27, 2018. He was charged with disturbing a public assembly, trespassing, and disorderly conduct, and represented himself.

And that was the end of his employment with Flynn Law Group. They posted pictures from the company outing at the ballpark a week later on Facebook.

There he is!

So yea, if you hate the cops and wanna work for a guy who got fired from his last job at a respectable law firm for running on the field because he can’t hold his liquor, then give Better Call Cueball a ring. Things should work out well for you if you do.


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