Worcester Magazine Lays Off Everyone Except Bill Shaner Despite The Historic Low Ratings He Caused The Company


Bad news for Worcester Magazine:

Worcester Magazine has been reduced to just one reporter tasked with putting out a weekly paper following layoffs Thursday morning. Editor Walter Bird Jr. and Arts and Entertainment Editor Joshua Lyford were laid off. That reduces the magazine’s staff to reporter Bill Shaner, now the sole editorial staffer.

Worcester Magazine was created more than 40 years ago as an alternative voice to the Worcester Telegram & Gazette. After a purchase last year, the magazine is now run by the GateHouse Media-owned Telegram.

This is what capitalism looks like. Worcester Magazine produces nothing of value and were nothing more than a cost for Gatehouse Media. I don’t know what Walter Bird was being paid but he certainly didn’t drive that amount of revenue to the company, therefore he was a cost instead of an investment. If you want to be valued by a company then you need to do something valuable.

Ironically it was the hiring of this man that cost Walter his job:

Bill Shaner is not a journalist. He is an activist with a weekly column that no one reads. He endorses socialism in his columns, he openly mocks and looks down on “townies” (people born and raised in Worcester), he’s obsessed with Turtleboy, and he’s incredibly lazy.

“When I have time.”

He writes one column per week.

They kept Billy not because he’s good at his job, but because he makes less money. They’ll now increase his workload (which isn’t hard) and keep his salary the same. He will accept this because he knows he has no value on the free market and can’t find another job. Would you hire someone who dresses like this?

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It was Walter Bird’s job to groom young Bill Shaner into a real journalist. Instead he gave him free reign to promote socialism and act as Dante Comparetto’s PR guy. For that reason Walter deserved this firing. Ironically her survived multiple credible allegations of sexual harassment, but he couldn’t survive Bill Shaner.

As for Josh Lyford, I can’t remember a single story he wrote, which means he has no value. He didn’t drive traffic to the site and thus didn’t help increase revenue. Now he’s complaining about capitalism.

This video of him and Bill Shaner buying pot in Worcester while giggling like school girls sums up the current state of WoMag.

Nuff said.

What these people don’t understand is that newspapers don’t have a right to exist forever. They dominated the media 100 years ago because there was no other way for people to consume information. Now we have social media and independent media like TB Daily News. They need to adapt, but they’re not.

Good riddance.


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