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Worcester Medical Director, Superintendent, Mayor Attend Maskless St. Patrick’s Day Parade Event While Being Entertained By Masked Children Dancing


The Worcester Public Schools are one of a small minority of school districts in Massachusetts that will not be lifting their mask mandate for children on February 28. It should be noted that almost all of the districts that have chosen to do this are majority minority, including Boston, Springfield, and Lawrence. While the vast majority of white children in suburban districts will be allowed to breathe fresh air after returning from winter break, black and brown children in urban areas for the most part will not. This is systemic racism.

In Worcester the mask mandate also applies to Catholic schools like St. Paul’s (the new Holy Name + St. Peter Marian) until this man says children are allowed to breathe air freely:

Michael Hirsh is the Medical Director of Public Health in Worcester, and basically acts as the city’s Dr. Fauci. He gets final say on everything. Last November he sparked controversy and proved that he was nothing more than a partisan left wing hack when he urged people to vote against Donald Trump days before the election:

Dr. Michael P. Hirsh, in a Monday morning interview with Hank Stolz on the radio program “Talk of the Commonwealth,” said that baseless and false anti-science comments Trump has made are undermining the credibility of medical doctors.

“I think if you’re going to interfere with the people of the United States’ trust in doctors and trust in public health, this is going to be as dangerous as dropping a bomb on the United States, because how am I going to have any credibility moving forward telling a parent that their child needs surgery … or any of those typical conversations that doctors have hundreds of times a day,” Hirsh said. 

In the interview broadcast on WCRN-AM, Dr. Hirsh said the president’s approach is “undermining the very construct of the doctor-patient relationship.”

“This is how Mr. Chaos Agent Donald Trump works, and I think we’re going to see that manifest tomorrow. He’s going to declare victory and challenge everyone to refute that.” 

“People should remember the things they experienced with their doctor that is good. And if they believe in the basic goodness and basic honesty of their doctor, please do not vote for Donald Trump.” 

The Turtlegram’s own reporting turned out to be completely wrong and biased as well:

Trump has made it clear from the beginning of the pandemic that he does not side with science when it comes to dealing with the coronavirus. Instead, he has said it is not as serious as medical experts say and that the pandemic will pass. 

The City Manager admonished Michael Hirsh (I won’t call him a doctor, since he acts as a political activist) for his comments.

When asked for comment Monday afternoon about Dr. Hirsh’s public pronouncement about the president, City Manager Edward Augustus Jr. said, “The medical director should give medical advice, not political advice.”

Now that we know that cloth masks are useless, and that children are not at risk of dying from COVID, and the entire world has eased restrictions on masking, it’s completely anti-science for any municipality to continue to force children to wear masks. Yet here’s an email Hirsh sent to a concerned Worcester parent who doesn’t want their child to be masked:

He has the ability to end this now and is choosing not to. The Board of Health in Worcester is also run by left wing activists, and made headlines in October of 2020 when they demanded that drug addicts be allowed to sit on a Civilian Police Review Board. And since masking at this point is entirely a political, and a way for liberals to pretend to care about public health, there is almost no chance they’ll allow choice in the schools.

This past weekend the Worcester St. Patrick’s Day Parade Committee held their annual Grand Marshall Banquet so that Worcester’s elite, all of whom are white liberals, could gather in a room together and pretend that running the second largest city in New England makes them special. Michael Hirsh was there posing for pictures with Mayor Joe Petty and lots of elderly people without a mask on:

Remember though – it’s Donald Trump who doesn’t believe in science. He undermined the credibility of doctors who tell you to wear masks and then don’t wear them around the most at risk people you could find on the planet. If we got rid of Trump the pandemic will end and things will be back to normal.

Except the pandemic is never going to end because we can’t eradicate a virus from existence. Donald Trump knew that two years ago and realized it was something we had to live with. So they got rid of him by lying and saying they could fix it in order to give themselves more power, and now we’re finally doing what Trump suggested we do a long time ago.

At the breakfast the crowd of mostly maskless elderly people were entertained by children performing Irish step dance, but they were forced to wear masks:

Meanwhile, here’s the City Manager, Superintendent, Michael Hirsh, and a bunch of people at the same event from the demographic most at risk of dying from COVID.

The children who are at no risk for COVID were doing anaerobic activity that requires the intake of oxygen, which the masks inhibit. They were performing for a crowd of at risk elderly people sitting down doing no exercise without masks on.

But remember, Trump ruined the credibility of scientists and doctors.

When Congressman Jim McGovern came around to pose for a picture the alleged doctor finally found his mask.

Monsters. These people are nothing but monsters. They know it’s pointless which is why they don’t wear masks. But they force children to because they’re the only people who can’t say no. They’re the only people powerless and unable to stand up for themselves. They’re the only people who can still be controlled. I urge you to go on Joe Petty’s Facebook page, or the parade’s Facebook page, and remind them what soulless, evil, despicable monsters they are.


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