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Worcester School Board Member Blames White People For Trying To Murder Black Children By Demanding Schools Reopen


Yesterday DESE Commissioner Jeff Riley announced that the Baker administration would be doing what they should’ve done in August – told every public school system in Massachusetts that they need to fully reopen 5 days a week by April. Closing schools for an entire year in order to cower to the selfish, cowardly, pathetic, lazy fraudulent teacher’s union (MTA) will go down as one of the great injustices of all time. Children everywhere are suffering from mental health issues with an increase in ER visits, teen suicide rates have skyrocketed, the number of students failing classes increased, an estimated 250,000 cases of child abuse and neglect have gone unreported as a result of school closures, and black and brown students along with students living in poverty have been disproportionately hurt by school closures. Remote learning is not learning; it’s child abuse. It’s also racist and has done nothing to stop the spread of the virus. I discussed this at length on the live show last night (subscribe to our YouTube channel by clicking here)

Finally yesterday the same government that closed every small business in the commonwealth with a snap of the finger did something about reopening schools. Every district in this state must be fully reopened by April if they are doing hybrid right now, and be at least hybrid if they are full remote now (20% of school districts are remote). This shouldn’t be a problem because schools are not high transmission areas, the CDC says schools are safe to fully reopen, and the 6 feet rule has been reduced to 3 because everything is made up as we go along anyway.

If school districts continue to do remote learning those hours will not count towards the number of hours needed for the school year to count, so they have no choice. It effectively removes the local school boards and the unions from the process. This could’ve been done in August, but first there was an election to win.

You know this is a good thing based on who is upset by it.

MTA President Merrie Najimy is slamming the state’s plan to bring all elementary school students back to classrooms for in-person learning by April, saying the focus should instead be on vaccinating educators.

Posted by Massachusetts Teachers Association on Tuesday, February 23, 2021


My child’s mental health and right to a real education matters more than their politically motivated, irrational fear of a virus.

Perhaps the hottest take on this new announcement came from Worcester School Committee member Tracy Novick. We’ve written about her dozens of times. She is an insufferable white woman who lives in a property tax free home on the Worcester/Holden line, tweets all day long like she’s some sort of relevant person who matters, sued the city so drug addicts could panhandle, and has suddenly become a raging social justice warrior now that it’s cool (despite never being one before).

Screen Shot 2015-06-23 at 11.44.51 AM

It should be noted that in 2011 while serving on the School Committee Tracy Novick attempted to fire Melinda Boone, the first black woman to ever run the Worcester Public Schools. Now she masquerades as a champion for diversity and wokeness because it’s become politically expedient to do so.

Yesterday Novick had a lot to say about schools reopening, and according to her it’s only because white people are “complaining” that their kids can’t go to school.

Stupid white people! Why can’t they just quit their jobs, stay at home with their kids in a tax free home, and watch their children suffer from mental illness? Everyone knows that only white people like sending their kids to school. According to Tracy black and brown kids hate school, and their parents don’t value education. Sounds pretty racist.

She was also upset that a doctor said during public testimony in front of DESE that we have to change our mindset when it comes to risk tolerance. Of course Tracy pointed out that the doctor was only saying this because she was white, not because she was a doctor or a parent.

We should change our mindset on risk tolerance. Schools aren’t high transmission areas, so the risk is minimal. If you get the virus there’s a 99.9% chance you’ll survive. Those most at risk are eligible for the vaccine, and those who have not received it are in low risk groups. If there was a 10% chance you’d die from a virus then schools would remain closed. If there’s a 0.001% chance then schools should open.

She then went on to say that opening schools was white privilege.

This coming from a woman who looks like the official mascot of white privilege.

The white woman from the white part of Worcester who has been preventing black and brown kids from getting an education is here to lecture you about your privilege.

And this comment was incredible:

Sending children to school is murder. Racially motivated murder.

Imagine ever taking a person like Jean Powers seriously? Don’t. They’re not serious people and everything they say on everything should be disregarded, laughed at, and mocked.

Finally Novick said that allowing some kids to do school remotely and some kids to go to school in person would be “inequitable,” which seems to be an admittance that a remote education and an in-person education are not equal.

She’s right. Black and brown kids in Lawrence, Worcester, and Boston have been getting screwed over by their teachers while white kids in Middleton and Hanover get to go to school. That’s not equality, it’s racism, and it’s being pushed by people like Tracy Novick. The fact that they’re upset by it means that this is a great thing for people who want their kids to go to school.


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