Worcester Telegram Reporter Bill Shaner Says That He’s Invading Holden With Antifa To Loot Homes, Posts Inflammatory Anti-Police Rhetoric 


Telegram and Gazette reporter Bill Shaner has been featured on TB several times before, and has a slight obsession with the content we publish.

He’s written about me personally close to 100 times, and when Mike Gaffney was suing Turtleboy he showed up to one of my court dates like this.

He never wrote about how we prevailed in that lawsuit though, and he refuses to debate me.

He’s an extremely lazy reporter who doesn’t like to interview people he writes about either.

Billy isn’t so much a reporter as he is an activist, and has participated in several riots while masquerading as a journalist. While attending the Boston protest he did so amongst the rioters, did not leave when curfew hit, and then complained that he was scared.

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He bragged about how he and his comrades overpowered the police, forced them to cede several city blocks, and watched them backdown and retreat.

He’s clearly not a reporter, yet the Telegram pays him slightly above minimum wage to be one.

In Worcester when he “covered” the protests, he was actually an active participant and cheered them on.

Last week he posted that he was leading an Antifa bus invasion into Holden and would be going into people’s homes to throw their property into the trash.

He ended up getting a visit from the police over this and was forced to issue an update that he was just joking about invading the town of Holden with Antifa.

The Telegram and Gazette employs this man as a reporter.

He also doesn’t believe there is such thing as a good cop.

He really, really, hates cops.

He doesn’t like it when the media shows police officers doing good things, like saving lives or doing outreach with the community, because it interferes with his “all cops are bastards” narrative.

He doesn’t like City Councilors like Kate Toomey who think it’s a bad thing to destroy firehouses.

He has a general disdain for Worcester residents.

And he not only supports the current anarchy in Seattle where Antifa has taken over several city blocks, he also wants to bring that anarchy here.

Not good.

Gatehouse Media, which owns the Telergam and Gazette, laid off two people (Walter Bird and Josh Lyford) so that Bill Shaner could do their work for a slight pay increase. Seems like the newspaper for the second largest city in New England shouldn’t be an anti-cop propaganda network. Your free speech is just as valuable as his though, so if you would like to let President Paul Provost, Editor David Nordman, or the folks at Gatehouse Media know what you think you can reach them by email.

[email protected]

[email protected]

[email protected]

Bill Shaner can’t figure out why his career isn’t going anywhere or why his “journalism” doesn’t seem to have much influence. He wrote a story last year about sex ed in the Worcester Public Schools, because he supported this bizarre sex ed program where kids hide condoms on their bodies and cup each other’s scrotums. The School Committee did not adopt this program because it’s crazy, and he cried about it on Twitter.

Pro tip Billy – if you want elected officials (or anyone) to take you seriously, perhaps you should avoid talking about invading the town of Holden, championing Antifa causes, or appearing in public like this.

The difference between Bill and I is that people actually read the things that I write, they like Turtleboy, and I get results from my writing. Just ask former State Police Colonel Richard McKeon or Bill’s friends at Mosaic Cultural Complex. Turns out when you break news and investigate stories people become interested in the things you write. But at least a dozen people came to Bill’s last show.

So he’ll always have that.


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