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Worcester Woman Demands City Manager’s Office Remove “Offensive” Meme About Applying For City Job, Forces Apology


The City of Worcester apologized on social media today for an “insensitive” previous post, which they removed and addressed with whatever staffer posted it.

Was it noodz? Had to have been something bad if they took it down and made a public apology, right?

Turns out they used the popular distracted boyfriend meme to urge people to apply for jobs working for the city.

Wait…..what? Who does this offend exactly? Your old job got boring and stale, and working for the city is fresh and exciting, so you should fill out an application. Is it because the person leering at the job application is a white man, and thus it suggests that women and people of color need not apply? This is one of the most common memes on the Internet and works for a variety of topics including sports, politics, and life in general.

It’s a meme about a person who has one thing but is more interested in a shiny new thing. I’m guessing the “offensive” part is that a man finds another woman attractive, which you’re not allowed to do anymore because Harvey Weinstein raped a million people. Either that or it’s offensive to guttermuppets who sit on their ass all collecting welfare and refuse to get a job, because it suggests they should fill out an application.

No one in the comments could figure out what was offensive, but the offended party did identiy themselves. Meet Liz Barnes.

Perhaps the meme was offensive to her because her last boyfriend dumped her for a younger, more attractive woman who can keep her eyes open and isn’t offended by memes. But to the surprise of no one she is originally from New York City and graduated from Clark University, so by rule she is required to have no personality or sense of humor, and extremely underpants.

Liz associates herself with the terrorist group known as Antifa.

She’s a big Liz Warren supporter.

And she’s leading the movement to ban raking leaves because raking leaves kills fireflies and makes the world less pretty.

In other words, she’s just lazy and doesn’t feel like cleaning her lawn.

Mary Mary Quite Cuntrary not only admitted to calling the City Manager’s office over a meme she didn’t like, she also said she was upset that they weren’t super concerned about it.

According to her the meme was problematic because it didn’t create an “inclusionary atmosphere” and made women feel uncomfortable about applying for jobs with the City of Worcester.

Dear Lord, allow me reach the point in life where I have the time in my day to call the City Manager’s office and cry about a meme I saw on Facebook. Imagine how easy and comfortable your life has to be to pick up the phone and make that call. The best part was that she expected them to grovel and beg for forgiveness, instead of just appeasing her menopausal madness by taking down the harmless meme. This is why you never give into these people – whatever you do it will never be enough for them.

Anyway, if the City of Worcester spent half as much time salting and plowing the roads as they did making public apologies about memes then they’d probably be a lot better off. Stop giving into the ridiculous demands of communists.



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