Yarmouth Mom Demands Kindergarten Class Retake Class Picture Because Her Biracial Daughter And 3 Other Black Kids Stood In The Back

Editor’s Note: There is a follow-up to this story and it was also discussed on the Live Show (41:35)

This Angelina Marino Dhladlah from Yarmouth.


She has two biracial children, the oldest of which is in kindergarten at Station Avenue Elementary School. Yesterday she decided to go on Facebook and accuse the school of racism because her daughter and two other black kids were in the back row of their class picture.

You’ll notice that there are pink dots on the children’s faces. Those were put there by me, not her. She decided it would be a good idea to post other people’s children on her attention seeking Facebook post without asking their parent’s permission. Some people don’t mind exploiting and exposing children to large audiences for their own selfish purposes.

She then edited or reposted the picture and barely covered their faces at all. After that she started posting pictures of other classrooms, with a half assed attempt at hiding the kid’s faces.

So we did it for her.

It’s pretty clear looking at the class pictures that whoever set this up likes to create a pyramid where the tallest kids are in the back and middle, and then the rest of the kids in the back get progressively shorter. Either way, who gives a shit? This isn’t a Rosa Parks situation, and there is no difference between being in the back or the front. Your kid’s face gets seen either way, and only a miserable sea cow with nothing but time on their hands would waste a second of their day worrying about this.

But the Yarmouth Yogurt Yankee, who friends describe as a “vindictive loon,” is teaching her two children to believe that they will perpetually be victims because their father gave them melanin. So she’s whipping up an outrage mob and demanding that the school retake the picture.

You’ll notice that these women are all white, and they’re spending their day analyzing the racial composition of a class full of 5 year olds who they are not the parents of. Their poor husbands.

According to the Yarmouth Yogurt Yankee this is blatant segregation.

Because having the kids pose for a picture based on their height is the same thing as separating them completely. She’s a highly educated single mom.

One of her friends attempted to point out that perhaps there was another explanation besides racism to explain the placement of the children. For being rational she was mocked for her whiteness.

“That’s very white of you.”

Look Angelina, just because you got knocked up by a black guy doesn’t make you any less white either.

She shared the letter she sent to the principal and teacher, accusing the teachers of being “implicit” in the racism.

The word is “complicit,” shit for brains.

She admits that it might not have been intentionally racist:

“…even if it was done unintentionally”

And then immediately accuses everyone involved of being racist.

“It just makes me sad and it makes me question the thoughts and beliefs and protection of my child while in your school system.”

I swear to God, people like her refuse to have babies with white men because they won’t be able to hoot and holler about imaginary racism if they give birth to cheese sandwich eating white kids.

 “It makes me question what her opportunities will be and how she is treated.”

It’s a class picture that she stood in the back for. I speak for every normal, rational person reading this right now when I say, shut your piehole and stop dragging your innocent kids into the roller coaster you call life.

“She is smart, bright, caring, beautiful, a leader, and a child of color and although she doesn’t understand what is wrong with this picture – I as her mother and her protector do.”

In other words, the kid just wants to be a kid and doesn’t see anything wrong with this because she hasn’t been trained to view everything through the lens of race. Naturally then her mother is determined to destroy her innocence and ruin her childhood, because she’s a horrible person and an even worse mother.

Others encouraged her to contact the news, because a kindergarten class photo on Cape Cod is a big scoop. Angelina blamed the “white douchebag guy” at Lifetouch photo.



Us white people just love showing how racist we are by making black 5 year olds stand in the back row of class pictures. It’s extremely subtle racism, and we’ve been getting away with it for years, but we’ve finally been figured out by this Princess Equity.

There were way too many white women chiming in so the Yarmouth Yogurt Yankee called in her token woke woman of color.

“Regardless if height was a valid reasoning….”

Translation – I don’t really give a shit about what your intentions or reasons were, because I’m an uber-oppressed asshole who looks for racism where it doesn’t exist and makes a federal case out of everything. Now listen to me whine about microaggressions and how oppressed I am from my home on Cape Cod.

A parent of one of the children was irate when he saw that his child was being used as a prop for Angelina’s faux racism crusade. She didn’t give a shit.

Look Kurt, Angelina doesn’t really care about her kids, so she DEFINITELY doesn’t give a shit about your white kids. If you don’t want your children to be used as a viral Facebook prop then don’t send them to school on class picture day. It’s that simple.

For being concerned about his child Kurt was lectured about his privilege, and reminded that he signed a consent form.

I’m pretty sure he signed a consent form with the photography company, not with some Cape Cod gutterslug.

Any normal person would honor the request of parents who asked for their children to be left out of a public post that has the potential to make it onto Turtleboy. But the Yarmouth Yogurt Yankee isn’t a normal parent who gives a shit about children. If you’re not willing to make a fool of yourself like she is then you’re part of the problem.

Finally Captain Diversity chimed in and lectured the white parents about how they had pictures of their kids on their Facebook pages.


Yes dumbass, the pictures are on their pages. And they shared them so that people can enjoy them and say how cute their kids are. Your idiot friend, on the other hand, is sharing OTHER PEOPLE’s kids on her page, and is doing so for negative reasons because she wants it to be seen by a much larger audience. A smart person could figure out this difference on their own, but a dumb person like yourself needs it explained to them. I guess they didn’t teach that in DEI training.

Anyway, according to Angelina the teachers who she previously said were “implicit” are now mortified and stand in solidarity with her Facebook whining. They’re also caving and retaking the pictures.

But what she doesn’t realize is that if this is true they’re only doing it because they want her to shut the f*** up and go away. Pleasing out of control parents by throwing them a bone is sadly what happens all too often in public education. In the meantime, this sad, pathetic loser is going to spend the next few weeks analyzing pictures of small children to see what percentage of black kids have to stand up in their class pictures. She’s really making a difference!

Anyway, I’m not sure where Dad is, but Angelina don’t need no man because he’s a ho.

Oh, I know what your ex was doing when you were together. He was sleeping with other women because the thought of being around you 24/7 and listening to you bitch about everything made him sick to his stomach. Glad I could clear that up.



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