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Yarmouth Parents Send Us Class Pictures Showing Black Kids Not In Back Row Of Class Pictures But Woke Patrol Insists It’s Still Racist 

Editor’s Note: This topic was discussed o the Live Show (41:35)

Yesterday we published a blog about a Yarmouth mother named Angelina Marino Dhladlah who was accusing her biracial daughter’s elementary school of racism because the class photo featured all of the black kids in the third row.

She claimed she spoke with the principal and teachers who agreed that it was racist and planned to do an entire class retake. However, we spoke with sources from Station Avenue Elementary School who told us that the school always offers retakes for individuals who were absent or unhappy with the way their children’s photos came out. The class pictures will obviously not be retaken, nor should they be. It would be completely ridiculous and cowardly for the school to bend to the will of some white trash guttermuppet making a food of herself on social media.

Since then we’ve had a couple more class pictures sent to us from Station Avenue Elementary. Unlike the Yarmouth Yogurt Yankee we’ve blurred out the faces of the children and teachers, and circled the black student so you can see where they are standing.

As you can see, the people who set these pictures up like to create a pyramid where the tallest kids are in the back row and center, and the kids get shorter the closer they get to the teachers. In the 3rd grade class there are no black kids in the back row, one in the middle row, and one in the front row. In the other kindergarten class there is one black child in the back row and two in the middle. It’s completely random, done irregardless of race, and the biggest non-issue in the history of fake racial grievances.

But wait a minute – the Yarmouth Yogurt Yankee said she did a thorough investigation.

Not one!!

Erica Gomes, the token diversity friend who was called in for reinforcement, is still going strong in a Dennis-Yarmouth parents Facebook group. Again, neither Erica nor Angelina blurred out the children’s faces because they’re trashbags who exploit other people’s kids on the Internet, but we will.

“If you don’t see what’s wrong with this picture I bet you’re the ones fighting against CRT being taught in schools.”

Exactly! We don’t disagree at all. Critical race theory is divisive, racist nonsense, pushed by frauds and grifters who are trying to make money by teaching black kids that they are victims, while teaching white kids that they are oppressors. Those who oppose that are intelligent people who can see it for what it is, and thus would obviously see no issue with a harmless kindergarten class photo. Those who want CRT taught in the public schools are the exact kind of people who look for racial issues where they don’t exist. Ya know, stuff like the placement of black children in class photos.

You would think Erica and Angelina would take a break from the Internet for a bit, since they’ve thoroughly embarrassed themselves through their behavior. But stupid is as stupid does, and she showed up on our Facebook page to thank us for the free promo instead, as did her friend Emilie No-Melanin.

Amen girl! Please pat me on the head for being one of the “good” white people!

I’m an ally now!

“Even bigger news outlets than whatever Turtleboy is wants to cover it.”

Oh yea, you totally don’t know what Turtleboy is. That’s why you were commenting on our Facebook page within a few hours of us posting it, and why Angelina blocked me and referred to me as Turtleboy when I commented on her page yesterday.


Bad news though – Attorney Richard N. Vulva is back and may be taking on their case pro-boner.

Back off Vulva, or I’ll countersue! And click here to follow our Facebook page if you haven’t done so already, because the ratchets always show up there and it gets entertaining. We lost our page with 112K followers almost 5 years ago and this current page has about 36.5K, which is the most we’ve had in the 50+ pages we’ve created since then. Come join the party!

Anyway, if Angelina, Erica, Emilie No-Melanin, or anyone else looking for attention from this wants to come on the Live Show this weekend to defend their position they are more than welcome to. Message me on Facebook at Clarence Woods Emerson, or email [email protected]. We’ll be talking about it Saturday night at 9 PM, and you can click here to subscribe to our YouTube channel.


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