You Wanted A Josh Abrams Update, People – Here It Is.

Truth be told, he's getting pretty boring and predictable and I would like to move on.

Disclaimer: Josh Abrams is still the scum of the Earth in my humble opinion. I don’t know that will ever change. So when I say I want to move it, it’s not due to his own merits. It’s simply because he’s become predictable. Yes, he was released from jail. He never had to pay a dime in bail, as a bleeding heart and presumably super “compassionate” judge agreed to reinstate his bail in Superior Court.



For all the money he and Camel Toe Truck Girl ebegged for while he sat in PC and cried like the buxom little lady he is, none of it actually went to pay his bail. His mommy did that.

Apparently, if you show up at the correct riot these days you can covertly lump yourself in with Antifa in front of an oblivious judge and DA, and find leniency for some B.S. political agenda that you have no part of in reality,  anyway. You then can:

1. Have 35 arrests consisting mainly of violent and drug related offenses,

2. Run an internet scam from jail, defrauding countless strangers online for an undisclosed amount of donations that appears to reach into the thousands,

3. Make ridiculous threats on recorded jailhouse phone calls that you have your girlfriend post on your scam-machine of a YouTube Channel,

4. Sell drugs from your car in the middle of a live stream on YouTube,

5. Get into fights in jail and end up in the hole, proving you can’t behave on the street or behind bars whatsoever,


And you can get out of jail faster than if you sold your cousin a gram of coke near a school zone. Makes sense. Congratulations, Josh Abrams, on living in a state that prioritizes feelings and hypothetical second chances for repeat offender domestic batterers and violent career criminals such as yourself. Anyway, he’s already threatening anyone who dared to even think about openly questioning his scam while he was on his State-funded vacation in Nashua Street’s premiere gated community, so here’s the “official” update:


Of course it HAS to be in video form, you guys. How else will it reach Abrams? It not like the guy reads. I tried to use simple words so he could understand. Well, it’s back to business for Stoneham’s most insufferable copblock criminal, so you know what that means – and endless parade of whiny videos, unfettered community harassment, and nefarious online scams. I’d like to say we missed you, Josh, but we really didn’t. Nobody did.


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