Abington Men Arrested For Trying To Fight Brockton Cop After Getting Kicked Out Of The Foxy Lady Is What Rock Botton Looks Like


I would imagine it would take a lot to get kicked out of a strip club in Brockton.

Brockton EnterpriseThree men were arrested early Sunday morning and charged with causing a disturbance at a gentleman’s club. Officers responded to the Foxy Lady, at 265 North Pearl St., for a report of a disturbance about 12:59 a.m. An officer who was working a detail at the establishment reported the incident to dispatch and requested additional officers to the scene. Police say an employee of the club told a man trying to enter, 21-year-old Sean Wallace, that he couldn’t enter because he had already had enough to drink. The employee told police Wallace was unsteady on his feet while trying to get inside. The two men with Wallace, identified as 21-year-olds Ryan Paris and Daniel Malone, began to argue with a police officer working a detail at the business, according to police. The officer asked the three men to leave or they could face being arrested.

“Police gave them several chances to avoid arrest, but the men continued to defy club and police orders to leave the premises,” said police spokesman Darren Duarte. “They also caused a disturbance by arguing with other patrons.”

Police say Wallace “got into a fighting stance” with officers and refused to put his hands behind his back to allow officers to handcuff him.

All three men were taken into custody by officers. Wallace, of 62 Olson St., Abington; Malone, of 147 Vanburen Drive, Abington; and Paris, of 20 Ipswich St., Hull, were all charged with disorderly conduct and trespassing. Wallace was also charged with resisting arrest. They were all scheduled to be arraigned Monday in Brockton District Court, but the results of the hearings weren’t immediately available.

I remember my first night at the strip club.

These poor guys must’ve been really desperate if they were willing to go to jail and fight cops in order to remain inside a Brockton strip club. I’ve never been to this particular club, but I would imagine you could find more attractive performers playing zombie frogger on Meth Mile. There are easier and cheaper ways to catch a venereal disease in Brockton fellas.

Sean Wallace was the ringleader.

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Generally speaking, squaring up to fight a cop is not a high percentage move. Granted it was mostly the booze, but we’ve all been drunk before and most of us have avoided trying to fight a cop for the right to throw your entire cashed paycheck at the Brockton High School class of infinity. You might be able to get away with doing that if you’re a big tipper, but these three stooges might as well have Mom’s basement tattooed on their foreheads. According to SSTG defendant Dan Malone looks like me with an allergic reaction to dairy.

I don’t see it. Either way, a good friend in that scenario just lets their friend go to jail on his own. If you do something like that it’s probably not your first adventure with too much alcohol. Just let him spend the night in the drunk tank and enjoy the rest of your’s giving money to strange women who don’t love you.


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