Abington Teachers, Selectman, School Board Member Demand Middle School Library Has Book Describing How To Give A Good Handie


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“This Book Is Gay” is the latest kiddie porn book that communists are trying to make sure get into the hands of children. The book was written by a transgender activist dude in England named Juno Dawson.

Just like “Gender Queer,” this book is specifically trying to reach an audience of children. They know that they can’t put Penthouse Forum letters on display, so they hide it under the Trojan Horse of LGBT equity, which allows them to call you a bigot if you object to it being in schools. Unfortunately for them parents around the country have begun to read what’s inside these books, and thanks to advocates like Chaya Raichik they are speaking up at School Committee meetings across the country about it.



Here’s a passage  in “This Book Is Gay” with a picture of a naked man, explaining amongst other things that:

  • He likes to have his prostate gland massaged up his anus
  • “Sex doesn’t end with your dick”
  • A gentle spring breeze can give most guys a “stiffy”

Here’s a passage about “handies,” which explains that:

  • Gay men need to be able to master the art of the hand job
  • They have to find out how to get their underage partner off, and notes that it will be rewarding when they do
  • If you can’t orgasm during butt sex it’s OK to finish with a handie
  • A good handie requires wrist action, and to “rub the head of his cock back and forth with your hand,” as well as trying different speeds
  • A bad handie is when you beat it like it owes you money
  • It feels awesome to rub two penises together with one hand, which the author called MEGACOMBOHANDIE
  • Use lube with with circumcised underage boys (it’s Britain so this is rare)
  • Blowies are when you “pop another dude’s peen in your mouth” and you should avoid using your teeth when mowing down on your friends Jurassic pork

The book tells young boys avoid taking money shots in their mouth, and to “get away from the volcano before it explodes.” It refers to anal sex between boys as “bumming,” and describes it as “sticking willies in the back door.”


It explains to boys that one of them will in fact have to “get the willy up his bum,” before issuing a visual instructional manual on bumming.

The book says that teaching about how babies are made is “institutionalized homophobia,” because it didn’t teach 10 year olds about the sweet sensation of bumming. The male author in drag also complains that heterosexual sex is the norm, and that he will “ruin” any politician who tries to debate him.

Except heterosexual sex is the norm, because without it the human species would die out.

The book gives children a guide about how to download sex apps and find “the nearest homosexual” to meet up with.

Keep in mind, YouTube vigilantes like Mass Predator Poachers have caught hundreds of pedophiles who look for children on apps like Grindr. Encouraging children to use gay dating apps is like giving them step by step instructions on how to get raped by groomers. It’s literally encouraging children to go on those apps and become pedophile bait.

As for girl on girl sex, they also give you a zoomed in picture of a vagina, with the caveat that “trans women have slightly different bodies,” mainly because they have dicks (like the author). It explains:

  • the importance of licking the clitoris
  • that women also enjoy taking it up the poop shoot
  • that the search for the G spot is ongoing
  • women agree that putting things up their vagina feels “very nice indeed”

They failed to include the all important scissoring guide. Maybe that’s in the next book.

As for the important part of learning how to orgasm the book recommends fingering and oral, while tackling the seeming contradiction of enjoying dildos (because dildos are meant to replicate a penis).

The whole purpose of sex ed was to teach kids how to avoid getting pregnant or contracting a STD. This was important to learn because we recognized that teenagers were going to have sex no matter how hard parents tried to prevent it from happening, so you might as well teach them how to do it the non-Brockton way. I’m no prude, and I never objected to teaching kids how to avoid getting pregnant.

But the difference now is adults aren’t trying to teach kids to have safe sex, they’re trying to teach kids how to make their partners cum harder. And that is extremely creepy. Let’s be clear – any adult who’s concerned with teaching children the best way to cum is a pervert who shouldn’t be allowed around children. If you’re at all concerned with making sure your child can have the best orgasm possible, then you should lose custody of your kids. What kind of deranged individual sits around thinking, “I really hope my son is maximizing his orgasms”?

Last month an Abington mother of 4 middle school students named Jaimi Pinola noticed that “This Book Is Gay” was prominently featured in the middle of the school library, adjacent to the BLM propaganda section.

Neither one of these should be promoted by the school, but at least Kendi isn’t trying to teach your kid how to make a Grindr account. “This Book Is Gay” is nothing more than grooming kiddie porn, so Jaimi Pinola contacted the principal about it, who was shocked to read some of the passages shown above. They then contacted Superintendent Peter Schafer who was also shocked and agreed to remove it from the library.

Then at a September 28 School Committee meeting Pinola spoke (at the 1:00 mark) about how she wanted to call attention to the how easily these books are put into our schools with no oversight.

Good for her. In a normal world mothers like this would be commended for bringing awareness to the fact that there is kiddie porn in the school library. But for some reason what she did upset a lot of people in the community, including some teachers and a member of the School Committee. This is Heather Sage-Hartery.

Everything you need to know about her can be inferred by looking at the Facebook filters she chooses to use in order to virtue signal to the world that she’s better at obeying than you are. Pretty much everyone who feels the need to do that also objects to any attempt to sexualize young children. Her argument was that anything your kid would read in “This Book Is Gay” could be discovered on the Internet or in conversations with friends.

Ya got that? Your kids can go on porn sites so we might as well make it easier for them by distributing porn in public schools. And remember those conversations you had with your friends when you were a horny 13 year old? The ones where you would tell inappropriate sexual jokes and hope the teacher didn’t hear you? Adults want kids to be able to do that openly in schools now.

Heather decided that concerned parents like Jaimi were a problem because they didn’t want children to be groomed and sexualized, so she created a “private” Facebook group called Social Justice and Inclusion for Students, South Shore MA.” Of course nothing is ever really private on Facebook, and I managed to get one of my many alt accounts into the group to see what they were up to. Heather was leading the charge to make sure middle school children had access to books that taught them how to do the MEGACOMBOHANDIE.

The communist is skilled in the art of lying in order to reframe the conversation. They make it seem like this is an anti-anti-LGBT censorship movement, when in fact it’s just normal parents who think it’s inappropriate for kiddie porn to be in a school library. It’s not anti-LGBT if parents would have the same objections to a book teaching heterosexual young girls the art of taking a facial. There is never any need for schools to teach children how to orgasm. This isn’t controversial.

This is Julie Groom, an appropriately named communist member of the School Committee.

She was noticeably missing during Jaimi’s speech.

The next morning she urged her fellow communists to get involved and make sure that all children in Abington have access to kiddie porn.

She complained in the “inclusion” group that the town was too inclusive of concerned mothers like Jaimi, who she said was “very well known to us on the School Committee” and that they “know her agenda.”

Jaimi’s agenda is to not have kiddie porn in the school library. That’s it. But they try to tie everyone who has a completely valid concern like this, to people who think January 6 should be the new Independence Day. Don’t fall for the communist’s tricks. Stick to the issue at hand because it’s one that all normal people agree with. Force them to take ownership of what they are advocating for, not change the subject to something that is less objectionable. This is how people like Glenn Youngkin get elected in states where Republicans are outnumbered by 10 points.

This is Melissa Manley, an assistant teacher in Abington.

At the meeting they agreed to create a committee to review contested books, which concerned Melissa because a member named Wendy Happel might be on it, and Wendy apparently isn’t a fan of kiddie porn in the school library.

Julie Groomer agreed that her colleague was part of the problem in preventing easy access to kiddie porn for middle school children.

After the meeting Melissa Manley was inspired to use her students as political pawns, so she urged students and teachers to wear rainbow clothing to school to show their support for kiddie porn in the school library.

Why are teachers urging their students (other people’s children) to engage in their preferred brand of political activism while in school? Why are the Abington Public Schools teaching kids that one set of political viewpoints is superior to another? Why are the Abington Public Schools allowing their teachers to use other people’s children to advocate for kiddie porn in the library? Would they allow teachers to use children like this to promote opposition to gun control or abortion?

Melissa also has a BLT-123 flag prominently displayed in her classroom, even though this is a political symbol that many school districts have banned. She posted a picture of students holding up “This Book Is Gay” cover art that they created in her class.

On Thursday she organized students to wear purple to school in order to show their support for “This Book Is Gay.”


This is Abington Selectman Alex Hagerty.

Alex is Republican, and should be on the front lines of protecting children from accessing kiddie porn in schools. But he’s part part of the RINO wing of the Mass GOP, so his primary concerns are to get communists to like him, kiss up to Biden voters like Bill Weld, adopt communist talking points about diversity, equity, and inclusion, and make sure that most of our tax dollars go towards other countries like Ukraine.

He also joined the group, and when grilled about his stance on kiddie porn in the schools he made it clear that as Abington’s “first openly gay selectman” he wanted to make sure that “This Book Is Gay” remained on the shelves of the middle school library.

This is unsurprising from Alex though. Last year he vehemently defended former disgraced Mass GOP Vice President and internationally known orgy connoisseur Tom Mountain, after Mountain posted sexual comments on a 14 year old girl’s Facebook page. Mountain claimed that the dozens of comments he left over an 8 year period were a result of Russian hacking, and Hagerty said that he was proud to call The Mountain Man a friend.

You might as well let Tom Mountain be the librarian in Abington at this point.

After we proved that Mountain wasn’t hacked Hagerty reached out to us to apologize.

But clearly this is just who Alex is. People like him have no political instincts, and thus are easily manipulated pawns for the communists. He probably has no idea what’s in “This Book Is Gay.” He just wants to be loved and accepted by everyone, even people who seek to destroy our society and culture. He perpetually seeks to prove that he is one of the “good republicans,” so he virtue signaled about how he’s the first gay selectman in Abington history and promised never to remove kiddie porn from the library.

Unfortunately Superintendent Schafer caved and put the book back on the library shelf. He did this because the communists made so much noise that it made him think they were in the majority. But Abington isn’t Cambridge. It’s a town that’s almost evenly split politically, and I would guess that most would have a problem with 10 year olds reading this book in school. But the communists use fear and shame in order to scare good parents like Jaimi from speaking out.

But they’re the ones who should shamed, and I’m happy to be the one to shame them. Anyone who supports books like this in public schools will be called out as the sexual deviant and predator that they are. We shouldn’t be afraid to stand up for kids, but they should be very afraid to speak out in favor of kiddie porn. We’re normal, they’re not, and there are more of us than them. Don’t be afraid to speak out.

Feel free to email Superintendent Peter Schafer to let him know how abhorrent it is that he caved and allowed this book in the middle school library: [email protected]. People like him are gutless cowards who give into mob mentality. It’s time we start adopting the opposition’s tactics.


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