Poor Behavior

Rutland Honey Farms Manager Fired For Luring 14 Year Old To Bathroom For Sex, Chat Logs Show He Sent Noodz From Work

We discussed this story on the Live Show and interviewed Eric from For the Kids Predator Intervention (10:00)

Yesterday we published a blog about a man named Clayton Hubbard from Rutland, who is the GM for a Honey Farms in town, and was confronted at work by some YouTube pedo poachers after allegedly sexting with a boy he thought was 14 years old.


Clayton is apparently well known in Rutland, and since the blog was published several people in town have contacted us to verify that it was true. Since no other media outlet is reporting this story the blog post was removed from a Rutland Facebook group, because there are some people out there who still pretend that Turtleboy isn’t real news. However, I have confirmed through Honey Farms that he has been fired.

I also was able to get in touch with the pedo poachers who set him up and obtained the chat logs. Clayton goes by “Outside Fun” on Grindr.

The logs show that he messaged first, saying that he was horny at work (Honey Farms in Rutland) but was able to sneak away because he was working with someone else.


The decoy told him that he was 14 and sent a picture of a child to him.


Clayton said that he looked older than 14 and asked for a picture of his kiddie schmenzer.


They had a little small talk.


Then Clayton told him to ride his bike from Paxton to Rutland on a dangerous road with no sidewalk.


Clayton explicitly told him to go to the bathroom, start beating his bologna baton, and then he’d walk in on him.


Clayton asked the person he thought was a 14 year old child if he had any dick pics, and when he didn’t get it fast enough Clayton went into the Honey Farms bathroom and took a picture of his.

Unfortunately I saw the unredacted version, and it’s about as well maintained and groomed as an abandoned parking lot in Brockton.

The decoy told Clayton that he had to wait until his aunt went to bed before he could sneak out.

Then finally right around closing the 14 year old arrived. Unfortunately for Clayton it ended up being a man with an iPhone who had no intention of pleasuring himself in the bathroom. Instead of getting a nut off to a child as he planned to, Clayton was publicly shamed, fired, and left with a bad case of blue balls.


A lot of people have a problem with these vigilante predator poachers, but I don’t. In December we published a blog about a court officer named John Maroni, who got caught by them twice trying to pick up kids. Earlier this week he plead guilty in a deal that kept him out of jail but put him on probation. There are so many people like this who are an actual threat to children, and you’d never know who they were if these guys didn’t go out and find them. The might not work directly with the police, but the police do see them and eventually justice is served.



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