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Activists Feign Outrage Over Barstool Sports Sponsoring Bruins Towel, Ignoring That Barstool Sold Out To PC Culture A Long Time Ago


The Boston Bruins accepted sponsorship money from Barstool Sports for last night’s Stanley Cup Finals game and put the blog’s logo on their towels.

Since Barstool built their brand on being an edgy crusader against political correctness, and acted as the voice for the common man by saying things that average people are thinking, they offend the perpetually offended on social media. And when that happens you get accused of being racist, sexist, homophobic, etc.

But since Barstool was bought out by the Chernin Group they stopped doing “offensive” content, stayed away from controversial stories, and began hiring bloggers that took politically correct Huffington-esque takes on big stories. Content like this:

But yet they maintain their reputation as an edgy bro blog because Deadspin and other PC authoritarians on social media feign outrage that organizations like the Bruins would dare partner with Barstool. Thus this predictable pearl clutching:

Turtleboy is what Deadspin thinks Barstool is. We actually call out PC culture, while Barstool embraces it. This guy agrees:

I’m personally honored that he would suggest that we are “worse” than Barstool. If this guy thinks you’re bad:

Then you’re doing something right.

Turns out he’s a former Telegram and Gazette employee, who now works for the Woonsocket Call.

These people hate what we do because we’re driving them out of business. Turns out that there’s actually a demand for content that isn’t afraid to say what people are thinking and offer common sense takes on matters of public concern. Maybe someday I’ll be so lucky to work for the Woonsocket Call though. #SquadGoals

People come to Turtleboy specifically because we say things that everyone knows are true, but that people can’t express openly. Like how a dude winning the 400 women’s meter hurdles at the NCAA Championship is cowardly and problematic. Huffstool might’ve said that back in the day, but would never dream of blogging about that now.

Nevertheless, Huffstool continues to get free advertising from these pearl clutching blue checkmarks who believe that the Bruins accepting money from a PC bro site means that the Bruins are endorsing sexism, racism, etc.

Laura Wagner from Deadspin is obsessed with giving Huffstool free publicity too. And she used her platform to try to get the Bruins director of communications fired for liking tweets from Huffstool.

Liking tweets. This is the world we’re living in.

And this BLT-123 sure seems sane.


Imagine what it’s like to wake up every day and be that upset about a towel at a hockey game. Imagine feeling so self important that you think that because you’re some BLT-123 activist/sports writer on Twitter the Bruins organization “hates” you, or even knows who you are.

Ultimately they’re doing the same thing our critics do – pretending that the Huffstool commenters are somehow representative of the content on the blog itself. Anyone who makes that suggestion should be laughed, mocked, and certainly shouldn’t be taken seriously.

These people all have the same look too. This is your run of the mill 2019 beta male virtue signaling on Twitter.

Hipster glasses and ear buds.

Every. Single. Time.

Anyway, good for Huffstool I guess. They completely changed their brand and aren’t the least bit offensive anymore, which allows them to maintain sponsorships and advertisers, but they still get these people to drive traffic to them when they whine about how the Bruins should partner with such an “edgy” media outlet.


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