Acton School Board Member Attacking Parents Group For Opposing Forced Masking In Schools Has Been Filming Children On MBTA, Posting Their Pictures On Twitter For Over A Year



This is Benjamin Bloomenthal, a School Committee member from Acton, and failed candidate for State Representative.

His primary campaign goal was to fight racism while choosing to live in a town that is isolated from diverse communities. According to him he wanted to “reduce hate, racism, xenophobia, bigotry, and homophobia,” whatever that means.

Although he is white he nonetheless is oppressed because he’s Jewish, and believes that any criticism of Israel is an attack on him personally.

He is one of many child abusers who wants to force your kid to smother themselves with a mask in school, and he has the power to do it on the Acton-Boxboro Regional School District. You likely have someone like this on your School Committee, which is why it’s important to be active, vote, and show up at meetings to let them know that forced masking of kids in school is unacceptable.

Yesterday the MTA announced that they were calling on Governor Baker to force all kids and teachers to wear masks in school, even if they’re vaccinated.

They got ratioed hard for this, and rightfully so. One of the accounts that criticized them was the group Bring Kids Back MA, which consists of parents who have followed the science, gotten vaccinated, and are worried about the effects that unnecessary masking will have on children. They articulate their positions with links to evidence in this Twitter thread.

This is definitely not some right wing Trump group, but Bloomenthal labeled their valid concerns as “Trumpian nonsense” anyway and demanded to see their donors.

Bring Back Kids MA receives $0 in funding, and is led by 6 working Moms who organized a group of over 5,000 parents. But apparently now if you believe in science and are concerned about the well being of your children, you are “Trumpian” according to the neanderthals in charge of the Acton-Boxborough Public Schools.

Nevertheless Benjamin Bloomenthal insisted without any evidence that they were backed by conservative groups like Mass Fiscal Alliance and the Koch brothers.

People like Ben are suffering from the virus known as Trump Derangement Syndrome. Because the former President wanted schools to reopen people like Ben assume that anyone who wants kids to learn in schools is “Trumpian.” He believes that women are incapable of thinking independently because they get all their news from Sean Hannitty. Amongst this deranged man’s followers are Boston City Councillor Michelle Wu, Congresswoman Ayanna Pressley, State Senator Jamie Eldridge, and several other prominent politicians. This isn’t just some lunatic on social media; its someone with political power and influence.

Ben’s evidence for why we should force kids to wear masks in schools comes entirely from the fact that one kid at his kid’s day camp allegedly contracted COVID.

The kid of course is fine, because COVID has never been a threat to children, and zero kids in Massachusetts have died from the virus.

Ben is quite literally obsessed with Governor Baker, who he believes is trying to kill us all despite being a tyrannical lockdown proponent. He really didn’t like Baker’s gradual reopening of the state, allowing people to freely exercise their religion, or the fact that children were allowed to go to school.

He was really upset last summer when Charlie Baker wouldn’t close gyms in order to protect people from a virus that preys on fat and out of shape people like himself who never go to the gym anyway.

He even credited Turtleboy for our reporting on Karyn Polito’s COVID party last June, in defiance of her own lockdowns.

Currently his objection with Baker is the fact that he allowed school districts to give their parents choice on masking.


However, at the same time he’s also an ardent proponents of getting vaccinated, which he insists is effective. He virtue signaled about it as soon as he got his jab.

But even though he believes vaccines work he still wants to force vaccinated teachers to do their jobs while wearing masks, because people like Benjamin Bloomenthal never cared much for science, logic, or facts.

For instance, Ben believes that 16 year old girls in Massachusetts should have the freedom of choice to control their bodies by getting an abortion without parental consent, but doesn’t believe these same teenagers should have the choice on whether or not to wear masks or get vaccinated with parental consent.

Bloomenthal is an ardent supporter of State Senator Becca Rausch, who represents a wealthy gerrymandered district whose lines were specifically drawn to avoid black people.

Ben likes Becca because Becca has proposed legislation that would eliminate local control by not allowing school districts to make decisions on masking kids.

According to her we are playing Russian roulette with public health, even though kids have never been at risk of dying from COVID, and anyone who wants to protect themselves can get vaccinated or wear a mask themselves.

As Bring Kids Back MA pointed out, she provided zero data to back up any of this, and simply said it was not debatable because she wants kids to live and everyone else wants them to die.

The irony of this is that we actually wrote a blog about Senator Rausch in April of 2020 after the Patriots donated their private jet to bring millions of masks from China, and instead of saying thank you Rausch complained that the masks were useless.

Now she wants your children to be forced to wear these “useless” masks, which are not N-95’s, and are made of nothing more than cheap paper.

Meanwhile Bloomenthal is cheering on Boston for their anti-science measures.

He gets his news mostly from busy body on and off again Worcester School Committee member Tracy Novick, and is worried that Massachusetts could become Florida if we don’t force kids to wear masks.

Facts are not his friend however, as Florida is nowhere close to being one of the top states for COVID death rates, while mask mandate states comprise most of the top 10.

But a lack of facts have never stopped Benjamin Bloomenthal from accusing politicians like Ron DeSantis of being murderers on social media.

Because people like him rely exclusively on hyperbole and fear to force their opinions on others.

Benjamin currently gets paid to write grants for Brigham and Women’s hospital.

He has to take the T into work every day, which he ironically used to work for before getting fired, and he’s still bitter about it.

For the last year or so Benjamin has gone full Karen by taking pictures of strangers minding their own business on the train and then attempting to humiliate them by castigating them as grandma killers on his Twitter account (which is an insane rabbit that you can go through by clicking here).



Do you understand how big of a loser you have to be to live life like this? Imagine how empty and meaningless your existence is if you see children on the train and your first reaction is to take a picture of them and post it on Twitter so you can shame them for being kids in front of Ayanna Pressley.

The MBTA account often replies to him on Twitter, but Captain Karen is never satisfied with their response.

Healthy children breathing fresh air isn’t the only thing Benjamin complains about though. He hit the roof when he found out that progressive State Rep Mike Connolly wanted to bring back happy hour.

He opposes happy hour on the same grounds he wants forced masking and more gun control – he believes that it’s OK to restrict people’s personal freedoms because someone, somewhere could be hurt as a result of those freedoms.

Benjamin Bloom is also the ultimate boomer on social media, and seems to believe that famous people like Hillary Clinton will see his tweets when he tags them to celebrate their shared anniversary.

Maybe modeling your marriage after the Clintons isn’t the best idea. Just sayin.

Oh, and he’ll always be there for Alyssa Milano in case she ever wants to talk.

No word on if she followed him up on his offer.

Ben Bloom is the perfect example of why you should vote in your local town elections. Only a small percentage of registered voters in Acton showed up, and he won by a little over 100 votes.

But your local School Committee probably has people like him making decisions about your children’s educational opportunities. Be active. Email, call, and show up to meetings to demand that your child not be forced to wear a mask in school.


People like Benjamin are not good people. They pretend to care about saving lives, but their policies directly hurt our children. They are evil, deranged monsters, and anyone who cares about the well being of their children should fight back against them. Doing so doesn’t make you Trumpian, it makes you a good parent.


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Hello Turtle Riders. As you know if you follow Turtleboy we are constantly getting censored and banned by Facebook for what are clearly not violations of their terms of service. Twitter has done the same, and trolls mass reported our blog to Google AdSense thousands of times, leading to demonetization. We can get by and survive, but we could really use your help. Please consider donating by hitting the Donation button above if you'd like support free speech and what we do in the face of Silicon Valley censorship. Or just buy our award winning book about the dangers of censorship and rise of Turtleboy:  Qries

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