Adorable American Students Sing Songs On Facebook About Chopping Off Heads Of Infidels In The Name Of Allah


Here’s a video of some kids in Iran being brainwashed to hate and kill infidels.

Oh wait, that was Philly. I remember when we used to do little shows like this in elementary school. I sang jingle bells in the auditorium, which doesn’t sound nearly as culturally stimulating as “the blood of martyrs protects us.”

These kids are blowing up, I mean growing up so fast.

The martyrs I learned about in school were people like Martin Luther King Jr, who were killed by other people while fighting for equality and justice. Nowadays I guess the heroes are the guys who strap bombs to their chests and blow up subways and tall buildings. Good thing this school is also teaching their young girls how to become suicide bombers.

And chop a couple heads off on the way out.

At least they don’t have to worry about not finding a date from prom, since smoldering corpses can’t fit into a prom dress anyway.

A lot of girls their age are learning algebra, talking about what boys they like, and experimenting with Instragram filters, which doesn’t sound nearly as fun as organizing armies of Allah to fulfill his promises.

And what children’s show would be complete without references to crushing the treacherous ones.

Or talking about ways in which they will submit infidels to torture.

Girls, if you want to grow up and subject men to torture just start DVRing 90 Day Fiance and Teen Mom. Works great for Mrs. Turtleboy.

At first I thought this was some sort of doctored right wing propaganda meant to turn people against Muslims. Turns out it was all too real:

From their statement:

Our investigation revealed that the school that organized the event on April 17, 2019 is a separate entity renting space from MAS Philadelphia. The school board has informed us that it has taken immediate actions and dismissed the person in charge of the program.  In addition, they will form a local commission to aid in sensitivity training and proper supervision for future programs. Unfortunately, the video from the school was uploaded to the chapter’s Facebook page without verifying the content of the video for appropriateness and making sure it conforms to our hate-free policy and values. The chapter will take further steps in assuring strict adherence to publishing and posting policies.

Oh good, they’re having sensitivity training. That should fix the problem. The first hour will be a dialogue about how it’s not a good idea to train children to chop people’s heads off. Then there will be a break for milk and cookies before watching a video about different ways children can become martyrs for the cause without blowing themselves up at a farmer’s market.

Meanwhile, Hamas is shooting rockets at Jews in Israel and they’re posting about it on their Facebook pages. Yes, that’s right – a well funded terrorist group has multiple Facebook pages with millions of followers.

Just your average terrorist group spreading propaganda on Facebook. Thank God they got rid of Milo and Paul Joseph Watson though. Those guys are dangerous! Especially when they report on things like little kids being brainwashed to sing songs about chopping heads off at schools in Philadelphia. Very Islamophobic!

Meanwhile, the state representative whose district this school is located in can be found outside of Planned Parenthood using his Twitter account to repeatedly harass an elderly woman protesting abortion, and urging his followers to find out where she lives so he can send a mob to her house.

And our fresh new faces in Congress are making excuses for the terrorists while blaming the people they’re shooting rockets at.

“Our Palestinian people.” – Woman who represents taxpayers in Michigan.

Where are the Vichy Conservatives who want to tell us that these platforms shouldn’t be regulated? Oh right, we should just build our own Internet because….muh free market.


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