Alex Reimer Throws Tantrum, Threatens To Quit On Gerry Callahan Podcast After TB Asks Question About Transgender Athletes In High School


The Connecticut who are bravely and heroically fighting back against their male oppressors by suing the state for allowing biological boys to beat them in track year after year had a bit of a setback in court last month. Basically the judge won’t let their attorneys refer to biological boys at the center of the lawsuit as boys, and have to instead be referred to as “transgendered girls.”

Of course this is a made up term that means absolutely nothing. But more importantly the entire premise of the lawsuit is that they aren’t actually girls, which doesn’t bode well for the long term prospects of the lawsuit.

I bring this up because Alex Reimer was on the Gerry Callahan podcast this morning and he was spewing weak talking points about how biological boys have no advantage because they take hormones (hormones don’t undo years of male muscle and bone growth), and one of them lost to a real girl one time therefore it’s not an issue. I decided to call in around the 1:16 mark to set him straight and he had a complete meltdown for the ages.

TB: I just really wanna know from Alex…

Reimer: Oh, f*** you.

TB: Why are we separating by gender at all?

Reimer: That’s a f***ing idiotic argument.

TB: It’s a great argument.

Reimer: Do you think these women are the same as me if I was racing against a girl?

TB: Answer the question. Why do we separate sports by gender?

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Reimer: I’m not answering it.

(stands up, throws off ear piece, walks away)

TB: You can’t answer it because it’s a tough question.

Reimer: You are a moron. Why don’t you go back to sexually harassing high school students?

TB: Answer the question.

Reimer: You think me racing against a girl is the same thing as someone taking hormones?

TB: Answer the question.

Reimer: It’s idiotic!!!!

TB: Why do we separate the genders?

Gerry: Because it’s not fair.

Reimer: Of course it’s not fair.

Ultimately Gerry got him to answer the question I asked and thus Reimer proved my point – we separate boys and girls because there is a biological disadvantage for girls if you don’t. It’s unfair. But when all else fails, and you confronted with a reality that you cannot fight back against, just make things up about sexual harassing high school girls and yell loudly.

That’s the playbook for attempting to debate TB.

He was so triggered.

“To have Turtleboy come on and say how come men don’t race against girls, that’s not even an argument. I don’t even understand the premise? I don’t wanna be on any podcast with again, I’m sorry. We can have a debate, we can joke, but what can’t of question is that?”

Low ratings Reimer won’t be on a podcast with me because I’ll actually ask him tough, relevant questions, instead of teasing him for pretending to be a socialist.

This was the best part.

Gerry: I’ve never seen you that close to storming off.

Reimer: I’m right here (puts hand up high). I’ve been on a highly rated morning drive show. And you’re bringing on someone who’s a substitute teacher in high school to badger me.

Highly rated? When Reimer was on this morning without me sharing the link they had 47 people watching.

When I was on yesterday we hovered around 200 for most of the show.

No one is interested in anything Reimer has to say because they can hear that by tuning into Rachel Maddow.

The funniest part is that he thinks he’s a somebody because he joined the highly rated morning talk show, Kirk and Callahan. A brand that Kirk and Gerry built by being entertaining. Hundreds of thousands of people every day instinctively turn on the radio and WEEI is an established sports talk radio channel. Whoever is on, people will listen. Some more than others as Dale Arnold has found out.

But not a single person ever tuned into the Kirk and Callahan show to hear Alex Reimer.

The Gerry Callahan Podcast doesn’t have the luxury of being on the radio. It needs to bring in new listeners to grow and succeed, and I want it to because Gerry’s great at what he does. Alex Reimer has never built anything his entire life. I have. I bring an engaged, excited audience that he can’t.

It’s hilarious that he considers himself somehow more relevant than me because he was hired at an established entity and then ultimately fired for making fun of Tom Brady’s daughter. His platform came from them, mine was built from the ground up.

Meanwhile, I’ve lost too many Twitter accounts to count, had to rebuild them all, and finally was kicked off the platform entirely. But we now have a fan run account with more followers than blue checkmark Alex Reimer. The fan run account was created last year, while Reimer made his account six years ago. A fan account passed him despite a 5 year head start. That’s how pathetic and irrelevant he is.

Ultimately this is what triggered him today – he knows that he’s not talented or interesting, and his plan is to latch onto Gerry because he’s incapable of building anything on his own. He knows I represent a threat to him so he had to pretend that he’s above me because I used to be a teacher while he was writing drivel for OutSports. He’s not.

P.S. I got a new computer last week and Twitter hasn’t blocked it yet, so follow me by clicking here while you can.


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