Allegedly Heroic Kid Being Used By Manipulative Mother To End “Lunch Shaming” Is All Based On A Lie 


Kylie Kirkpatrick is a northern California mother who made national headlines as her son Ryan Kyote has become the face of a political movement to end “lunch shaming,” across the country.

The idea is a noble one – no child should go hungry at school because their parents can’t afford to pay for lunch, or weren’t caught up on an outstanding bill. Some schools allegedly have been denying children a meal, or giving students with debts a different lunch (something basic like cheese sandwiches) due to these debts. However, this is mostly a non-issue, as millions of students who qualify for free or reduced lunch have been receiving it for years, and most school districts have adopted anti-lunch shaming policies that allow outstanding debts to never be paid.

In June Kylie Kirkpatrick’s crusade began after her son was allegedly inspired by a 5-year old girl in Indiana he saw on the news who was denied lunch because she couldn’t pay. This inspired him to pay off the outstanding debts of his third grade classmates at West Park Elementary by using the $74.80 he had saved from his allowance, which supposedly covered some of the outstanding debt of the third grade.

Ryan’s perceived act of selflessness was a welcoming story for the local media in Napa, and soon after made national headlines. Since then Ryan has caught the attention of celebrities, professional athletes, and politicians including Hillary Clinton, Kamala Harris, and Bernie Sanders, who have used his story for political gain. He inspired California Governor Gavin Newsom to sign legislation banning “lunch shaming,” and flew to Rhode Island last week where he met with state legislators and Providence Mayor Jorge Aroza to urge them to enact similar legislation. He is the American Greta Thunberg of school lunch policy.

Except it’s all based on a lie. A lie that has been spread for profit by both the local and national media, which are well aware of the truth and refuse to report on it. We will be publishing a series of blogs starting next week about Kyle Kirkpatrick’s troubling history and the damage she has caused West Park Elementary, members of the deaf community, and other whistle blowers who have attempted to expose her fraudulent crusade. It includes the following:

  • Constant changing stories Ryan has told the media
  • The story not being reported on about the money used to pay off the school lunch debt
  • The detrimental impact these lies have had on her son’s former school
  • Kylie’s troubling legal history, including convictions, incarceration, drug abuse, and custody battles with her own family
  • Ways in which Kylie has financially benefitted from her son’s notoriety
  • Allegations from the deaf community regarding lying about her credentials as a sign language interpreter
  • Constant use of alleged death threats her son has received in order to deflect when whistle blowers have brought up legitimate concerns
  • Other questionable fundraisers
  • Dozens of lawsuits filed in civil court against private citizens who have publicly questioned her stories on social media, including members of the deaf community
  • Intentional manipulation of professional athletes, politicians, and media outlets to promote her son
  • Dishonest posts about the death of Ryan’s father

Stay tuned next week for Part 1 of this series.


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