Amber Carmark Was Using Another Woman’s Army Husband For Online Persona Kayla Murphy, Faked Her Own Domestic Violence On Live Show Last Night


Last week we published a story on a Weymouth woman named Amber Carmark after discovering that she had created an alternative online personality named Kayla Murphy, assumed the identity of a Boston nurse with the same name, and used the pictures of an unidentified man, his wife (who she represented as herself) and his children in order to make the account seem real. We were able to find the real Kayla Murphy and inform her that her identity has been stolen, but until now had no luck finding who these people were.

The man had “Roland” on his uniform, and two of the images were clearly cut off to hide someone standing next to him.


That person would be his wife, Kristianna Roland from North Carolina.

His name is Joseph Roland, and his family lives in Jacksonville, NC.

What’s interesting is that none of the children in Amber/Kayla’s pictures are the little girl from Kristianna’s Facebook page. This means that she stole the identities of three people:

  1. Kayla Murphy the Boston nurse
  2. The husband of Kristianna Roland
  3. The still unidentified mother and children in Kayla’s Facebook pictures

The images in which Amber cut off Kristianna didn’t come from Kristianna’s Facebook page, but rather from this blog Kristianna published about her husband’s deployment overseas. She went to all this trouble to create this entirely fake person,for the sole purpose of making up lies about Amber having her dead baby’s ashes stolen so that she could crowd fund designer clothes for Amanda. This is the psychotic behavior. We have messaged Kristianna on Facebook but have yet to hear back.

And if you think that’s crazy, Bret, North Shore Turtlebabe and myself called Amber on the live show last night starting at about the 46 minute mark, and at 47:45 she begins to pretend that she’s being attacked by her boyfriend live on the show. I’m not even exaggerating either. She literally starts screaming, claiming that she’s being beaten, and pretends to do the rest of the live show from her car. We also had on Amanda Sawyer after that, and her and Bret went at it hardcore, so it was an all around amazing episode.




Clearly this woman is emotionally damaged. Part of me does feel bad for her because she’s got a lot of issues, and she’s probably the product of parents that gave her no shot in life. But at this point it’s a safety issue because other people’s kids are involved. This woman is still nannying and babysitting despite a recent criminal history of domestic violence. She said during the interview that the mothers of the children she watches testified on her behalf in court. This woman is crazy, she’s got a 50 year old boyfriend, she clearly wants a baby, she’ll lie about anything, and has access to kids. You do the math.


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