American Idol Reject Who Tried Getting Order On Me 4 Years Ago Arrested For Throwing Objects At Jews In New Jersey


Four years ago we published an article about an American Idol reject named Letticia Freitas after she began to smear a pizza place in Millbury because they were selling a “Trump Pizza,” which featured a wall of mozzarella sticks.

I bought one for myself – it was really good.

Basically she she was trying to hurt someone financially because she believed that a private business shouldn’t be allowed to sell a satirical and delicious pizza simply because she didn’t like the person it was named after. I wrote about her, because exposing shitty people like this has always been my thing. Then she pulled a Lizzie Proctor by playing the victim and taking me to court by applying for a harassment prevention order. The after David in which she complained about how I harmed her by calling her a “failed singer,” a “cunt,” and “lettuce wrap.”

Court didn’t go well for her as she did what ratchets like Chris Albert and Jennifer McCabe often do in court – ranted about “cyberbullying,” “hate speech,” blaming me for other people calling her, and “directing hate” towards her. When the order was denied she yelled “thanks for nothing you piece of shit” at the judge, while sitting at home wearing a mask. After the hearing her mother drove to A&D Pizza and according to the owners they had to call the police on her because she was calling them pieces of shit, and threatening them.

I’m writing about her today because a turtle rider sent me this New York Daily News article indicating that she was arrested in New Jersey for throwing shit at Jews and spray painting cars, and charged with bias intimidation, criminal mischief and harassment during an anti-Israel protest.

“Toward the end of the demonstration, we received complaints from several different individuals who reported that they and/or their vehicles were sprayed with an unknown red liquid by a woman as they drove past the demonstration area,” Chief Andrew McGurr of the Teaneck Police Department said in a statement.

Police said their investigation included their own observations and a related video of the incidents, and they arrested Letticia Freitas, 29, of Worcester, Massachusetts, and Mahdy Suleiman, 20, of East Hanover, New Jersey.

The good ol’ days – when the biggest obstacle I faced was someone called Lettuce Wrap who tried and failed to get an order on me. But the only difference between people like her and people like Lizzie Proctor is that the people with all the guns will weaponize the government and the legal system to put me in jail on behalf of Lizzie Proctor. The argument she made was really no different from the the argument Lizzie Proctor and Ken Mello have made about “witness intimidation.”


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