Antifa Beats Gay Asian Journalist Andy Ngo With Cement Milkshakes, Bernie Bros And Other Leftists Say He Had It Coming 


TB Daily News would never endorse doxxing. Other media outlets like Turtleboy Sports would though. And that’s what they’re urging people to do in this blog about the same story we discuss here.

Andy Ngo is an independent journalist from Portland, OR, who has done freelancing for Quillette, the New York Post and other media outlets. He happens to be both Asian and gay, which normally would get you points in social justice land, but the left hates him because nobody has done a better job exposing fake hate crimes than he has. I’ve donated to him previously because that’s what I do when I see quality independent journalism – I pay for it because I want to see it continue. After the Jussie Smollett fake hate crime was revealed he began documenting fake hate crimes that have taken place since Trump was elected. You can see the thread here.

Portland is essentially a lawless, far left paradise that has given refuge to the terrorist group known as Antifa. Andy Ngo documents these thugs better than anyone. In October he shared videos of of them blockading city streets, and assaulting an elderly man who didn’t go the way they told them to, while the cops stood by and did nothing.

The Portland Mayor and Police are a big part of the problem too. They could stop this from happening but choose not to. Any police officer who sits by and does nothing is essentially emasculated. You could argue that they’re just doing their jobs, but what kind of man or woman keeps a job like that? Get a job with a real police department in a city where laws are actually enforced.

This weekend in Portland there was some sort of alt-right demonstration, which is like an Antifa magnet. A Facebook group for Antifa was created to organize a counter-protest and Andy Ngo was specifically targeted by Antifa.

While he was there they did what they always do – dressed in black and covered their faces like the cowards they are so that they could physically intimidate him.

They threw milkshakes at him too, because the left has somehow rationalized throwing milkshakes on right wingers in the name of social justice. Carlos Maza is the virtue signaling Vox “journalist” who spent weeks trying to get Steven Crowder banned from YouTube for making fun of Maza by using the same words that Maza uses to describe himself on a regular basis – queer and Latino. Here he is encouraging it.

It’s happened all over England and now it’s happening here. It dehumanizes conservatives, strips them of their humanity, and justifies violence against them because being conservative is no longer acceptable in the minds of these people. You cannot rationalize with people who view you in this manner.

Despite the milkshaking Andy Ngo kept filming anyway because that’s just what he does. But there was just one problem with the milkshakes this time –

They were made out of quick drying cement.

Naturally then Antifa thugs beat him up, stole his camera, threw cement milkshakes at him, and he’s in the ER now.

The girl in the red backpack at the end is an Antifa “medic” who is there to provide aid to Antifa from the non-violent people they assault like Andy. Here she is throwing a cement milkshake at him.

Despite all that violence the police have arrested just three people, because it’s impossible to identify these people while they’re masked.

This is why no one should be allowed to just walk around with a mask on like this. It allows people to commit acts of violence anonymously.

The three they arrested this time were Gage Halupowski (on the left)

Maria C. Dehart

And James Stocks. The latter two were only charged with harassment, not assault.

Turtleboy is taking a new approach to Antifa that we’re not going to publish here because it might violate some tech company’s policy on “doxxing.” But Turtleboy is banned by most of these companies and has nothing to lose. See what they’re doing here

Imagine for a moment if a group of MAGA hat wearing thugs beat up a CNN reporter on camera after milkshaking them. Now imagine that reporter was a gay person of color. These MSM journalists are the same people who claim they’re under attack because people at Trump rallies mockingly call them fake news. They have nothing but good things to say about Antifa though, right Chris Cuomo?

The left wing blue checkmarks immediately justified this attack because “Andy Ngo isn’t a journalist.”

This is what tolerance looks like to these people.

He brought it on himself by doing something the MSM won’t do – documenting Antifa violence. This is no different than blaming a rape victim for wearing a short skirt.  Ironically the people justifying this are the same people who will lecture you about the lack of civility coming from the oval office, and pretend to be offended by “hate speech” and the enforcement of immigration laws.

This was from Christopher Mathias, a senior writer at the Huffington Post.

Chris is a Bernie bro, and this is why people like Bernie would never dream of criticizing Antifa – because this is his base. Elizabeth Warren is hardly any better. As a matter of fact I anticipate no democratic candidates for President calling this out on social media, but Trump will. And this is why I will enthusiastically be voting for Donald Trump again in 2020. He may not be perfect, but he has no tolerance for this sort of garbage behavior from the left. Trump isn’t the enemy of journalism or free speech – the left is. They use violence and “hate speech” tags on everyone they disagree with in order to shut them up. But Andy Ngo isn’t going to shut up and neither am I.


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