Armed West Springfield Man Vows To “Put Bullet Holes” In Puerto Ricans And Black People On Facebook Post


This post contains screenshots where foul language is redacted, because TBNews is adhering to Google AdSense’s strict policies on content. To read the unredacted screenshots on TBS click here

Facebook has shut down so many of our accounts I’ve lost track. Often it’s because our posts are classified as “hate speech,” since FB seems obsessed with taking down all pages that don’t pass their political correctness litmus test. But the thing is that there is actually plenty of real “hate speech” on Facebook, and the people posting it are allowed to continue on like its business as usual, even when they’re threatening to kill certain demographics of people. This is William Malia from West Springfield.

And these are the thoughts he shared today about Puerto Ricans and black people.

It’s OK though because he started the post off with “I’m not racist, but….”

Gonna be awkward the next time she goes to Springfield to get that fresh cut.

Although by the looks of it he should probably get a refund anyway.

Probably should stick to the flat brimmed hat.

Here’s the thing. You can’t take posts like this lightly. Is he just looking for attention? Probably. But he said he was going to put bullet holes in brown people, and he seems to have guns.

I know the West Springfield and Agawam Police read Turtleboy, so maybe they can pay this guy a visit and make sure he’s not stockpiling for the impending race war he intends on starting in Western Mass.


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  1. Am sure a Puerto Rican got hes white girl preagnant 🥴🥴 lmao… “ONE DAY YALL DIE AND WHITE RACE WILL POPULATE ” wtf was that about 🤔😂

  2. I want to show up at this guy’s house while he’s waving his AR-15 around, then just pop the trunk of my car, and thwump a big ol’ FN FAL chambered in 7.62x51mm NATO onto the hood with the bipod out, look him dead in the eye, and say, “Mine’s bigger.”

    See if that smartens him up. If not, well, mine makes bigger holes than his does. 🙂

    Hell, I’ve got arms to share. Any Puerto Ricans out there want to learn how to get a gun in Massachusetts? I’ll sell mine to you at a fat discount if I know you’re dealing with people like this.

  3. Showing his gun but too bad it ain’t real, nice airsoft gun though 🤣🤣🤣🤣, bet when a real MF like me shows up to his crib with a real gun things would be real diffrent

    1. I know…. Fucking wannabe. It’s a fucking piece of shit .68 paintball gun with a shitty Chinese optic. LOL He’s an asswipe!

    1. One thing about big mouth shit heads like him you have to take em serious and fuck him up before kill slot of innocent ppl

      1. He sounds so dumb cause PR is America fucking dumb ass my kids are half Spanish I will stick up for them and blacks b4 any kinda white person like this I’m white from Boston born and raised and this is what’s wrong with today people teach there kids to hate cause of people’s skin why we all bleed red get over it it’s about to be 2020 let’s teach our kids about peace and love and respect they will have a better chance at life and being happy

  4. M&M Auto Detailing does not and has not employed this individual. He is using our business name falsely and without authorization. We are trying to remedy this situation with FB and of necessary will take further actions. In the meantime we appreciate your patience and understanding and hope justice can be brought to this man who abuses animals!

    Mike, Owner

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