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Associate 1 From Monica Cannon-Grant Indictment Was Former Boston City Councillor Tito Jackson, Who Helped Extort $75K From Phantom Gourmet For Diversity Training


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In Monica Cannon-Grant’s 42 page indictment the federal government mentions Monica and “associate 1” entering into a consulting agreement with a “Massachusetts media company,” that paid them $75,000 to conduct diversity, equity, and inclusion training in June and July of 2020. She never reported this income and continued to defraud Mass DUA by collecting unemployment.


But who was associate 1, and what was the media company? Well, we have a blog for that.

In June of 2020 the CEO of Phantom Gourmet, Dave Andelman, got in hot water for making some jokes on Facebook about the unserious policy of shutting down restaurants for COVID while allowing gigantic mobs to riot and loot in the streets.

In any other time period people would’ve appreciated these jokes as common sense. But you were not allowed to criticize BLM in any fashion in June of 2020, because Americans lost their minds that month, and Andelman was forced to step down in an attempt to appease the mob.

Monica and her associate former Boston City Councillor Tito Jackson were the leaders of that online mob, and although she forced an apology out of him she demanded that Andelman apologize “in the form of Philanthropy” to Violence in Boston.

And because so many businesses cowardly bent the knee to BLM, and anyone purporting to be a social justice leader, Monica and Tito began to extort money out of the Phantom Gourmet. According to sources we spoke with Monica told the Andelman brothers that they were to pay her a stipend to teach DEI training, or risk her online wrath if they didn’t. Phantom Gourmet cowardly agreed to pay her $75,000, and in return she stopped sending online mobs after them. Tito continued to milk them for more money after Monica was paid.

Tito Jackson was heavily involved in Violence in Boston. When we showed up to protest at the grand opening in September of 2020 Tito attempted to get us to leave (2:30 mark).

In May of last year Tito appeared on a podcast with Monica to help her spread the baseless lie that Mikayla Miller was murdered by 5 white teenagers, when in fact she committed suicide.

Monica and Tito helped raise $60K with a GoFundMe for that, which they claimed was spent on an independent autopsy with an unnamed doctor in an unnamed state, on Miller’s ashes. Five days ago Monica brazenly did a show on VIB’s YouTube channel, in which she purported to show “receipts” that she had paid for the autopsy. At the 24 minute mark she holds up a piece of paper that no one can read or see and pretends it’s evidence.

Tito Jackson regularly promoted Monica, used his connections downtown to legitimize her, and helped her fundraise money. He nearly got her elected as State Rep.

In her own words Tito called her regularly whenever he needed to get a mob riled up for political purposes. He also helped her shake down the Phantom Gourmet. One possible explanation for why “associate 1” is not facing charges right now is that he turned state’s witness.

We also became aware that when Monica raised money for an unnamed family in 2019 that needed $3,500 for rent despite having Section 8, she was actually raising money for her own family.

She later used money from VIB to pay her overdue and very expensive rent.

And remember this?

The 4 young black people who wanted to go to the prom were her kids.

We will continue to keep you informed on this story as more news comes out.


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