Autism Program Director At Winter School In Somerville Is An Anti-Vaxxer Who Believes Autism Is Side Effect Of Vaccinations


This is Laura Zanowski Gormley, the Autism Program Director at the Winter School in Somerville.

Working with autistic children is no easy task, and obviously you’d expect a school district like Somerville to thoroughly vet who they put in charge of such a needy population of students. Certainly you wouldn’t want to hire someone who is a rabid anti-vaxxer, spreads propaganda, and believes the thoroughly debunked myth that vaccines cause autism.

Personally I think anti-vaxxers are ill informed, easily manipulated soccer moms with way too much time on their hands. But I don’t agree with Facebook banning their groups because it’s dangerous. In America you should have the right to be an ignorant twat.

However, one thing you shouldn’t be doing if you’re constantly warning peoples about the dangers of vaccinating their crotch fruits is BEING THE AUTISM PROGRAM DIRECTOR at a K-8 school in Somerville! Especially if you belong to a group called “Vaccine Resistance Movement” on Facebook.

Seems kind of common sense, no? And yes, that is asking her group of lunatics how to forge medical documents for her crotch fruits so that she can send them to school with other kids whose parents believe in science and medicine, and potentially get them sick as well. There are some really sane people in that group:

Yea, don’t bring your kid to the doctors unless they’re dying. Solid parenting advice right there if you want your kid to end up with the Bubonic Plague. Kidding. But it’s still extremely irresponsible to avoid routine checkups for your baby because some woman named fanona grace, who gets all of her information from memes, told you to on Facebook.

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Either way, I’d have a LOT of reservations about sending my autistic child to the Winter School in Somerville, knowing the woman who runs the program believes their difficulties stem from responsible parents who vaccinated them.


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