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Billerica Man Who Tried To Eject Reporter For Filming High School Lacrosse Game Stole $15K From His Kid’s Pop Warner League After Being Elected President


Yesterday an unidentified man in a Billerica jacket attempted to sexualize girls playing lacrosse while I was trying to ask Matt and Jen McCabe about their role in covering up the murder of John O’Keefe. (5:35 mark)

The man did not appear to be a Billerica High School administrator, nor was he friends with the McCabes. Yet he felt emboldened to protect two alleged cop killers, appointed himself bleachers bouncer, and suggested that filming a lacrosse game was somehow an overt sexual act. I asked for his identity to learn more about this man, and as usual turtle riders delivered.

Meet Dan Venezia.

He’s an electrician who doesn’t like to pay his bills. In 2014 he lost two court judgments to Independent Electric Company Corporation and J.P. O’Connor’s Hardware after not showing up for court.

So he needed cash and decided that the best way to do that would be to get elected President of his kid’s Pop Warner League, have his wife Shauna get elected treasurer, steal over $15K, go on a free Disney trip, and make up excuses after getting caught red handed before resigning in disgrace:

The President and Treasurer of the Billerica Pop Warner organization have resigned from their positions, amid allegations of misuse of monies, according to league officials. Dan Venezia was elected president of the organization in January 2015. His wife, Shauna Venezia was elected treasurer of the organization in 2014. The two submitted resignations last month, effective April 16, 2015. According to a statement from the Billerica Pop Warner Executive Board, two withdrawals were made from the league’s general account in February – one for $5,000 and the second for $9,500, allegedly by Dan Venezia.

The statement reads, “Upon discovering these two transactions, the BPW executive board approached Mr. Venezia and questioned him on the two cash withdrawals. Mr. Venezia explained that he mistakenly thought he had withdrew the money from his one of several personal and business accounts at Stoneham Bank, not BPW’s account.”

Venezia said a Stoneham Bank teller had mistakenly written the wrong account number on the withdrawal slips, and was fired as a result. However, the teller was let go for unrelated reasons. Withdrawal slips clearly show it was the handwriting of Venezia, according to the board.


So this mental midget withdrew $14,500 in cash that was designated for children’s sports, somehow thought no one would notice, and then blamed the teller for writing the wrong account number even though it was in his writing.

I attract the smartest people.

The police seemed eager to investigate and were perplexed when league officials got bad legal advice telling them that Venezia couldn’t be charged.

At the April 14 Executive Board meeting, members questioned Dan Venezia about the withdrawals.

“The board felt that there were simply too many inconsistencies in Mr. Venezia’s explanation to be trusted,” the statement read. “As a result, Mr. Venezia was given the opportunity to resign of his own volition rather than being removed

Dan Venezia, in his letter of resignation, states, “It is with extreme regret that I am sending you this letter of resignation as President of Billerica Pop Warner. Billerica Pop Warner has been a part of my childhood as a player, it was a part of my teenage years as a junior coach, and a big part of my life as an adult… I believe in my heart that I made a difference at Billerica Pop Warner and all it represents.”

According to the executive board statement, Dan Venezia has also been “barred by the board from holding any coaching or executive board position for the 2015 season, and the board will reconvene in 2016 to consider a lifetime ban.”

According to the executive board statement, members also analyzed the bookkeeping for the time Mrs. Venezia was treasurer and noted another discrepancy.

“There was a charge from JetBlue Airlines on Dec. 8, 2014 for $1,407.92. This was an unauthorized charge for two roundtrip plane tickets, for Mrs. Venezia and her daughter to fly to and from Disneyworld in Orlando, Florida to attend the 2014 National Pop Warner Cheerleading competition.”

“Upon consulting with authorities off the record, BPW was told that, since Mr. Venezia did indeed have several accounts at Stoneham Bank and — though highly unlikely — he may have made an innocent error, and compounded by the fact that Mr. Venezia returned the money, there was very little legal recourse for the league,” according to the statement.

Deputy Police Chief Roy Frost said he also received the statement on Wednesday. The advice that BPW received about not having any legal recourse was “inaccurate,” according to Frost, and the department will investigate this case further if the board comes forward with bank records and documents. 

“It’s a peculiar situation for them to provide a press release like this,” Frost said. “Potential embezzlement has taken place here, but they’ve said they do not want any police involvement because the money was returned. But if they want to come forward with evidence, then we can start an investigation and bring it before the DA’s office.”

He made a big difference guys. Even ask him.

Stealing money from kids is how you help them now.

Just  so we’re clear – the guy who told me I wasn’t allowed at a sporting event was being considered for a lifetime ban from Pop Warner games. The guy who suggested that I had nefarious reasons for being around children got elected President of his kid’s Pop Warner league just so he could steal from children.

Imagine having Google trophies like this and then approaching Turtleboy while he’s filming and thinking that’s a good idea?


Dan Venezia wraps himself in the flag, hides behind his kids, likes to come across as a blue collar, and has absolutely no shame. So I guess I understand why he empathizes with the McCabes so much – he’s just like them, except without the murder.

Don’t. Poke. The. Turtle.


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  2. Their children must be so proud! Group counseling with McCabe kids in their future. Apparently, only a vacuum behind that forehead.

  3. You be like a human scum magnet TB. I can’t believe it. Maybe it just proves douches are ALWAYS Douches.

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    2. Turtle is #WINNING like Billerica Girls Lacrosse wins over Canton in a playoff game. Now go spend time with whoever it is you know in this conspiracy while you can before they get locked up 4-eva.

      1. You’ve all misread my poorly written comment. TB attracts the whackos like a magnet. All the nuts come after him. They all have a history of being scum when they’re IDed.

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