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Billerica Public Schools Sent Email To Parents Soliciting Donations For Nonprofit That Paid Monica Cannon-Grant To Speak, School Committee Member Also Sits On Nonprofit Board


Yesterday we published a blog showing that Billerica Assistant Superintendent Jill Geiser is the Vice President of a nonprofit called Billerica Partners for Education, which paid for Monica Cannon-Grant to speak to children at Billerica High School while she awaits trial on 18 federal charges of fraud.

However, the document we posted that had Jill’s name on it was from the year before. The updated filing for this year has one more name on the list.

Cheri Gargalianos is the School Committee member who publicly defended Monica Cannon-Grant’s speaking appearance.

Both the Assistant Superintendent and a member of the School Committee were part of the group that paid for Monica Cannon-Grant to lie to other people’s children and present herself as a role model. Yet neither of them sought to mention or disclose this information once the backlash occurred. I certainly hope someone is running to unseat her, because Billerica deserves better leadership than what Cheri is capable of.

To make matters worse we have obtained an email sent from the Billerica School District in 2021, soliciting donations from parents for Billerica Partners for Education – the group that paid for Monica to speak at the school.

The email states that donated money will “directly benefit Billerica’s children with innovative programs spanning math, science, history, geography, and the arts.” Instead they took that money and gave it to a violent, racist, sociopathic criminal, who has already defrauded the community of millions of dollars. This is fraud. They got parents to donate to this nonprofit under the false pretense that the money would be used to directly benefit students. Instead it was used to line the pockets of a criminal as she told children that her success came from calling the Mayor of Boston a “mother f***er.”

Notice at the end it even says to reach out directly to Asst Superintendent Jill Geiser, BPED’s Vice President. Why is the school district soliciting funds for a nonprofit at all? Will they do this for any nonprofit that needs money, or just nonprofits where Asst Superintendents and School Committee members sit on the board? The Billerica School Committee and Superintendent said they had no idea Monica was speaking at the school, but clearly now we can see that was a lie since they themselves sit on the board that paid Monica to speak. I’ll be speaking at the next Billerica School Committee meeting about this on February 21, since they seem to believe they can lie to the public and get away with it. All are welcomed to join.

We received one email from a Billerica teacher this week who said she walked out of the assembly:

I walked out (i was upper track of the gym) when she started in on how even poor & white kids still have privilege. She brought out, caressed the mounted article referenced in the link below – her big accomplishment- calling Marty Walsh a m-fcker – which she also noted to the students (I called him the m-word”). Could have invited a scientist, a doctor – lawyer – help students see a path to higher potential – but NO.

I also heard from a couple students and I’m trying to get one of them to come on the Live Show tomorrow night. It is unacceptable that students and teachers should be made to feel unwelcome in their own school because activists like Geiser and Gargalianos want to push their racist, radical agenda on children.

This story is far from over, and won’t be until there is accountability.




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