Walpole Republican Town Committee Invited Me To Speak About Cancel Culture And Then Cancelled Me For A State Rep Who Makes Jokes About Chinese People Having Sex With Animals


Earlier in the week I was invited by the Chairman of the Walpole Republican Town Committee to speak at their monthly meeting November 16 about my experiences with cancel culture.

As you know, no one has fought against and defeated cancel culture more than I have, and there is nobody more qualified to speak on this topic than I am. Although it’s a small venue I’m always looking for an opportunity to spread my message, so I asked the woman who emailed me (who I’m choosing to leave out of this because for the most part she was nice) if I could live stream it.

She was all about it, telling me they would love to host me and hear what I have to say.

So I accepted her invitation, only to then be told that I was being turned down for a State Representative who wanted to discuss the 2022 election.

They invited me to give a speech on cancel culture and then cancelled me.

You can’t make up this level of irony.


“I want to thank you so much for your offer…”

My offer? You’re the one who contacted me, clearly stating that you were inviting me to be the guest speaker, and telling me you would love to host me. Now you’re pretending like you’re turning me down?

“I wish you well in all your endeavors and if we have a need for another guest speaker I will certainly keep you in mind.”

Nah, I’m all set. I’m not gonna be the backup quarterback for some loser State Rep who wants to talk about the same GOP bullshit about lower taxes and “civility.” I’m the face of the New Right, and I’m certainly not going to be treated like the bitch that you clearly think I would have to be in order to accept a future invitation.

I called this woman after I got the email and spoke to her on the phone. She claimed that the “board” made the decision, but wouldn’t say who was on the board. She didn’t want any problems with me and said she had to work on some of the older folks who she claims made this call to cancel me, but wanted to keep the lines of communication open.

All set, thanks.

Then today the Walpole Republican Town Committee posted this:

I got benched for State Rep RINO Shawn Dooley.

The Charlie Baker supporter ran for the Chairman of the Mass GOP in January and lost 39-36 to Jim Lyons. He’s been bitter about it since. After we exposed Mass GOP Vice Chairman Tom Mountain for writing sexual comments on the Facebook page of a 14 year old girl and then lying about being hacked, Dooley refused to condemn him and blamed me for being a “minion” who attacks “anyone who doesn’t pass their purity test.”

“Given that the vice chair doesn’t have any authority to create substantive change within the party, coupled with the fact that Chairman Lyons and his minions seem intent on continuing down the path of attacking anyone who doesn’t pass their ‘purity’ test and drive even more people from the ranks of the GOP — I am not inclined to throw my hat in the ring and be tied to his continued missteps,” Dooley said in an email. 

To the surprise of nobody Mountain also voted not to kick Tom Mountain out of the party, because he’s cool with sexual deviants. This is hardly surprising because he’s made a lot of inappropriate sexual comments on his now private government Twitter account:

Here he is responding to one of those fake sex accounts designed to arouse middle aged men and get them to say embarrassing things like Dooley did.

In June a Republican State Committee member named Deb Martell made insensitive comments about gay people adopting children. Jim Lyons said that he found the statements offensive, but since he refused to call for her resignation (calling it cancel culture) Dooley and 29 of the 30 Republican State Representatives signed a petition demanding that Lyons resign for the crime of not forcing someone else to resign. The lone hold out was Billerica State Rep Marc Lombardo.

Dooley kept virtue signaling about it in the hopes that he’d get invited to the right cocktail parties, and maybe even get some pats on the heads from liberals on the other side of the aisle. He did an interview with taxpayer funded WBUR on June 9,  in which he explained his position:

“We have a few bigots with some very loud voices, and in the past we haven’t been willing to condemn them. We can’t just say we’re not racist, and we can’t just say we’re not bigots. We have to be anti-racist. We have to be anti-bigot. We need to go out there and throw punches and make statements like this. You do not represent us and you must step down.”

“We have to be anti-racist.”

Oh look, he’s repeating BLM talking points. Someone must’ve read Ibram Kendi’s best selling grifting novel.

According to Dooley Republicans have an obligation to condemn bigots on no consequence, like Deb Martell (as if anyone knows or cares who she is). We have to “throw punches” at bigots like this by writing strongly worded letters and acting like tough guys. Mitt Romney would be so proud.

Dooley is so against racism except when he’s making jokes about Chinese guys having sex with animals to create coronavirus.

And he’s all about civility, especially when he’s talking about burning his piece of trash political opponents to the ground, and crushing “hateful vile piece of shit,” who he blamed for hurting the Republican party.

He’s so hardcore, punching everyone in the mouth.

Since Dooley seems to condemn hate so much (except when he’s making fun of Jews and Chinese people), you would think he’d have something to say about his Democratic colleague State Rep Elizabeth Miranda. Two weeks ago we published a blog about the hundreds of offensive things Miranda tweeted that were much worse than anything Deb Martell ever said, including racial slurs and demeaning comments towards the special needs community.

I, along with hundreds of others, emailed Dooley and every other State Representative and Senator who signed the letter demanding the resignation of Deb Martell, since they’re insistent on being “anti-racist.” If they’re willing to demand the resignation of a member of their own party for having opinions on gay marriage, then why won’t they demand the resignation of influential members of the majority party who post much more offensive things on social media? Miranda knows what she did was wrong, which is why she completely removed her social media accounts after the blog.

Thus far I have heard back from 4 elected officials demanding Liz Miranda’s resignation:

  • State Senator Ryan Fattman
  • State Representative Nick Boldyga
  • State Representative Joe McKenna
  • State Representative Marc Lombardo

But we haven’t heard a word back from Representative Dooley on this matter. So I messaged him on Facebook last night and he said he was helping his kids with their homework. I sent him the link to the blog, along with some of her offensive tweets. You can see by the fact that his profile picture appears in the bottom right hand corner of the conversation that he has read all the messages and is choosing to ignore Liz Miranda’s racism.

I thought he was going to punch racists in the face? This is an indication that Shawn Dooley doesn’t actually care about “hate speech,” or “anti-racism.” This was an easy one to condemn – blatant, in your face racism. And he couldn’t do it. He just didn’t have it in him.

The other day he shared this post on Facebook, pretending to care about the special needs community:

Yet he’s silent about this:

People like Shawn Dooley are opportunists who try to seek power within the minority party by dunking on members of their own party. But he’s far too cowardly to ever call out members of the majority party because he fears them. My sources tell me that he was the one who made this call and volunteered to speak after he found out they had invited me.

I’ve decided to go to the Walpole Public Library on November 16 at 7 PM to speak anyway. We will be setting up shop outside where I will be giving the speech I would’ve given inside. All are welcomed to attend, and I will be live streaming it. We lose because the old people who run these Republican Town Committees would rather have a sellout hack like Shawn Dooley lecture them about how he’s “fighting socialism,” than an actual conservative fighter on the front lines against the communists.

In the meantime feel free to comment on Dooley’s wide open Facebook page and ask him why he won’t condemn Liz Miranda’s hate speech.




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Hello Turtle Riders. As you know if you follow Turtleboy we are constantly getting censored and banned by Facebook for what are clearly not violations of their terms of service. Twitter has done the same, and trolls mass reported our blog to Google AdSense thousands of times, leading to demonetization. We can get by and survive, but we could really use your help. Please consider donating by hitting the Donation button above if you'd like support free speech and what we do in the face of Silicon Valley censorship. Or just buy our award winning book about the dangers of censorship and rise of Turtleboy:  Qries

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