BLM Activist Didi Delgado Spends Donated Reparations Money On Abusive Boyfriend’s Child Support And Legal Fees For Domestic Violence Charge


In November we published a blog about BLM activist/grifter Didi Delgado raising $15,000 for a “surgery reparations fund,” before blowing the money on a trip to Florida with her new boyfriend Montana.

We’ve written about Didi several times before, as she is infamous for ordering her white followers to pay her monthly reparations to make up for historical injustices. In reality she is scamming these people, and spends their money on elaborate vacations while she avoids finding employment as much as she avoids exercise.

The account they donate to is called “Done for Didi,” and she encourages her white sugar mamas to write “done for Didi” as some sort of receipt after they donate.

Didi champions herself as a protector of women, including women with penises. Her oppression rankings are as follows:

  1. Transgender
  2. Black
  3. Women
  4. Gay men

The more combinations, the better, but she’d rank them in that order. A black man will get her support over a white woman, a white woman would beat out a gay white guy, but a plus sized black transgender midget beats everyone.

At least that’s what she claims. As is turns out whatever guy is brave enough to lay the pipe in her tampon tunnel gets priority over everyone, and that lucky man is Montana.


His real name is Clinton Artemis Robinson, and he’s married to a woman in East Stroudsburg, PA, who is the mother of his children and is in the process of divorcing him. Didi spends a lot of the “done for Didi” money on him, so he can pay off his child support and legal fees. Here’s the receipts:

Montana is abusive towards the mother of his children, and allegedly is abusive towards Didi too, despite the front she puts on as an independent feminist woman who would never put up with that sort of behavior. Here’s a text message Clinton sent his baby mama last August, threatening to beat her face in, and before beating up a guy he accused her of being with.

He seems nice. Definitely the kind of guy Didi should wanna bring around her 5 year old daughter.

Montana allegedly last hit her in March and has a court date in East Stroudsburg on June 17 at 10 AM. According to his soon to be ex-wife he has at least 3 felony charges for domestic violence.

This story is very similar to State Representative Liz Miranda, who had an affair with a man named Corn who just got out of jail for murder after 25 years, and was known to be abusive towards the pregnant mother of his child. Both Miranda and Didi claim to be champions for women while supporting men who actively abuse other women. The difference in this case is that Didi is defrauding the people who are dumb enough to donate to her by pretending that she’s only spending the money on herself. In reality her donors are paying for a domestic abusing deadbeat’s child support and legal fees.

Aside from that Didi is basically up to what she’s always been doing – decolonizing the sidewalks by pushing white people into the street.


Shaking companies down for diversity, equity, and inclusion trainings.



Supporting Monica Cannon-Grant and Jussie Smollett.


And stuffing her face with lobster.


It’s hard being oppressed.


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