Boston City Council Candidate Vows To Slash Tires, Smash On Cars, Knock On Home Windows If He Doesn’t Get Justice For Breonna Taylor


Monica Cannon-Grant and crew held yet another protest in Boston last night to voice their displeasure about the fact that three Louisville cops were not charged with murder for the shooting death of Breonna Taylor during a raid. The Boston Globe continued their tradition of legitimizing this woman by presenting MCG as the leader of BLM Boston as she called for defunding the police.

Just a reminder that the same woman demanding the police be defunded ran to the police to file a police report against me for peacefully protesting her racism in Hyde Park.

Monica for once was not the star of the show though. Last night our old friend Ernst Von Douchebag was the MC, and towards the end of the protest he handed the microphone over to an 18 year old man named Shawn Dabney, who is running for City Council.

Here’s what Shawn had to say in a video recorded by Jaoa Depina, who himself was featured on a TB blog earlier in the week.

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“Like Monica Cannon-Grant said, we’re just asking for peace and equality, because if not we’d be slashing every one of their tires, going in front of their homes, banging on their windows. This ain’t no show!!”

“Next year in November, y’all that live in Dorchester, vote for me. Vote for change. Vote for action. Vote for community power. This is what we need to do every single day until we get what we need. And if we need to smash somebody’s cars, slash somebody’s tires, we gotta do it.”

Best part about that video was Joao’s reaction after hearing the tire slashing portion of Shawn’s campaign platform.

“He ain’t gonna win.”

You never know Joao, this is Boston. A city that has elevated MCG and Tito Jackson. I assure you it doesn’t take much to get elected.

This man is only 18 so he has no clue what he’s talking about. But he says it loud and clear – I was inspired to say these things by listening to Monica Cannon-Grant. She is a toxic waste dumpster who’s been given a platform by the media and politicians, and is now teaching kids that they should run for office the platform of slashing tires and smashing cars. This is how they believe they will get “justice” for Breonna Taylor.


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