Boston Police Captain Allows Monica Cannon-Grant To File Report Over The Phone Against Peaceful Reporters, Tells Protesters They Can’t


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On Monday the Turtleboy 6 showed up at the grand opening of Monica Cannon-Grant’s Violence in Boston INC to peacefully protest the racist threats she directed towards Congressional candidate Rayla Campbell in a Facebook video. During the peaceful protest against systemic racism and while affirming the value of all black lives MCG called several of her goons, including employee Chris Lewis and City of Boston youth worker Keith Spady, who threatened to shoot us, assaulted a woman, and made it clear that if we continued to protest racism they would harm us. It was all caught on video.

The police witnessed Chris Lewis assault a woman ten minutes after being held back from attacking us by former Mayor candidate and City Councillor Tito Jackson, but he was not arrested. Monica frequently bemoans systemic racism in the Boston Police Department, yet Lewis was not arrested for his crimes despite being a person of color.

After the ceremony celebrating the opening of Monica’s free 4,200 square foot building she immediately attempted to file a police report against the peaceful protesters with the police in Hyde Park. Keep in mind, this is the same woman who wants the police defunded, and frequently posts videos where she says things like, “f*** the police, f*** the police, f*** the police, f*** the police.”

She has also threatened police officers.

Yet the first thing she did when confronted by peaceful protesters whose only crime was using a loudspeaker to broadcast the hateful, threatening, and racist language she posted on Facebook, was call the police. Monica seems to believe that no one is allowed to speak out against her racism and violence, and she is willing to use the police to silence these freedom fighters when hired goons like Chris Lewis and Keith Spady can’t get the job done.

Monica’s goal is to obtain a harassment order against me, which requires three separate documented incidents of harassment. If she accomplishes this goal I will be unable to protest her events in person. Filing a police report, regardless of whether or not her complaint is substantiated, would be the first incident. For that reason the police in Hyde Park refused to take a report.

However, Monica then contacted the police in B2 Roxbury, which is near where she lives, and she successfully filed a police report with them. BPD requires you to physically go into the station to file a report, but Monica was allowed to do it over the phone, despite living around the block. Here is the report she filed.

This is a false report Monica filed, which is a crime. The following are untrue or unrelated to me:

  • Monica provided no evidence that she has received 250 death threats or racially motivated attacks, nor did Officer Marc Coleman ask for evidence that she did.
  • “Turtle Boys” is not a “white supremacy media outlet.” We fight systemic racism and advocate for black lives, and I will not apologize for that.
  • Monica provided no evidence that she received a message threatening to rape her daughter and is likely making that up.
  • If Monica is getting threats from third parties, and not me, it is inappropriate for the police to put that in an official report and attribute that behavior to me.
  • Monica never received threats that forced her to move out of her apartment. As we exposed in Part 1 of our series investigating her fraudulent, unregistered non-profit, Monica raised nearly $10K for moving expenses in 2019 after allegedly receiving threats, but pocketed the cash and never moved. This is a lie.
  • I was not in the parking lot with a bullhorn.
  • I never shouted any racial slurs, and the video above proves that. We did broadcast the racial slurs she has said and were threatened with violence per her orders for doing so.
  • There were only 6 peaceful protesters, not 10.

As Officer Coleman mentioned in the report, it was taken over the phone. I decided to find out if B2 would allow me to file a report against her over the phone by calling them on the Live show last night. They refused to answer the phone when I called, so I contacted operations instead which forced someone in B2 to take my call. As you can hear at the 29 minute mark, the officer who took the call refused to let me do that over the phone.

“Sir, all reports have to be done in person.”

Unless you are Monica Cannon-Grant, in which case rules do not apply to you.

Why would a Boston Police Officer give special privileges to a woman who frequently advocates violence against the police and wants them defunded? Monica did say in a previous video that she has political influence.

“Anything that happens in City Hall, I get notified by City Hall. They call me, hit me up, and drop me on shit.”

Does she have the same sort of influence with police in B2 Roxbury? Sources within BPD report that the people who run B2 are notoriously biased against white officers. The fact that I was not allowed to file a report over the phone while Monica was confirms that, and I will be filing an official complaint. Additionally, Roxbury has no business taking a report for an incident they did not witness in Hyde Park, and Officer Marc Coleman works in the community service office, where they don’t write reports. Monica likely has Officer Coleman’s personal phone number and was able to have this report filed by contacting him directly, despite the fact that it did not happen in his district, he did not witness the event, and he did not ask her to provide any sort of evidence. 

Our sources also tell us that Coleman wouldn’t be allowed to file a report like this without being commanded to by a superior officer. The Captain in B2 is Leighton Facey, whose wife is also a Boston police officer who fired and got her job back after suing the city. Many report that his wife was embellishing her injuries in order to work on her second job as a realtor, and allege a history of racial bias towards white officers, as the Facey’s are black.

It should be noted as well that the listed director of Monica Cannon-Grant’s non-profit is Monica Coleman from Dorchester.

It is not known at this time if Monica Coleman is related to Officer Coleman, who is also black. However, Monica Coleman does own a LLC that is managed by a man named Darius Sims, who lives at the same address that she does.

Darius Sims is a well known criminal with countless Google trophies for various violent offenses, including recent gun charges.

Although this does not disqualify Monica Coleman from running a non-profit, it is yet another example of Violence In Boston INC’s association with violent offenders. No respected city leader should be legitimizing this organization.

Lastly, Officer Coleman has several complaints in his personnel file, including sustained allegations of conduct unbecoming of an officer and failing a drug test.

Coleman internal affairs rating is listed as “very concerning,” and he made $212K in salary last year.

Imagine what would happen if the races were reversed here. A city owned building hosting a non-profit held by a racist white man who has threatened black women and used racial slurs, was having a grand opening. White city leaders showed up to show their support. A group of six black people peacefully protested outside. The racist white man called his racist white friends who showed up in trucks with confederate flags, threatened to shoot the peaceful protesters, and assaulted a black woman. The white men were not arrested, and afterwards the police allowed the racist white organizer to file a police report over the phone with a white police officer who was friends with the racist white man, in violation of department protocol, in order to build a case for a harassment order against the black peaceful protesters. A white commanding officer ordered him to do so in order help silence the black peaceful protesters. When the peaceful protesters attempted to do the same they were told that they had to drive an hour and half to Boston to file the complaint in person, as the white police captain gave special privileges to his white friends.

This case of clear and blatant systemic racism would be headline news across the country.  Instead it’s not even being acknowledged by a single media outlet or city leader. But please, tell me more about this “white privilege” thing. Sounds fascinating.


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