Boston Globe Helps Cover For Lying Roxbury Prep Football Coach Making Up Racial Allegations About Georgetown Students By Deleting Any Comments That Mention Video From Turtleboy


The Boston Globe published a story today about the incident that occurred in Georgetown on Friday night, in which Roxbury Prep Charter School coach Jamaal Hunt assaulted a child, then made up a baseless lie that his players were called racial slurs in order to deflect from his own poor behavior. The video shows his players taunting Georgetown fans and calling them racial slurs.

These are Globe reporters Nate Weitzer and Emily Sweeney.

Due to budget cuts, they will have to do. In their coverage of the story they made no mention of the video, and did not reach out to any Georgetown parents for comment. Dozens of people attempted to link the Turtleboy blog in the comments, but the Globe was deleting them one by one.

Wouldn’t want to inform readers about the truth, especially if it interferes with the Globe’s narrative.

Instead they blindly took the word of Assistant Coach Hunt, along with head coach Willie McGinnis.

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It should be noted that Coach McGinnis’ Facebook page is almost entirely filled with posts about racism, incendiary statements about police, and other left wing talking points.

He shared stories blaming police for killing Adam Toledo, an armed 13 year old gang member who was shooting guns at moving vehicles at 2 in the morning in Chicago.

He shared a video of Tamika Mallory, in which she accused black Louisville District Attorney Daniel Cameron of being a “sellout nigro that sold our people into slavery.” His comment on the video was “zero lies detected here.”

That speech from Tamika Mallory is one of the most racist, divisive, inappropriate, and incendiary speeches I’ve ever heard. Willie McGinnis is a Dean at Roxbury Prep and is teaching his students that black elected officials who don’t abuse their office are “sellout nigros.” Not exactly surprising considering the charter school can create its own curriculum, so it teaches critical race theory and pushes a left wing BLM agenda.

He also falsely claimed that Jacob Blake committed no crime, and was shot in front of his three sons.

In reality Jacob Blake was a prolific rapist who was armed and attempting to kidnap three children he did not have custody of from their mother, who he was banned from seeing because he digitally raped her while she was sleeping, pulled out his fingers and said, “smells like you’ve been with other men.”

These are the kind of people Willie McGinnis looks up to, and these are the kind of lies he regularly spews in order to paint himself as the victim of racial oppression. So keep that in mind when you read his version of events in the Globe.

Pride in the restraint of his players? They yelled racial slurs at Georgetown fans and got into a fight on the field. Then again, this guy thinks Jacob Blake committed no crimes, so it’s pretty much impossible for him to believe that a person of color could ever be at fault in a situation like this.

If you believe that fans were calling black coaches racial slurs and somehow this wasn’t a huge deal, then you are a moron of the highest degree.

He also says the whole fanbase was chanting racial slurs, yet nothing like that was caught on tape.

Again, if you believe that a story like this is even remotely believable then you will believe anything that confirms your preconceived biases. The coach called the game because his team was getting killed, due to the fact that he’s horrible at his job, and he wanted to save face by creating a distraction.

Roxbury Prep spokesperson Barbara Martinez also added fuel to the fire.

Continue to advocate for racial justice? One of your coaches assaulted a child and your players were the only ones yelling racial slurs. Your coaches then lied and smeared an entire community, and now you have the gaul to say that you’re hurt while making demands from the innocent people you victimized. Fire them immediately.

Here’s the ironic part – Roxbury Prep has a large African-American population, but suspends significantly more students than other charter and public schools.

Although I don’t have a problem with high suspension rates if the suspensions are warranted, this is frowned upon in woke society. Unlike public schools, charter schools can kick out any student who misbehaves in order to juke the stats, and thus they continue to be one of the biggest for-profit scams ever pulled on both liberals and conservatives.

As a result of their half-assed reporting, which intentionally chose to omit the video that proves none of this actually happened, the Globe got exactly what they wanted from their subscribers – racial outrage directed at Georgetown.

Feel free to reach out to Nate Weitzer on Twitter (@nweitzer7) or email ([email protected]), and Emily Sweeney on Twitter (@emilysweeney) and ask them why they chose not to publish the most relevant aspect of this story. 


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