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Boston Latin High School Posts Student Work Calling West Roxbury Residents White, Rich, Racist, Anti-Masking Trump Supporters


Eighth graders at Boston Latin were given an assignment in which they were to write a stereotype about neighborhoods of Boston, with the goal of “countering biases from within and outside their communities.” Because for some reason the grownups who run the school thought that this was a necessary component of an 8th grade education. After they completed the assignment the teachers could choose which ones to display in the school library. This one was chosen about West Roxbury:

For those of you unfamiliar with Boston, West Roxbury is the part of Boston that looks the most like the suburbs. There are lots of single family homes, people walk their dogs, and most who live there have jobs.




It is far removed and free from meth mile junkies, Mike Giannetti, and Monica Cannon-Grant, which is why people like living there. Politically speaking it is not a “conservative” part of Boston, it’s just slightly more conservative than the other communist neighborhoods. Parents there are active in their children’s education and apply to get into the city’s prestigious exam schools at higher rates than parents in other parts of the city, which is why the communists want to eliminate the exam process.

For those reasons it’s become socially acceptable for communists to openly shit on this part of Boston and say racist things about the people who live there. Last June two School Committee members were forced to resign after racist text messages they sent during a meeting about white West Roxbury parents became public.

“Whatever, they’re delusional. I hate WR (West Roxbury).” texted Oliver-Davila. 

“Sick of Westie whites,” Rivera replied. 

In June of 2020 there was a back the blue rally at a West Roxbury rotary that was denounced by former Mayoral candidate John Connolly for being racist.

So it’s not surprising to see a child repeat stereotypes like this:

You have to be white and rich to live in West Roxbury, unlike the Back Bay, Roslindale, the North End, and Jamaica Plain where rents are cheap and white people are few and far between. Everyone is a Trump supporting anti-masker with blue lives matter flag in their front yard, and all of those are inherently bad things. The residents are all old Irish white people who were featured as extras in The Town and The Departed, and they’re all racist because they don’t vote for communists. Kids who live there play organized sports, which is a bad thing because only racist white people play organized sports.

This is what a child’s brain looks like on critical race theory.

Principal Rachel Skerritt sent out this email after the picture started making the rounds and the school received phone calls from angry westie whites:

The intent of the assignment was for students to write personal pieces that consider stereotypes about the neighborhood in which they live, with the ultimate aim of countering biases from within and outside of their communities.

When I was in 8th grade we did projects about countries in Europe and we all had to pick one. I had the last pick so I got stuck with Iceland. I learned about their food, culture, government, and traditions. That was back when kids just learned things about the world. Now they have to “consider stereotypes” about their neighborhoods in order to feel bad about where they come from.

However, the impact, particularly in some selections depicting West Roxbury and South Boston, was one where students saw stereotyped and disparaging statements about communities to which they belong. The exhibit has been removed, though we know that this does not remove the harm that was done.

What is being done to the teacher who allowed this to go up? This wasn’t a harmless mistake, it was by design. Remember, a woman named Lynn Burke who we blogged about last year, is a teacher at Boston Latin. Here’s what she’s teaching kids about race:

It’s OK to be racist towards white people because that kind of racism doesn’t count. Is there any doubt that a person like this would think a poster like that is appropriate? These are pretty much her exact thoughts about the people in her neighborhood.

We recognize that displaying these pieces created an inaccurate perception that the viewpoints expressed are widely held or even endorsed by the school itself.

You employ this woman:

The viewpoints expressed by that student are most definitely endorsed by your school.

This email was sent out because administrators know that parents in West Roxbury won’t be disrespected like that. They know that racism isn’t acceptable and that white people can be the target of racism too. They’re civically engaged, well respected, and involved in their children’s education. Ironically this is exactly why communists hate them. Let this be a lesson – if your kids school is pushing crap like this then it’s your job as a parent to push back on them.


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