Boston Police Fire Cop Who Had Gun Stolen By Fired Foxy Lady Strippers, Providence Journal Blocks People Who Post Cop’s Picture


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The Providence Journal and several other media outlets reported today that the Boston Cop who had his gun stolen by two Providence ladies of the night during a $2,500 meet-up in February, was fired. They named names:

A Boston police officer was fired last month, several weeks after being placed on administrative leave in connection with an incident that involved two exotic dancers and a stolen gun. Emanuel Brandao was terminated effective March 28, officials with the Boston Police Department confirmed Monday. He had been placed on leave in early February, after his department-issued .40-caliber Glock model 22 was reported stolen from a vehicle outside a Hampton Inn in Pawtucket, Rhode Island. Brandao was off duty when he spent the evening with two exotic dancers, identified in a police report as Melissa Dancier and Neish Rivera. He loaned one of the women his car keys so they could retrieve a phone charger from the vehicle, but a few minutes later, they both left and he discovered the car’s glove box was open and the gun was gone. Dancier and Rivera were both arrested several hours later and the gun was recovered. At the time, Brandao’s name was redacted from the police report.

If you read Turtleboy Sports then you knew who he was and what he looked like months ago because we were the ONLY media outlet that wasn’t afraid to put it out there. While everyone else waits for the police to issue press releases, we go out and find the real stories.

Part of me does feel bad for the guy. He served his country and got this great job with a great pension working for the Boston Police, and it’s all gone now. But at the same time, we need to hold police to a higher standard if we’re going to hold them in high regard, as we should. With the state police scandals it’s imperative that police know that they can’t break the law while being paid to uphold it. And quite frankly anyone who is foolish enough to give these two the keys to his car, knowing that his gun was inside of it:

Isn’t worthy of being a cop.

A lot  of people on the Providence Journal Facebook page were looking for the picture of the ex-cop after they posted the story and the only images they saw were the women.

In order to inform the public and answer their questions it seemed like the right thing to do to post links to the blog showing Brandeo’s picture. Yet whoever the person is that runs the ProJo’s Facebook page kept deleting the links!

There’s no photo you have legal access to? Cool. Because you’re not the one posting it – we are. Do they really not get that distinction?

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The bigger issue here is that an alleged NEWS outlet is trying to prevent the public from accessing news. They’re not publishing anything by allowing us to comment, and they’re not liable for anything third party users post on there, thanks to CDA Section 230. So all they’re doing by deleting our posts is intentionally making sure the public does not have access to information. This is now why the “news” exists.

If there’s one thing I have no patience for it’s people who don’t use logic. And logic tells you that blocking someone (which they ended up doing to Clarence) will only encourage more people to post. The next thing you know they were flooded:

Censorship. Never. Works. The more you try to silence people the more they want to talk. The media exists to report the news, not crack down on it. This is why the world needs TB Daily News.


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